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Chapter 554: Sister Nian Will Definitely Get First

He immediately continued, “It’s okay. I’ll leave this spot here first. If you go, I’ll go with you. If you don’t, I won’t go either.”

He wasn’t saying this out of anger or threatening Qiao Nian.

He spoke the truth.

The level of this concert was extremely high. When the time came, even foreign pianists like Stephen would come.

They were all outstanding young musicians.

However, he didn’t have a successor whom he could bring out. Not to mention anything else, he wasn’t afraid of losing face for himself. However, he didn’t want people both domestically and internationally to think that only the older generation was playing traditional instruments like konghou in the country. He didn’t want others to think he was the only one who was still struggling to support the industry as an elder. After a hundred years, those national essences whose ancestors had been passed down for a thousand years would be buried with them!

The only person in the younger generation who could represent them to participate in such a high-class concert and make traditional instruments shine was only one person—Qiao Nian!

If she was unwilling to go, there was no need for him to participate.

“…” Qiao Nian didn’t expect him to say this. She felt an inexplicable headache. She pursed her lips, restrained the banditry in her eyes, and whispered, “Okay, we’ll see.”


On the other end of the line, Nie Mi’s voice sounded energetic and loud.

However, Qiao Nian’s heart stirred. When she thought of what he had just said, a hint of helplessness flashed across her eyes. She added, “I’ll try my best to take some time.”

In the next three months, she would put most of her energy into helping Uncle Chen recuperate. After Chen Yuan’s college entrance examination was over, she would bring Uncle Chen to Beijing. First, she would transfer him to a hospital there. Then, she would let Elder Huang take a look at Uncle Chen’s condition when she had the chance.

Ye Wangchuan had the rare materials that Uncle Chen needed for his surgery. She didn’t lack materials now. She only lacked some technical problems during the surgery.

She had simulated this surgery in her mind many times. There were only a few details that she had yet to figure out. When she did, she could operate on Uncle Chen. At that time, Uncle Chen would be able to get rid of the hospital bed and the heavy machines. After he recovered, he would slowly have the ability to take care of himself and become an ordinary person…

This was what she had always wanted to do.

She had promised Aunt Chen this a long time ago.

“I just might not have the time.” Qiao Nian’s eyes flashed. She felt that she had more to do in the next three months.

The school had also gotten Shen Hui to talk to her about the college entrance examination, hoping that she would take it.

If she agreed to this, she still needed to find time to study.

It was impossible for her to take a look at the teaching materials now and go straight to the examination hall with a pen.

Of course, it was not impossible.

Qiao Nian knew very well that even if she didn’t read much, just what listened to in many classes in the past half a year was probably enough.

But no matter what, the school definitely wanted her to get good results. If she didn’t get first or second place, it would be meaningless to go.

Of course, the word “second” did not exist in her dictionary.

If she went, she would definitely get first place.

Nie Mi agreed readily. “It’s fine. We’ll see when the time comes. Anyway, everything depends on your time!”

Qiao Nian restrained the emotions in her eyes and nodded. She walked back to the desk and opened her laptop. “That’s all. I still have something on. Bye.”

“Okay, bye.”

Qiao Nian placed her phone on the table and pulled out a chair. She sat down and

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