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Chapter 556: The Super Wild and Powerful Kind

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Unexpectedly, Qin Si stood up and walked back and forth for a bit. He then spoke angrily. “What girlfriend? I’m still single!”

It was more likely that Master Wang had a girlfriend.

Master Wang had picked up a call previously. After the call, he even ignored the people from the CIA and left, leaving him alone with the blonde-haired and blue-eyed foreigners. It was so annoying!

However, he didn’t voice his displeasure. He glanced in Jiang Xianrou’s direction.

Everyone in their private circle knew that Jiang Xianrou was interested in Master Wang. However, reality was cruel. It didn’t seem like Ye Wangchuan liked Jiang Xianrou. If he was interested in her, they would have started dating long ago. It wouldn’t have remained as such an ordinary relationship.

“If it wasn’t your girlfriend, then who was it? Who sent you the message?”

Zhang Yang and the other people were still curious.

Qin Si didn’t hide it from them. He kept a straight face, and it was rare that he did not speak with his usual cynicism. There was no expression on his face, and he looked as though he had seen a ghost. He said, “It was from the Red Alliance.”

Most of the people present came from influential families. They were all aware of the legal and illegal areas in society.

The Red Alliance?

The powerful hacker organization?

Qin Si didn’t bother to provide further explanation. He couldn’t stop smiling. He was afraid that if he hesitated, the mail would disappear from his cell phone. He paced back and forth excitedly, and at the same time, opened the mail. When he saw that there was an attached picture in the mail, he quickly downloaded it and clicked on it. The picture was a map.

The map was clear, and there was a red dot on it.

There was a circle above the red dot. The words in the circle indicated that the goods were located at the position marked by the red dot.

The handwriting was flamboyant and looked wild!

Judging by the handwriting, it seemed like the person who wrote this was a wild and wilful person.

Qin Si looked at the message for several seconds. He then looked up at the sender. His mouth opened and his eyes widened in surprise. He looked as though he couldn’t control his expression and was barely able to speak.


The Red Alliance had always been famous. Countless people were trying to seek help from them. These people came from all walks of life. They posted their requests online, tagging the Red Alliance in their requests. They wanted the Red Alliance to help them with those requests.

However, everyone knew that the members of the Red Alliance were arrogant and did things according to their own wishes. No one could control them.

They would sometimes take on three or four requests a month, and sometimes, they wouldn’t even complete one request in half a year.

Whether the Red Alliance took on the request depended on luck!

Furthermore, each member operated differently.

For example, Slim Waist Control usually took on more requests as compared to the other members. The other member that took on requests more frequently would be Guan Yan.

Among the members of the Red Alliance, the person who accepted requests the least would be the boss, the legendary Sun. Sun was the most powerful member of the Red Alliance.

Sun rarely accepted any requests.

Although Sun rarely accepted any requests, Sun was the most powerful person in the Red Alliance. It was said that the anti-theft software used by major banks was developed by Sun. In other words, Sun was so powerful that it would be a waste of time to pick up requests from the black market.

This time, they were trying to track down a batch of goods that came from the illegal zone. Their request had already been on the internet for three months. They had even enlisted the CIA’s help. They tried to extract information from the other party, but it did not work.

Unexpectedly, the Red Alliance had accepted their request. The tables had turned!

Furthermore, the request was accepted by Sun, the Red Alliance’s boss. Sun not only found the goods but also marked them on a map.

Qin Si took a while to recover from his joy. He was stunned.

When Jiang Xianrou saw him acting so happily, she couldn’t help but ask, “Young Master Qin, who is Sun?”

Qin Si was too busy forwarding the mail to Ye Wangchuanthat he replied absentmindedly, “A hacker.”

The super wild and powerful kind.

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