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Chapter 314: Give Her a Week Off

The fact that Qiao Nian was going to participate in the independent enrollment of Qing University was originally only known to the people in Class A, but it unknowingly spread all over the school.

Only a few people in First High School knew that the professors of Qing University had come to poach Qiao Nian and wanted to give her a place there.

Most people knew that there was a senior in high school called Qiao Nian. She had average grades in other schools before, and after coming to First High School, she did well in the two exams, and now wanted to attend Qing University.

Let alone this, people who loved to gossip even posted that Qiao Chen was going to take the Qing University Autonomous Enrollment Examination.

Now the people in the whole First High School knew that Class A’s Qiao Nian and Class B’s Qiao Chen, who were old enemies, plus true and false daughters, were interested in the same college, and would have to take the entrance examination soon.

Fortunately for the people in the third grade, most of them had seen Qiao Nian’s magic. The first and second-grade students weren’t in the same teaching building as the third grade. They usually relied on the school forum to understand the gossip of the seniors.

They knew that Qiao Chen was a school graduate with good grades and a beautiful appearance. She was a legit Miss Perfect. Originally, it was said that she had a spot in Ren Yi, but then the mishap was announced. Her award was canceled and her spot in Ren Yi was lost. Soon after, Qiao Chen had chosen to transfer to Fifth High School beside…

Compared with Qiao Chen’s glamorous resumé, Qiao Nian’s seemed much more shabby. She was pretty but had a cold personality. Except for her artiste brother, she rarely stood in the limelight. Her grades were average and not as good as Qiao Chen’s!

Although she had been admitted to Class A later, more people believed that it was an inside story.

These days, a little inside story was more normal, it would be strange if there was none!

So, someone had made a stupid vote on the Internet, making people vote for whether Qiao Chen or Qiao Nian would pass the Qing University examination.

Not many people participated in the voting at the beginning. Except for the freshmen, there was a lack of interest in the second graders. Everyone in the third year was busy studying and didn’t have time to pay attention to the surrounding gossip.

It wasn’t until a few girls from Class B and good friends of Qiao Chen pooled money for a gamble, that the voting post became popular.

After deciding to take the school entrance examination, Qiao Nian had been busy these days. It was rare to see her play with her mobile phone in class now. Shen Qingqing and the others saw that she had taken a fairly thick study material and was doing the above questions when she was free…

It was a week before the exam in the blink of an eye.

Qiao Nian was sure she would go there in advance and asked Shen Hui for leave. Shen Hui knew that she was going to take Qing University’s admissions exam and quickly approved the leave.

She had approved a week’s leave!

It was two days more than the three days she had requested!

After signing the slip, Shen Hui turned her chair and gave the list to her, looking at the carefree girl in front of her with a complicated expression. “Take a good rest when you arrive in Beijing. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself! Do your best in the exam. If you fail to pass the entrance examination, you still have the college entrance examination. If you come back and revise well, you’ll still have a chance.”

Qing University wasn’t easy to get into, especially the independent admissions exams, which were all elites from colleges and universities in various provinces.

First High School was outstanding in Rao City, but couldn’t even enter the top 100 in the national rankings.

“You can get good grades, I’ve seen your last two exam papers. Only your language paper is relatively weak. Even if you take the college entrance examination, you’ll have a chance to be admitted to Qing University.” Shen Hui had obviously heard of the farce on the school forum, and probably knew the relationship between Qiao Nian and Qiao Chen, who had already transferred to another school. Her jaw closed slightly, and her voice softened again. “Don’t compare yourself with others, it’s a foolish idea. As long as you surpass your previous tries, it’s considered a win. Work hard!”

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