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Chapter 183: Bullying His Fiancée

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Mayor Yuan and Su Ting might have been approached by the Jiang family.

But what about the Vice Head?

He was only close to the Wei family.

“Actually, it’s not so serious on the Wei family’s end. I think what the Vice Head is trying to say is that it can be solved if I apologize.”

Liang Heng went on, “But it’s much harder on Mayor Yuan’s end! I called him eight times today, and not once did he pick up. He simply got his secretary to relay a message to me, saying that I bullied someone’s fiancée?! That girl is only 18, whose fiancée could she be?”

Having been bombarded with questions, Tang Wei was in shock and anger. She couldn’t find her voice momentarily. “… I don’t know.”

Qiao Chen was being humiliated too terribly on television. She skipped two days of school.

Qiao Nian was still in her usual state. She didn’t hide at home after netizens had commented about how she was depending on her superstar cousin.

Neither did she get proud after netizens turned to support her when they saw the videos.

She was just like that day after day, going to school as usual.

Attending classes as usual.

Jiang Li had many female fans, and most of the First High School girls idolized him. When they heard that their “brother”—some knew him as “husband”—had a cousin in their school, they were all thrilled.

The moment class ended, many girls rushed to the Year 3 Class A room to take pictures of Qiao Nian.

This First High School case had caused a huge uproar on the Internet.

And now many people had their eyes on Jiang Li’s cousin.

The moment Qiao Nian’s picture was posted, a new wave of discussions came about.

Although the pictures making rounds on the Internet were taken secretly, the blurry pictures still showed how beautiful she was.

[Wah, Jiang Li’s cousin is too pretty. In the previous two videos, she was either jumping into the river to save someone or had the surgical mask covering half her face. Now that I see how she looks, I feel that she’s much prettier than the other School Belles of First High School.]

[Same sentiments. Her features are much prettier than Qiao Chen’s!]

[She even has a Tsinghua Professor dad and a superstar cousin. Others used to say that she was a fake rich girl, now who’s the really wealthy one?]

A new post appeared on the forum too, titled: Poll: Class A’s Qiao Nian vs Class B’s Qiao Chen – who should be First High School’s School Belle?]

Qiao Nian’s votes were way ahead of Qiao Chen’s.

And many netizens were already commenting that First High School should change their School Belle.

Besides that, there was another viral post going around since the morning. A student had seen a medical specialist from Qing University’s Medicine faculty going to First High School to look for their principal. He said that he’d watched the video and found Qiao Nian to be talented in this field. He wanted to invite her to study Medicine at Qing University.

She’d be admitted by recommendation!

No need for the College Entrance Examination results.

This news spread fast, and soon, everyone in First High School knew about it.

The Class A students were naturally in high spirits.

Meanwhile, the Class B students were much more dejected.

When school was over.

Qiao Nian let Chen Yuan and the rest know she was leaving, then quickly headed out of school.

The little one sent her a message early this morning, saying that he was going to be discharged. He wanted her to pick him up at the hospital.


Over time, Qiao Nian started to treat him like her own little brother. She headed for the hospital right after school ended.

Who knew she’d bump into a man waiting at the school gate for her.

“Nian Nian.”

It had been a week since Qiao Weimin last saw her. He was in a much worse state than before.

Having called her name, he quickly walked to her, as if afraid that she’d leave.

He took out a black box and held it before her, trying to butter her up. “Your birthday was just over, this is a gift for you.”

He thought long and hard about it and eventually decided that he still wanted to patch things up with this daughter of the past. Hence, he came today, thick-skinned.

“I remember buying you a necklace when you were 10. You liked it a lot back then, but you didn’t take it with you when you left. I got you a new necklace, see if you like it.”

Qiao Nian looked at the gold Seven logo on the box and raised a brow.

Qiao Weimin could actually bear to get her a Seven product. A Seven-brand necklace wasn’t cheap—which was why Qiao Chen would show off her bracelet in school the moment she got it.

He wouldn’t have spent this sum of money on her in the past. All he used to talk about was how that was just a small luxury brand that wasn’t worth the money.

But she already had a Seven necklace around her neck.

Qiao Nian had a hand on her hip and did not even put her hand out as she coldly exposed his hypocrisy. “My birthday is long over.”

It was the day she was thrown out of the Qiao Family.

He and Qiao Chen had even celebrated getting rid of this burden that night.

Qiao Weimin held the box cautiously and pretended to be a little dazed and confused. “It’s long over? Ah, Dad has been too busy recently and it slipped my mind. It’s alright, take this necklace as a compensation gift for your birthday, then.”

“No need. Since it’s over, there’s no need for gifts.”

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