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1624 Didn’t Expect It to Be Someone Familiar

The entertainment industry was a place of fame and fortune.

It had all kinds of people.

Who knew if some big boss was behind the small fry she met?

Although Wei Xueying did not think that the other party would know any big shots, it would not hurt to ask.

The assistant immediately gave her the girl’s name.

Both of them were immersed in the entertainment industry all year round. They were usually not interested in academics, so they didn’t notice any news about the college entrance examination or professional software competitions.

As for Zhui Guang…

Other than helping Wen Ruxia and appearing in a few scenes, Qiao Nian kept a low profile.

In addition, although Zhui Guang was famous, strictly speaking, she was not from the entertainment industry. She wouldn’t take on commercial performances or shoot advertisements like celebrities. Therefore, not to mention the passers-by, even the people in the circle did not know much about her.

Wei Xueying and her assistant had never thought about this…

She sent Qiao Nian’s name to her manager, who had yet to reply.

Either she was busy or did not see it.

Wei Xueying didn’t dare to call her.

After all, Zhao Xin was one of the veteran managers in the entertainment industry and had led many famous artists.

At one point, she had almost groomed her cousin, Bai Lin, to be a top-tier artiste.

However, later on, Bai Lin had to go overseas to avoid the limelight because she had offended someone. That was how she became an artiste under Zhao Xin.

She wasn’t her only artiste. Her status was too low. Zhao Xin was only taking care of her because of her cousin.

She usually managed other artistes.

Her current assistant was once one of Bai Lin’s assistants.

Wei Xueying sent a message to Zhao Xin. Then, she suddenly thought of this matter for some reason. She put down her cell phone and couldn’t help but ask him, “By the way, do you know who my cousin offended?”

“This…” Wei Xueying’s assistant looked troubled and looked at her helplessly. “Xueying, it’s not that I don’t want to tell you. I’m not even sure what went on! I was just one of your cousin’s personal assistants. I usually helped her buy what she needed and contacted the driver to pick her up. That day, I wasn’t with Sister Xin and the others. I only know that your cousin went out to shoot for a magazine on the day of the accident. Halfway through the shoot, she was already banned by the company. It seems to be related to… a trending topic.”

“Trending topic?” Wei Xueying especially paid attention to this.

The assistant knew she was going to ask about the trending topic, so he said first, “I don’t know what trending topic it is. In short, your cousin was banned because of one trending topic.

“We don’t even know who they are. Only Sister Xin and your cousin know what happened. However, Sister Xin is very secretive about this matter and never mentioned what happened that day to us.”

Then, he asked, “Xueying, has your cousin mentioned it to you?”

Wei Xueying shook her head in a daze. “No, she didn’t tell me. She only told me to be careful in the circle and not to offend anyone, especially those who shouldn’t be offended.”

The assistant clicked his tongue and said rather ruefully, “Your cousin almost made it to the list. Just a little more. She’d definitely have become an list celebrity as long as she got an award in the next two years. For such a big-name artiste to be banned just like that, it can be seen that your cousin is right. Don’t offend anyone in this circle. Otherwise, you won’t even know how you die.”

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