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Chapter 462: A Never-Before-Seen Chat App

Qiao Nian wasn’t in Rao City now, but she could guess just how helpless she must be feeling. She said solemnly, “Don’t worry too much. I’m not in Rao City now, but I can return immediately. I’ll get someone to look for Chen Yuan. Just wait for me to get back.”

“… You’re elsewhere?” Aunt Chen had no idea that she had traveled to Beijing for her examinations, and she called Qiao Nian only because she thought she was in Rao City. She quickly added, “No, don’t. Just get on with what you have to, that brat is probably just having fun outside. I’ll go looking for him as his usual haunts.”

Qiao Nian didn’t say much. She simply went ‘mm’, told her to take care, and then hung up.

Liang Bowen was standing beside her the whole time. He couldn’t hear what Aunt Chen said, but he could figure out who was on the line just by hearing Qiao Nian’s response.

“Chen Yuan’s mother?”

“Mm.” Qiao Nian’s eyes looked cold and wild.

Liang Bowen furrowed his brows and asked her worriedly, “Chen Yuan is really missing?”

He was a big guy, alive and kicking; where could he go?

Qiao Nian didn’t say a thing. She looked for Yuan Yongqin’s number and gave her a transpacific call.

She picked it up immediately.

Qiao Nian didn’t waste her time. She said succinctly, “Aunt Yuan, you have a wide network in Rao City, help me look for someone. It’s a guy about my age, named Chen Yuan. I’ll send you a photo of him.”

After the call, she sent Chen Yuan’s photo to Yuan Yongqin.

She then dug up the Red Alliance’s software and sent Chen Yuan’s cell phone number to the group.

[sun: Help me locate this cell phone’s position. I’m out now and don’t have my laptop with me.]

Slim Waist Control replied right away.

[Slim Waist Control: Another Rao City number? Big boss, are you really in Rao City?]

[Daji Plays With You: Keep it to yourself even if you know it. That’s how you stay alive.]

[Slim Waist Control: o(* ̄) ̄*)o I’m too innocent!]

[Daji Plays With You: I can tell that you’re simple-minded. But innocent? Apologies, I’m too blind to detect that.]

Qiao Nian looked at the messages in the group and got slightly annoyed. She sent another message.

[sun: Stop fooling around! Help me check it out.]

The group went quiet. Soon enough, Slim Waist Control sent her a location.

[Slim Waist Control: This is the last detected position of the cell phone. There are no activities after that. He’s either been there the whole time, or his cell phone has been stolen. In any case, the position has remained the same.]

Qiao Nian opened up the location message and zoomed in.

She looked at the location label and was surprised.

Sky Bar.

Liang Bowen craned his neck and saw the location as well. He read it out, “Sky Bar? This place is a mess, and there are all sorts of people there. What’s Chen Yuan going there for?”

Places like that were not suitable for students at all. It was too unsafe!

Besides noticing the location on Qiao Nian’s cell phone, he also noticed that she was using a different software. He asked out of curiosity, “Oh right, Sister Nian, what chat app are you using? I’ve never seen it before. Is this a new app?”

Everyone usually used WeChat to communicate online, or Facebook if they had a VPN. Otherwise, it would be Instagram. This chat app with a red interface was completely foreign to him. He had never seen anyone around him use it.

He noticed how Qiao Nian had entered her account details so intuitively and figured that she didn’t have this for just a day or two. He took his cell phone out and said, “Let me download it, too.”

Qiao Nian sent the details found by Slim Waist Control to Yuan Yongqin and got her to focus on that area.

Thereafter, she looked up at Liang Bowen. “You won’t be able to download it. It’s an overseas app, your cell phone doesn’t have the necessary components.”

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