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Chapter 177: He Isn’t My Boyfriend

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However, Little Young Master didn’t stop smiling. When you looked at his angelic smile, you wouldn’t think that he was secretly a horrible child.

He looked just like a normal five-year-old now!

It had been tough.

Gu San was closed to tears as he followed them.

He couldn’t understand why Little Young Master liked Miss Qiao so much. But since both Master Wang and Little Young Master liked her so much, he started to like her as well.


Qiao Nian really wanted to repay the kindness.

Hence, when they arrived at the mall, she led them to the shop.

It was the shop where she bought the shirt for Ye Wangchuan.

The shopkeeper recognized her immediately and exclaimed, “Hey, aren’t you the pretty girl that bought clothes from us previously?”

She tipped her toes and saw the two guys following her. Her eyes lit up.

“Such a pretty child.”

The child was handsome enough already.

But the man was more attractive.

He emitted a certain aura. It was always a nice view when you looked at him.

Handsome could no longer describe him.

She started to check Ye Wangchuan out and saw that he was wearing the designer shirt from her store.

He wore it conservatively. His shirt was fully buttoned up, with his fair neck exposed. His defined jawlines and perfect facial features made him look manly.

His eyes were the most captivating, and it felt as though you could get lost in them.

She also noticed that he was paying attention to the girl.

He wasn’t distracted by anything else.

Like she was the only one in his eyes.

Even though the shopkeeper wanted to praise his good looks, she couldn’t find the courage to do so. She felt that he wouldn’t care about what she said.

“Yes, I am. Do you have something new?” Qiao Nian asked with a raspy voice. She was already used to his stares.

The shopkeeper answered as she brought them in, “Yes, we do!”

Qiao Nian then entered the store holding the kid’s hand.

Ye Wangchuan walked slowly next to them. He had an elegant aura around him. Even though he didn’t say anything, his presence was strong.

“Are you buying for your boyfriend as well?” the shopkeeper asked as she glanced at Ye Wangchuan.

When she saw the kid, she wanted to ask if she was buying for her husband.

But when she saw Qiao Nian’s youthful face, she felt that it was impossible for her to have a child at her age.

She then said to Qiao Nian, “You have such a handsome boyfriend. He’s even more handsome than our spokesperson. You’re such a lucky girl.”

Qiao Nian was speechless.

She then saw the huge image of Jiang Li as the spokesperson and smiled.


She never realized that Jiang Li was the spokesperson for this brand.

“Oh right, what does your boyfriend do for a living? Judging from his height, is he a model?” the shopkeeper asked, wanting to ask him to be an unofficial spokesperson.

“He has a job, but it isn’t modeling,” Qiao Nian said as she looked at the guy that hadn’t denied anything. She then continued after adjusting her cap, “Also, he isn’t my boyfriend.”

“Huh?” The shopkeeper looked at Ye Wangchuan in confusion. She then looked at his shirt.

How was he not her boyfriend?

She then glanced at the kid.

He must be her husband, then?

Noticing that she was stealing glances at him, Ye Wangchuan touched Ye Qichen’s head and steered the conversation away.

“Are you buying clothes for me?”

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