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1607 No Need, Just Say It Here

Qi Yan waited outside for more than three hours before the person she had been waiting for finally came down.

“Miss Qiao.”

This time, she did not dare to put on any airs. Her posture was very humble. As soon as she saw Qiao Nian, she immediately waved at her.

Qiao Nian glanced at her lazily and walked towards her unhurriedly.

The chauffeur sized up the girl walking over.

She held the blue shirt rather casually in her hand. The white T-shirt matched her jeans. Her calves were taut, shapely, and long. She wore a pair of black canvas shoes.

From the outside, the other party was young and looked like a student.

The girl was wearing a baseball cap, so he couldn’t see her face clearly. He only felt that this girl’s aura was quite extraordinary.

This was the person Madam had been waiting for?

Qi Yan’s chauffeur looked incredulous. However, he wasn’t qualified to comment, so he stood at the side obediently.

“Miss Qiao.” Qi Yan didn’t look well. She looked much older, and her eyes were full of fatigue. Her smile looked very forced, but she didn’t dare to show any dissatisfaction in front of Qiao Nian. Even if she couldn’t smile, she forced herself to smile. She looked at the girl and said, “I’ve already gotten someone to transfer the money. Did you receive it?”

“Got it.” Qiao Nian walked up to her and stood still.

Qi Yan smiled ingratiatingly. “That’s good.”

Her heart was racing. She couldn’t understand how Qiao Nian could make the royal family of Country M so afraid that they wanted to kick her out of the royal list.

She couldn’t figure out Qiao Nian’s background and felt even more uneasy. She could only pretend to be calm and break the awkward atmosphere. She took a deep breath and composed herself. “Miss Qiao, let’s grab a drink at a place nearby. Are you free? If it’s convenient, why don’t we talk there?”

She didn’t have such an attitude before. Qiao Nian remembered very clearly that when Qi Yan first came to the country, she looked down at people with her nose held high.

Qi Yan had never even taken Jiang Xianrou seriously.

Now she seemed to have learned a lot.


The girl raised her thin white wrist and reached out to pull down her cap. She said coldly, “No need. If you have anything to say, just say it here.”


Qi Yan’s temples throbbed.

From time to time, pedestrians would walk over. She had never talked to anyone in such an environment.

For a moment, she almost wanted to leave. However, Qi Yan forced herself to stand rooted to the ground when she thought of the Qi family and her husband who was waiting for her explanation. She said with a complicated expression, “I-I’m here to look for Miss Qiao. Miss Qiao should know very well, so I won’t beat around the bush. Miss Qiao, I just want to ask you what would it take for you to forgive the Qi family’s rash behavior this time?”

Forgive the Qi family?

Rash behavior?

Qiao Nian was irritated by her words. She narrowed her eyes. Perhaps she felt that Qi Yan’s words were ridiculous. Qiao Nian raised her hand and stuffed it into her pocket. The corners of her lips curled up, and her eyes were cold and dry. “Isn’t this Qi Lanyin’s doing? What has it got to do with the Qi family?”

Qi Yan’s face was green and red. She knew that Qiao Nian was slapping her in the face, but there was nothing she could do. Her throat was dry as she said, “Miss Qiao, we’re all smart people. I know that you already know the truth behind this incident.”

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