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Chapter 50: The Teacher Found Out Anyway

“Alright, you call the shots.”

Aunt Chen always listened carefully to all that Qiao Nian had to say. Sensing that she was about to hang up, Aunt Chen asked a little tentatively, “Nian Nian, did your dad go today?”

“Qiao Weimin? He came.” Qiao Nian’s eyes were already on her screen. She had no interest in Qiao Weimin at all.

She saw the message Wei Lou left her.

[Wei Lou Hundred Feet Tall: Qiao Nian, you’re pretty amazing, you even know people from the Red Alliance! Someone is looking up on you, but the Red Alliance helped you block that person. When did you know someone so powerful?]

Her beautiful fingers were resting on the mouse, and her eyes were a little deep. She couldn’t figure out which person was looking up on her.

Aunt Chen was still speaking cautiously so as not to hurt her. “He bailed you out?”

“No, he just came to scold me.”

Qiao Nian put her cell phone on the desk and turned on speaker mode. She was using her mouse and getting to a page that showed her the stock market. With her eyes on the screen, her fingers swiftly entered a string of data.

The red and green lines started shifting as she continued working on the keyboard.

“The policemen checked the surveillance cameras around the junction and confirmed that those people started the fight. They took my statement and let me go.”

Come to think of it, the policeman received a call just shortly after she messaged Wei Lou and Yuan Yongqin. Then, the policeman decided to check out the surveillance cameras and classified her behavior as a “courageous act”. Not too long later, Officer Cai came as well.

Could this all be because of… Ye Wangchuan?

Qiao Nian then comforted Aunt Chen for a while more and then hung up, tossing her cell phone aside.

The next day.

Qiao Nian was busy the previous night and did not have a good sleep. She arrived in class just before it started.

She entered the classroom, and before she even put her bag down…

Shen Qingqing stood up agitatedly, grabbed her hand, and looked at Qiao Nian with teary eyes. “Qiao Nian, you’re finally here. I-I let you down. T-The teacher noticed that you left early yesterday and flared up. What should we do?”

She looked so guilty she could barely look Qiao Nian in the eye.

Qiao Nian had gotten Shen Qingqing to apply for leave on her behalf just before she left. But Shen Qingqing messed it up.

“The teacher asked me where you were. I-I got anxious and lied that you were at the toilet. I didn’t expect her to get someone to look for you. Qiao Nian, I’m so sorry, it’s all my fault. I should’ve thought of a better excuse. Like maybe you went to see a doctor because you were sick… I’m so dumb to say you went to the toilet…”

The boy sitting in the front row couldn’t watch any longer. He tossed her a piece of tissue and said with disdain, “What are you crying for, seriously. Wipe your face, your mucus is getting into your mouth! Are you even a girl?”

Shen Qingqing blushed and stopped crying. She then turned to him and said angrily, “None of your business!”

The boy just liked to see her angry and pouty. He said, “Oh well, perhaps it is my business!”

“You!” Shen Qingqing almost hit him out of anger and momentarily forgot about her self-reproach. She said fiercely, “Liang Bowen, you fool!”

“Tsk. I thought you had something creative to mock me. That’s it?”


She was going to kill this person!

After he was done poking fun at Shen Qingqing, he turned to Qiao Nian and said to her, “You’re a new classmate, right? I’m Liang Bowen. Don’t you blame Shen Qingqing, she’s just a little dense. She really did try to help you out, but First High School doesn’t allow students to apply for leave, so she got anxious when the teacher asked her about it and said you went to the toilet instead. Who would’ve known that ‘Menopause’ really got someone to look for you in the toilet. That’s how it got exposed…”

Qiao Nian put her school bag down and nodded casually. She was easy going about it as she said, “It’s alright, it was I who caused her trouble in the first place.”

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