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Chapter 1373: The People Who Cry Usually Are the Vicious Ones

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“Didn’t I tell you before that Qiao Nian wasn’t the mastermind behind this matter? The reason Hao’er ended up in this state is partly that he was stupid, and partly because of Jiang Xianrou! If Jiang Xianrou hadn’t instigated him, would he have done something like finding someone to steal the USB flash drive? To put it bluntly, Hao’er ended up in this state because of a woman!”

“But no matter how much Hao’er messed around in the past, nothing ever happened. As soon as he met her, something like this… happened.”

“That’s because he wants to please Jiang Xianrou! What has it got to do with Qiao Nian?” Director Zhu was furious at her unreasonable words.

There was some silence.

Madam Zhu didn’t dare argue with him on the surface, but she didn’t think so.

She had called Jiang Xianrou yesterday. The other party kept comforting her and said that she didn’t know that Zhu Yuanhao had gotten someone to steal the USB drive. She said that she would definitely stop him if she knew that he would be so impulsive…

Jiang Xianrou explained everything to her very sincerely.

Madam Zhu did not think that this matter had anything to do with Jiang Xianrou. After all, it was because of the girl from Rao City.

“What kind of attitude is that? You still think you did the right thing?”

Director Zhu saw that she was still pouting indignantly and almost choked on his breath. His eyes went dark and he died from anger.

However, it had already happened. He couldn’t be bothered to blame anyone. His fingers were trembling as he said to the sobbing Madam Zhu, “Do you know that Ye Lan’s birthday banquet was held at noon today? The Ye family, along with their relatives, rushed to the hospital.”

It wasn’t just the Ye family.

He knew of several others.

Director Zhu took a deep breath. He knew that his wife and son had ruined the peace in Beijing. His face darkened as he continued, “I was still thinking about what had happened on the way back. But now you tell me that you found someone to hit Qiao Nian. You, you’re really too much. You’re not a virtuous wife. You’re harming others and yourself!”

Madam Zhu had been honest and dutiful all her life. She often heard others say that she was gentle and virtuous. Suddenly, she was accused of being unvirtuous. Tears of grievance flowed down her face again. She reached out to wipe her tears aggrievedly. Her voice was as soft as a mosquito as she defended herself softly. “I, I just feel sorry for Hao’er. She’s a countryside girl from Rao City. Why should Hao’er go to jail because of her?

“I was so angry that I wanted to teach her a lesson… Hao’er hasn’t seen anyone in the detention center for a week, but she’s living freely outside. I really can’t take this lying down…”

“So the Zhu family will die with you!”

The whites of Director Zhu’s eyes rolled out, and he felt dizzy. He supported himself onto the table beside him and barely managed to stand upright. He didn’t faint from anger at her words. “Do you know that Young Master Ye has a little girlfriend? Do you know that the inexperienced Qiao Nian you’re talking about is Young Master Ye’s legendary girlfriend? Look at how much the Ye family cares about her. I’m afraid Elder Ye has already acknowledged her as his granddaughter-in-law. Aren’t you courting death by doing such a thing? Do you think we’re not unlucky enough this time, or are you tired of living?”

Frightened, Madam Zhu stopped crying and wiped her tears. “It’s not that serious, is it?” she asked in surprise.

“I can’t explain it to you!” Director Zhu was so angry that his face turned green. He barely managed to grab the armrest of the table and composed himself. He looked at his wife and asked sternly, “You’re at home all day and don’t know anyone. Where did you find someone to hit Qiao Nian?”

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