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1623 Sister Nian: I’m Familiar With This Business

Tan Ninghao had asked Wen Ruxia for a long time to help him invite this great god.

He desperately wanted to introduce the cultural relics of this Han Dynasty clock to the audience.

Such educational-based variety shows had always been unpopular. He couldn’t invite many popular celebrities.

The most interesting guest this time was Qiao Nian.

Tan Ninghao couldn’t even bear to leak the news in advance. He thought that he would reveal this surprise when the live broadcast began!

“I’ll give you the script. Read it first.”

Tan Ninghao reminded her worriedly, “Miss Qiao, don’t worry. Ruxia told me to take good care of you. Just do as I say. You don’t have to say too much. The host will take care of you.”

Qiao Nian took a thick booklet from him and flipped through them casually.

The booklet contained detailed procedures.

For example, the camera positions for Unit 1 and Unit 2.

When Guest A would say something, then how Guest B would go along with Guest A’s words and bring out the theme.

She skimmed through it and saw Guest X underlined in red.

The other guests didn’t know much about Guest X’s arrangements. Basically, it was written as Guest X standing aside and smiling.

Guest X: Smiling thoughtfully at the camera.

Guest X: Smile.

Guest X: A slight smile.

Qiao Nian flipped to the last page. She was very satisfied to see that she simply had to smile from the beginning to the end.

When she heard Tan Ninghao’s instructions, she raised her eyebrows and already knew what to do.

“An improvised backdrop?”

The girl’s voice was lazy, but she had a good temper and was easy to talk to. She put away the script and looked at him with flamboyant eyes. “I’m familiar with this business.”

On the other side.

Wei Xueying was doing her makeup in a dressing room not far from them.

Her hair was done.

Her chestnut curls fell to her shoulders.

Seeing her assistant enter, she immediately motioned for the makeup artist to leave first. He picked up a lipstick on the table and touched it up in the mirror.

Out of the corner of her eye, he glanced at the panting assistant and asked calmly, “How was it? Did you find out?”

The assistant went through a lot and offered a few staff members some money and cigarettes. Finally, he got something out of them.

He did not have time to drink any water and quickly said to Wei Xueying, “I asked. That girl is a commoner! She’s not from any circle.”

Wei Xueying paused. She didn’t believe it. “Why does the director care so much about a commoner?”

“I’ve asked about that too.” The assistant was really thirsty. He quickly grabbed a bottle of water and hurriedly drank two mouthfuls. After taking a deep breath, he continued, “This commoner is a student from Qing University. She’s a top student. Ah, she can be considered a highlight of this program.”

Nowadays, variety shows would include one or two amateurs among the celebrity guests. To put it nicely, they were considered more down-to-earth.

Wei Xueying had been in the circle for a year and more or less understood some of the inherent patterns.

Of course, she knew that variety shows nowadays liked to have a mix of celebrities and amateurs.

Hence, her tense nerves relaxed when she learned that Qiao Nian was a commoner. She put down her lipstick and said proudly, “Tell me that commoner’s name. I’ll get Sister Xin to help me investigate if she has any background.”

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