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Chapter 467: Asking Qiao Weimin for Help

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“What are you doing!” Seeing him hit himself, Aunt Chen hurriedly held his hand and lost her temper. “We’re a family, and we will also help one another. Neither I nor Chen Yuan ever blamed you. You shouldn’t blame yourself. That’s the way to live. When we work together to get through the tough times, good days will be waiting for us in the future!”

When she finished speaking, she tucked the quilt into the hospital bed for her husband. She pursed her lips and spoke nervously. “I’ll try to look for him again. Rao City isn’t very big.”

It was as she said. Rao City wasn’t a very large city. But for outsiders like them, it was like a maze.

Aunt Chen was sad and felt helpless, but she was unwilling to share her burden with him. With more conviction in her voice, not knowing if she was trying to encourage herself or her husband, she said, “I believe I’m at least able to find a person!”

Uncle Chen looked at her silently as she pulled his quilt. Then, he suddenly spoke with a hoarse voice. “Maybe we can give Aunt He a call?”

He was referring to He Yujuan.

Their family came from the county. They weren’t familiar with many people in Rao City. The only people they knew were from the Qiao Family.

Aunt Chen’s first reaction was to reject his suggestion. She frowned and said, “You said Aunt He? She most likely won’t help us, right?”

He Yujuan was mean and fussy. She looked down on poor relatives like them. She was treated badly by her when she worked at the Qiao Family previously.

They had already seen the worst sides of her!

Uncle Chen looked tired and just leaned back. His voice was faint. “We’re still family. She’s your aunt and also your mom’s cousin. Chen Yuan can also be considered her nephew. Blood is thicker than water. Although she was unwilling to help previously, this time, she might be willing to help us look for Chen Yuan.”


“I don’t want to beg them for help.” Aunt Chen turned her face away and spoke quickly.

“If there was a way, I would also be unwilling to ask someone else for help. But it’s so difficult to find someone based on our limited contacts in Rao City. The Qiao Family are the only people we know and can ask for help from.”

Aunt Chen turned around and looked at him again. Her eyes were slightly clouded as she grasped her clothes and whispered, “Can we wait for Nian Nian to return? She’s very smart. She may be able to think of a way to contact Chen Yuan.”

Uncle Chen interrupted her forcibly. “Nian Nian is only a third-year student in high school! Don’t forget she’s our son’s age. She’s also just a child. How can we keep bothering her just because of a little bit of kindness she showed last time? We can solve this matter by ourselves. It would be better this way. Why implicate Nian Nian? If we don’t ask for help, are you expecting her to beg her own family to help us out?”

Aunt Chen fell silent again.

He was right. Even if she was unwilling to ask He Yujuan for help, it wouldn’t be right for her to expect Qiao Nian to ask her family for help.

That family abused Nian Nian so much before and even drove her out of the house. How could she be willing to make Qiao Nian ask them for help?

She didn’t consider it for very long. Determined, she got up and said to her husband, “I’ll go and make a call.”

Instead of calling He Yujuan, she called Qiao Weimin.

At that time, Qiao Weimin had just gotten off the plane and arrived home. He received a call from Aunt Chen, hurriedly took a coat, and drove to the hospital to look for her.

After understanding the situation, he wasted no time. He started making calls on the spot, looking through his contacts to see if anyone could help them look for Chen Yuan.

Although the Qiao Corporation had fallen, Qiao Weimin still had his contacts. He had been involved in the industry for a long time and was able to think of a solution more quickly than Aunt Chen. When met with such an issue, he didn’t look for people who could do nothing to help.. He specifically looked for people he knew in police stations to help check the system and see if they were able to help him look for someone.

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