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Chapter 226: Only Master Wang’s Cat Would Be This Fierce

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Ye Wangchuan raised a brow.

She was fine with anything?

That sounded like her.

But he couldn’t see how she looked now. His expression looked loving and approachable as he smiled and asked, “For example? What kind of gift do you want?”

How could he be so annoying?

There was a calming smell in the car.

Qiao Nian didn’t realize how unguarded she was with him. Too tired, she grunted and said thoughtlessly, “Can I have anything I want? I want a star from the sky, please.”

She fell asleep after that.

Ye Wangchuan looked at her as she fell asleep. Noticing her eye bags, he could tell how tired she was.

Ye Wangchuan removed his jacket and covered her with it. He smiled as he looked at her sleeping form.

“Heh, she’s so fierce when she’s awake, but she’s as cute as a cat when she’s asleep.”

Gu San was speechless.

How was Miss Qiao as cute as a cat?

You must be kidding, which cat would be so fierce?

Master Wang, are you referring to a panther?

After Ye Wangchuan covered her with his jacket, he looked up and said, “Lower the speed of the air-conditioner.”

“Alright.” Gu San didn’t hesitate and adjusted the car’s temperature.

It was the weekend and the sun was out.

Today’s weather was great.

Qiao Nian arrived earlier.

Jiang Li couldn’t appear in public because of his status as a celebrity. Hence, he’d be arriving later in disguise. Ye Wangchuan went to pick up the kid from the hospital.

The kid took off the steel rods and started on his physiotherapy.

He was willing to work hard in his treatment and was obedient.

Everyone from the bone department loved him.

Even though he may have a good personality, he became more clingy after the incident. He must have been traumatized by it.

The kid messaged her the moment she got out of the cab.

[Sister, are you awake? I miss you.]

Qiao Nian smiled as she paid for the cab ride. She replied to him.

[I just arrived at the place where we’re having lunch. Have you been listening to the doctor?]

Waterside Loft was one of the best restaurants in Rao City. It was located in the busiest part of the city. They created a garden-styled ambiance to create a sanctuary amidst the bustle of the city.

It was Rao City’s rich and famous’ favorite.

A lot of expensive cars were in the parking lots outside of the restaurant. Today, however, an even more expensive car than the rest was parked there.

She noticed reporters crowding the restaurant’s entrance.

They were pointing their cameras in the same direction, as though they were trying to take photos of a celebrity. It was almost like a red carpet event.

Raising a brow, she glanced at the wreath at the entrance and scoffed uncontrollably.

It was definitely what the Qiao Family would do.

Even though it looked luxurious, it showed their shallowness!

Her phone rang.

The kid sent her a message.

Qiao Nian couldn’t be bothered to check out the scene and walked inside. She looked down at her phone to see what he sent her.

It was a photo with two people in it.

She tapped on the photo and it filled her screen.

She saw the kid flashing a shy, cute smile at the camera. He was blushing slightly. Even though he was still wearing the hospital gown, a glistening brooch was attached to it. When she zoomed in, she saw that it was in the shape of a seahorse.

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