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Chapter 217: Let Her Boast While She Can

The news that the Qiao Family was planning a huge celebration for Qiao Chen’s birthday was made known to everyone in Rao City.

Rumors spread that the Tang family, the top family in Rao City, would be there as well.

When that rumor came up, her celebration became even more high-class. Those that wanted to wait for Cheng Feng Corporation’s decision agreed to attend the celebration after they received Qiao Weimin’s invitations.

The Qiao Family was the talk of the town. Qiao Chen was gaining popularity as well. She stood out from the bunch of rich ladies in Rao City.

It was the same in school.

Other than the students from Class A that argued with Class B, the rest of the school treated Qiao Chen like a goddess.

The once-popular post on the school’s forum that wanted to re-elect the prettiest girl in the school lost popularity as well.

The forum was flooded with news that Qiao Chen was awarded a piano prize and about her birthday celebration.

They praised her as the pride of First High School as she won the highest award for a national piano competition while representing the school.

They also praised her as the prettiest girl in school. Not only was she beautiful, but she was also kind and talented. Someone that relied on physical beauty and grabbing attention could never compare to her.

One of the posts was worse.

It hoped that the school could choose Qiao Chen as the spokesperson for the next batch of enrollment and that they should publish her image on the school’s website.

Shen Qingqing was triggered and became utterly furious.

She would tell everyone in Class A about how Qiao Chen was becoming popular and how pretentious she was. She looked so angry that she looked ready to expose her pretentiousness.

“The Class B students are lamenting that it’s our loss that Qiao Chen couldn’t get into our class. They said that her grades are great and she’s an award recipient. They complained that they can’t understand how we chose the students to enroll in our class.”

She rolled her eyes in her anger and said, “They haven’t been looking at the rankings for each exam. We only take in the top fifty students, and Qiao Chen never entered the top fifty. How could she have the audacity to think she’s an unappreciated treasure?”

Chen Yuan was doing his homework. He glanced at Qiao Nian, who was playing with her phone, continued coldly, “Please, she couldn’t get to where she is without Qiao Nian’s help. Her grades improved only when Qiao Nian started teaching her. Else, she wouldn’t be able to enroll into Class B.”

His mom told him previously that even though Qiao Chen was smart, she didn’t focus on her studies. She was also not as studious as Qiao Nian.

It was just that Qiao Nian didn’t take her examinations seriously previously.

He knew that his mom was right when Qiao Chen got first place in the previous exam. That meant that his mom was right when she said that Qiao Chen would pester Qiao Nian with questions before every exam.

Shen Qingqing heard that and said nonchalantly, “So her family got her a private tutor and she could only get into Class B because of that. How could she have the audacity to claim that First High School doesn’t appreciate her talent? She’s so shameless.”

Chen Yuan didn’t like Qiao Chen because of his mom. He chuckled as he leaned against the chair. He stretched and said, “It’s normal that she’s shameless, just get used to it.”

“Huh, what do you mean? Chen Chen, do you know Qiao Chen personally?” Shen Qingqing asked curiously. “Judging from what you said, you seem to know Qiao Chen quite well.”

No one in Class A knew that Chen Yuan’s mom was a helper in the Qiao Family except for Qiao Nian.

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