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1564 Face Slapping, Sister Nian Wins

In a hotel suite dozens of kilometers away.

The young man was initially smug as he waited for his tracking system to decipher the computer IP address of the person who had kidnapped Qi Lanyin.

He was so relaxed that he started drinking coffee.

Until the defense systems of the other party that he had already broken through were repaired one by one, and even a very powerful virus began to devour the data on his computer.

Mas couldn’t sit still any longer. He quickly tried to take back control of his computer.

A minute passed.

With great effort, he finally turned on the defense system of his computer.

Another five minutes passed.

The defense system he had developed was useless. The virus that had invaded his computer was still devouring his files. It was even beginning to destroy his system.

Mas’ jaw clenched and he pulled a long face.

Qi Yan realized that there was something wrong with his expression. She put down her teacup and asked him, “Mas, what’s wrong? Did it not go smoothly?”

The man ignored her and gritted his teeth. His face was ashen as he continued typing, trying to collide with the other party.

He knew who it was.

Qi Yan had told him before.


Someone who had always been as famous as him but had never shown her face.

He had seen her once in Rao City. She looked like an ordinary girl. He had heard that she was still in her first year of university and had even lived in a small city before.

How could a genius like Mas tolerate such a person suppressing him for so many years?

He didn’t come here under the Qi family’s instructions.

He was willing to come this time mainly because he couldn’t swallow his defeat in the software competition. He wanted to compete with the Red Alliance and let the entire hacker world see who the uncrowned king was!

The seconds ticked by.

Mas’ forehead was covered in sweat. His typing speed had slowed down. Even Qi Yan could tell that he was powerless.

Qi Yan’s heart skipped a beat. She lowered her voice and asked, “Is it Qiao Nian?”

Mas ignored her.

An hour passed.

His hands left the keyboard completely.

It was at that moment that Mas’ computer defense system completely collapsed. His computer screen flickered a few times and then turned completely black.

Closer, as they both watched.

Two English words appeared on the computer screen.

Game Over!

Game over.

It was definitely a slap in the face!

Mas suddenly looked uncomfortable.

Qi Yan’s expression was not good, either. She walked to the side and took a deep breath to suppress her anger. She picked up her phone and dialed the number she wouldn’t call unless she had no choice.


The phone rang seven or eight times. No one answered.

Qi Yan became even more embarrassed. She suppressed her humiliation and was about to call again when the other party picked up at the last second.

“… Countess.”

The royal family of Country M was also addressed royally. Qi Yan was often called Countess.

Except that those words sounded strangely ironic coming from a girl.

Qi Yan’s face burned, and the humiliation in her heart intensified. However, she had no choice but to lower her head.

“Miss Qiao, can I have a few minutes of your time?”

Qiao Nian had just poured herself a glass of water when she heard Qi Yan’s humiliated voice. Her red lips curled up coldly. “Oh, how do you want to talk to me?”

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