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1660 You’re 19? Nominal Age of 20?

He frowned and looked at her with his deep eyes. He did not understand how this matter was related to Nie Mi.

However, he relaxed a little since someone was with her. “Alright, call Qin Si if there’s anything. That person is at home every day. He’s either playing games or going out to the Lan Pavilion to play. He doesn’t have anything important to do. Call him if you need him.”

“Yes,” Qiao Nian replied.

The progress bar on her computer finally reached 100% at this moment.

Qiao Nian saw it from the corner of her eye and reached out to type another code.

She wanted to erase all the information related to the Red Alliance’s Sun on the Internet again so that the Independent Continent would not find any clues. It was troublesome!

Ye Wangchuan looked at the girl’s beautiful side profile. The white light shone on her face, making her skin look even fairer and more eye-catching.

His gaze gradually softened, and he suddenly whispered to the girl, “I remember that your birthday is in August?”

“Huh?” The girl was focused on the computer and didn’t listen to him seriously. Her voice rose at the end, and she clearly wasn’t in the mood to respond.

Then, she realized something and stopped what she was doing. She turned around and looked at the man. This time, she clearly reacted. “Yes.”

Qiao Weimin said that her birthday was on August 18th.

Many people would come on that date.

“What happened?”

Qiao Nian was confused. She didn’t know why he had brought up her birthday.

However, although she was asking a question, her gaze had already subconsciously shifted to the computer code. She lowered her eyelashes as if she was thinking about what information she should change for herself.

Sun, male?


Her fair hand paused on the keyboard as she fell into deep thought. After a while, she casually tapped the keyboard a few times.

The information about Sun on the Internet became—Sun: male, 1.60m tall, slightly plump, square face, in his 40s, no photos.

She hid this information in the Red Alliance’s database. In addition, she tampered with the Hacker Alliance’s database and changed it to information that was similar to what she had just made up. She only changed her height slightly.

She changed the height of 1.60m stated in the Red Alliance to about 1.58m.

This man could be considered very ‘special’.

Ordinary people would definitely notice his height when they saw this message, so it was easy for them to ignore other things.

Qiao Nian pressed the Enter key and shamelessly pasted her current editing into the information bank.

She typed codes.

These codes were translated into text that was displayed.

However, it was basically impossible to tell what she was doing.

When he saw the string of complicated codes pouring out, he immediately understood what Qiao Nian had done.

His thin lips curled up slightly, but his eyes were filled with love. He did not ask her why she was changing the information. He crossed his arms and lowered his black eyelashes. With his eyes half-closed, he said, “You’ll be 19 this year. Your nominal age will be 20.”

Qiao Nian had just copied and pasted the things she had made up. She turned around and raised her eyebrows in confusion when she heard what he said. “Huh? So?”

So what if her nominal age was 20?

He seemed to know what she was thinking and smiled. The chuckle that came out of his throat was seductive, and his eyes were deep. “There’s still a year to go. When you turn 20, many things will be legal for you.”

“For example? What’s legal?” Qiao Nian hadn’t thought of the legal age of marriage yet. She thought he was talking about the legal age of an adult.

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