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1469 Now I’m Afraid

The manager wasn’t in the mood to humor her.

As they spoke, her manager received several more calls.

They were all cancellations.

The manager’s face turned completely green.

She hung up the sixth call and turned off her phone. She couldn’t care less and urged Bai Lin anxiously, “Quickly call Young Master Fu and ask if we’ve offended anyone.”

“At this hour?” Bai Lin was a little hesitant. “He’ll be angry if I call at this hour.”

“My little ancestor, at a time like this, you’re still afraid that Young Master Fu will be angry!” Her manager’s tone was anxious and fast.

She simply explained their current situation to her.

“The rest of your schedule has been canceled, including all the TV shows and movies we talked about, and all the investors just called me about replacing you. If we don’t settle this, you’re pretty much half-canceled!”

Bai Lin finally knew fear. Her beautiful oval face was pale from fear, and her throat was dry. “How, how did this happen?”

Her manager looked at her nervously and said seriously, “We must have offended someone! As for who we have offended, I don’t know yet, but the person’s actions are definitely not as powerful as someone in the entertainment industry. We must have offended someone in Young Master Fu’s circle!

“Bai Lin, hurry up and call Young Master Fu. Ask Young Master Fu to help us ask who we have offended.” Zhao Xin was having a headache and was not very confident. “If Young Master Fu finds out who we have offended, we might be able to salvage the situation. Otherwise…”

She didn’t say what would happen.

However, Bai Lin had been in the entertainment industry for a few years now. She paled. She already understood what she meant—otherwise, she would be ruined.

She took a deep breath and no longer cared if Fu Sinian would be unhappy if she called him.

She grabbed the phone from the table and quickly found Fu Sinian’s number. She called anxiously, “Hello.”

In the boys’ dormitory at Qing University.

There were basically no classes for juniors.

Zhou Yang had just returned from the basketball court when he saw Fu Ge on the phone in the corridor outside the dormitory. His expression was quite ugly as he said something to the other party intensely.

As a man, he was not interested in listening to gossip in other people’s corners, so he didn’t pay attention to who Fu Ge was talking to.

He turned and opened the dormitory door.

There were not many classes in the third year. Some people who had houses in Beijing had basically moved out. Wen Ziyu didn’t move out and would occasionally come back to school.

He had returned to the dormitory yesterday and the group had eaten outside that night.

“Brothers, I’m back!”

Zhou Yang opened the door with a smile. When he walked in, he saw Wen Ziyu sitting at the bookcase playing with his computer. His notebook was open.

Zhou Yang put the basketball back and walked forward to take a look.

As expected, he was searching for news about Qiao Nian again.

Zhou Yang sympathized with him when he saw the name on Wen Ziyu’s computer page. He patted him on the shoulder and teased him. “Young Master Wen, are you looking at your goddess again so early in the morning? If you really like her, why don’t you go all out and chase her? What if you succeed?”

“Then my parents will break my legs and kick me out of the house,” Wen Ziyu said expressionlessly.

Zhou Yang was stunned for a moment. “Uncle and Auntie are so ruthless?”

He remembered that Wen Ziyu’s parents looked refined and polite. They didn’t put on airs at all. They were much better than Fu Ge’s parents.

Why did Young Master Wen make such a friendly couple sound so ferocious?

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