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1658 Sister Nian: Ignore Her

She had brought the old master a newly modified pill. It was a local specialty from Rao City and the kind that had no packaging.

There were exactly two bottles.

If Ye Wangchuan didn’t come to look for her, she would go to look for Old Master Ye.

She wanted to give the pills to the old master.

Coincidentally, the old master had booked a room at the Imperial Mansion, so she could pass the bottles to him during the meal.

“Wait for me.”

There was something seductive about those words.

Qiao Nian’s ears felt a little hot. She mumbled something and hung up.

It took him about half an hour to drive from the airport to Qing University.

He sent Qiao Nian a WeChat message when he arrived.

Coincidentally, Liang Conglin and the others had also spoken to Master Cheng.

Seeing that it was about time, Qiao Nian informed Nie Mi. She took the form and left the school.

After Ye Wangchuan picked her up, they went to the Imperial Mansion to meet Old Master Ye.

They had lunch together.

Qiao Nian also gave him the local specialties she had brought for him.

The meal was harmonious and pleasant.

After dinner, Old Master Ye wanted to take her to the old residence to take a look. He had even suggested taking her to the mall.

However, he was stopped in time.

When they were about to part ways, Old Master Ye held the girl’s hand reluctantly and kept saying that he would bring her to the old residence to visit next time.

When he said this, he did not forget to glare fiercely at his precious grandson. It could be said that he was very unhappy.

Ye Lan was both angry and amused. She had been trying to smooth things over, saying that Qiao Nian had just returned and needed to rest. Only then did Old Master Ye reluctantly let her go.

Back at Rhine Apartments.

Qiao Nian first went upstairs to take a shower. After changing into a set of clean clothes, she pulled out a stool and grabbed the phone charger.

The phone lit up at this moment.

A message from Continent O was received.

With a towel draped over her body, she picked up her phone and looked at it.

It was from the Pharmacy Association.

A text message.

The sender was Zhong Yiliu.

[Zhong Yiliu: The new member of the Pharmacy Association you mentioned to me last time, Jiang Xianrou, got first place in the newcomer assessment. Should I give it to her?]

What he meant was that he knew that she had a conflict with Jiang Xianrou. He was on Qiao Nian’s side.

If Qiao Nian was unwilling to give this opportunity to her, he would definitely not give it to her.

She got first place?

The girl’s eyes were calm, and she looked a little surprised. However, it was only for a moment. She did not take this matter to heart and sent a message.

[Q: Don’t worry about her.]

Zhong Yiliu’s message came immediately.

[Zhong Yiliu: I understand. Then I don’t have to pay special attention to her, right? You specially mentioned her. I thought she was someone important. Alright, I won’t care about her anymore.]

Qiao Nian read through it quickly.

She did not reply.

The fact that Xiang Xianrou had gotten first place in the newcomer assessment was indeed a little out of her expectations, but it had nothing to do with her.

She was now focused on the Independent Continent’s Ji Family.

As long as Jiang Xianrou did not cause trouble for her, she couldn’t be bothered with what she was doing.

Qiao Nian put her phone to charge. She pulled out a stool and sat down, then took out her notebook from her bag, turned on her computer, and erased the information related to her online again…

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