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Chapter 286: So Everyone Else Is an Old Aunt

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[In conclusion, I want to know what kind of people my parents used to be, how they met each other, why they passed away so early, and why I ended up in the Rao City orphanage.]

It was as if she was like a leaf, suddenly wanting to know where she had come from and where she belonged.

She sent all the information she had uncovered about Ji Qing. After that, she lowered her eyes and leaned on the chair.

Last night, she had hacked into the Archives Bureau in the city. The records of the Jiang Family came out as soon as she selected them, but the files about her biological mother Ji Qing were encrypted through special means.

The code was so complicated that it took her a long time to solve it.

She thought that she would be able to see some important information after breaking through the encryption. However, the record seemed to have been deliberately erased by someone. It had nothing left, except for the date of birth and a name. There wasn’t even a record of the time of death.

Since a person had existed, it was impossible not to have a trace or record at all. If there was no trace, it only showed that something was hiding deep behind the scenes!

Thus, she wanted the Red Alliance to find out who or what was behind the scenes.

After all, the Red Alliance worked overseas. If she was at home, some things would involve some inconveniences. But the Red Alliance didn’t have so much trouble doing them!

A day’s worth of classes was over in a flash.

When school was over.

Qiao Nian picked up her school bag. Shen Qingqing and her friends were going to eat at the Mala Soup stall operated by Chen Yuan’s family. Having received the news from Ye Wangchuan, Qiao Nian did not go with them.

After parting at the school gate, she saw the Phaeton at the side of the road.

Qiao Nian walked slowly over and opened the door.

She thought only one person would be in the car. Surprisingly, both the little guy and Jiang Li were there.

“Big sister.” Upon seeing Qiao Nian, Ye Qichen’s cheeks reddened and he became shy, looking obedient beyond words.

Jiang Li couldn’t help but curl his lips, wanting to expose him out loud. What a fake!


Much too fake!

Before Nian Nian got in the car, he wasn’t happy to see anyone and did not want to pay attention to them. He was playing with his cell phone, and even them talking to him would not elicit any response.

Now, he suddenly transformed into a cute boy.

“This is for my sister.”

As soon as Qiao Nian got in the car, he took out a drink for her. The light green package looked familiar. Wasn’t it the lemonade that Ye Wangchuan bought for her last time with aloe in it?

She reached for it and noticed that the edge of the cup was cool. As soon as she saw that there was ice in it, the corner of her mouth raised and her eyes softened. She rubbed the top of the little boy’s head and asked softly, “Did you buy it for me?”

Ye Qichen’s face turned red and he rubbed the corner of his clothes. Embarrassed, he said, “My uncle helped me buy it. He said that you liked it last time.”

He learned to return favors from a young age. When he spoke of his uncle, he immediately raised his head. His big black and white eyes were very proud, and his lovely face was full of praise. “But I used my own pocket money!”

He spoke full of confidence.

His posture seemed to indicate that the credit mostly belonged to him!

After claiming credit, he was embarrassed again. His small chest slowly retracted. He pursed his pink lips, blinked, and said sweetly, “I also asked the aunt at the counter to add more aloe and ice for you.”

Jiang Li went to buy drinks with him, so he remembered very clearly that the girl selling drinks was at most seventeen or eighteen years old. She was as old as Qiao Nian.

So, Nian Nian was a sister, while the others were all aunts in his eyes?!

What an impressive act!


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