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1458 Sister Nian: When Are You Leaving?

An ancient recipe of the Pharmacy Association?

Qiao Nian narrowed her eyes, her interest piqued. She replied, “I don’t have time now. I can do it another day.”

The other immediately returned to her.

[By the way, Robert saw the notes you left in the library. There are some things he doesn’t understand, and I don’t know much about ancient Chinese medicine recipes. I can’t explain them to him. If you have time, can you show him?]

Qiao Nian didn’t mind. She replied instantly.

[QN: OK, ask him to find me.]

After sending the last message.

Qiao Nian put away her phone and finally had the time to look at Lu Zhi. “When are you going back?”

Lu Zhi looked a little dispirited. He raised his good-looking eyes and looked at her. “Do you want me to leave so badly?”

“Oh.” Qiao Nian pondered for a moment, then turned her head as if she was seriously considering his question. After a long while, she looked at him and said lazily, “As long as you stay in Beijing, the eyes of the people in the illegal district will be focused here. I’m still studying. I don’t want to cause trouble.”

Lu Zhi mimicked a parrot and stared at her with his dark eyes. “…You’re still studying and don’t want to cause trouble?”

She could actually say such a thing.

Qiao Nian pulled up her cap, revealing an exquisite face beneath. Her eyes were sparkling, and she was extremely shameless. “Yes, I’m studying in Qing University, the Chinese Medicine Faculty.”

She even crossed her legs, not at all looking like a good student.

Lu Zhi liked to see her relaxed form. His thin lips curled up as he said, “You had a lot of trouble before I came.”

“You’re right to say that.” Qiao Nian admitted it openly. Then, she looked at him frankly. “But I’m sure that if you don’t leave, I’ll have more trouble in the future.”

She spoke in that devil-may-care tone that suggested she was only joking.

But Qiao Nian narrowed her eyes. She was actually quite serious.

It wasn’t that she wanted Lu Zhi to go back. It was mainly because he was not like Jian Jin. He was unpredictable and did things based on his mood.

She had yet to explain the bracelet Lu Zhi gave her to Ye Wangchuan and Qin Si.

If Boss Lu’s brain short-circuited again one day and sent her the latest weapon…

She was afraid the police would come to her door.

Lu Zhi had known her for 10 years. He knew very well how lazy Qiao Nian was and how much she didn’t want to deal with troublesome matters.

“I’ll leave tomorrow.”

Qiao Nian raised an eyebrow, her expression asking why he was so straightforward this time.

Lu Zhi had some internal injuries, but he had never revealed his true emotions on his face.

His eyes were dark and bright, and there was a smile on his lips. He smiled faintly and said, “Tian Chen has some important matters. I have to go back and deal with them. Are you free tomorrow?”

Before Qiao Nian could speak, she picked up her teacup, wondering if she would be free tomorrow.

“Don’t say that you’re so busy that you don’t even have time to send me off.” Lu Zhi looked at the girl’s side profile. “I’ll leave at nine tomorrow morning. I’ll send you the address later.”

He certainly wasn’t going to take a plane back to the illegal district. It was too dangerous for him to hang around with passengers in his position, and it wouldn’t be easy for him to get an entry and exit permit.

He would definitely use his private jet to get back.

“When and from where” was also a secret.

Qiao Nian swirled the glass for a while. Tired of playing with it, she placed the glass on the table and said arrogantly, “Alright, I’ll send you off tomorrow.”

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