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1501 Are You Going to Bring That Jiang Xianrou?

A few days ago, she had been overjoyed that she could become a member of the Pharmacy Association. She had been filled with anticipation, thinking that she could step on Qiao Nian and experience another world.

Now, Jiang Xianrou’s heart sank when she looked at Robert’s reply, calling her an ‘ordinary member’. She clenched her fingernails so tightly that they dug into her flesh.

It would be fine if Qiao Nian only knew Zhong Yiliu, but if she had other connections with the Pharmacist Association… Jiang Xianrou couldn’t accept it just thinking about it.

Qiao Nian probably just happened to know Dean Zhong by chance. It was impossible for her to be related to the Pharmacy Association, right?

The following day.

Qiao Nian woke up early in the morning. She went downstairs to check out, then took a taxi to the airport to get her plane ticket.

Country M only had two flights a day to Beijing International Airport.

She bought the earliest flight.

Her flight would take off at ten in the morning and arrive in Beijing around seven in the afternoon.

The weather in Country M had changed a lot. It was quite cold today.

Qiao Nian put on a denim jacket over her sweater. She pulled up the hoodie, making it look quite warm. However, she went to buy a hot drink after arriving at the airport.

As there was still an hour before the plane took off, Qiao Nian was in no hurry to leave.

Zhong Yiliu called her just as she found a seat.

Qiao Nian plugged in her earphones and swiped her fair fingertips across the phone screen. She picked up the call and said in a hoarse voice, “Hello.”

“Your flight was this morning?” Zhong Yijian was still the same as before. He spoke quickly and urgently, doing everything in a hurry.

Qiao Nian looked up at the flight information above her head and then replied lazily, “Ah, ten in the morning.”

“Ten o’clock? Let me see what time it is.”

Zhong Yiliu had probably gone to check the time. After a while, he said, “Only an hour left? Why didn’t you tell me in advance? Wait for me. I’ll come over and send you off. Don’t enter the security checkpoint.”

The people on the plane could only stay at the airport. If Qiao Nian entered the security checkpoint, Zhong Yiliu wouldn’t be able to enter.

Actually, there was a way in.

With the Pharmacy Association’s status in Country M and his status as the dean, it would only take him minutes to find someone at the airport.

However, neither Zhong Yiliu nor Qiao Nian liked trouble. They preferred to solve problems in a simple way.

Qiao Nian leaned lazily against the lounge chair in the airport. Lowering her eyes, she whispered to him, “There’s no need to go through so much trouble. I’m leaving soon.”

Zhong Yiliu had just taken his coat. Hesitation flashed across his face. “You took the trouble to come, and I didn’t even send you off…”

Qiao Nian didn’t think much of it. “It’s too rushed this time. Maybe next time.”

Zhong Yiliu looked at the time. It was indeed a little rushed.

It would take at least half an hour to get to the airport. He might not even be able to reach the airport in time if he left now.

In addition, Qiao Nian had said that she was in a hurry, so he gave up on the idea of sending her off. Instead, he glanced at the things the other members of the Pharmacy Association had sent him on the computer. Then, he remembered something and said, “By the way, we have a few new members this time. One of them is from China.”

Recalling that Qiao Nian had been there yesterday, he said in a gentle tone, “It’s the one you saw yesterday. What’s her name again?”

Qiao Nian retracted the arrogance in her eyes. “Jiang Xianrou.”

“Ah, yes, that’s the name,” Zhong said. “She wants to learn Chinese medicine. Are you taking her?”

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