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Chapter 1369: Sister Nian Directly Found Out Who the Mastermind Was

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Apart from Jiang Xianrou, Jiang Li, Jiang Zongjin, and the others were also from the Jiang family.

Qiao Nian had to consider these people’s feelings.

Old Master Jiang was old and in poor health. If Qiao Nian got involved in this matter, although Old Master Jiang wouldn’t blame her, he would more or less be sad.

It wasn’t convenient for Qiao Nian to make a move. It was better for him to handle it.

It didn’t matter to him, an outsider.

“I’ve got someone checking with the big truck driver to see who’s behind this.”

Qiao Nian’s mind had been tense the entire time, just a little bit away from collapsing. She didn’t even know when it would collapse… Until now, Qiao Nian could feel Ye Wangchuan’s hand caressing her back again and again, like a breeze brushing past her heart that was about to ignite.

The fire in her heart gradually cooled.

The taut string in her mind seemed less unbearable than before.

The hostility in Qiao Nian’s eyes dissipated significantly. She closed her eyes and suppressed the anger surging between her brows. She slowly opened them again. Her eyes were much calmer now, and her voice was even hoarser than before. “There’s no need for that.”

“Huh?” Ye Wangchuan was still stroking her back to calm her down.

Qiao Nian had already quickly adjusted her mentality. She raised her head from his arms, her eyes dark and clear, looking sinister.

Qiao Nian’s tone was very calm, no longer as oppressive as before. She asked him, “Did you bring your phone?”

“I did.” There was a good chance he could guess what she was going to do. Raising an eyebrow, he found the phone and handed it to her. “Your hand…”

“I’m just checking on an ordinary person. I can do it with one hand.”

Qiao Nian took the phone with her left hand and realized that it had a password. She looked at him with bright eyes. “What’s the password?”


A stream of numbers flowed from his mouth.

Qiao Nian entered the numbers. Halfway through, she suddenly realized their meaning and looked up at him.

Ye Wangchuan’s charming face was calm. He said naturally upon meeting Qiao Nian’s gaze, “The day I become an official boyfriend is rather special. I have to remember it.”

There was some silence.

Qiao Nian lowered her eyelashes under his frank gaze, her raven-black lashes covering her eyes. She was at a loss.

Fortunately, she was not a pretentious person. Her ears felt hot for a moment.

Her expression became natural after she unlocked the phone.

She focused on opening the webpage on Ye Wangchuan’s phone and entering a web address. It was unknown what she had entered, but it didn’t take long for Qiao Nian to find out all the information about the truck driver, including the recent transactions in his bank account…

She looked at the phone. The face under the brim of the cap showed obvious surprise, as if the results of the investigation had taken her by surprise.

Qiao Nian held her phone and stared at what she had found on it. In a clear voice, she read, “Three days ago, at 3:15 AM, a transfer of 500,000 yuan was transferred to his account. The transfer was made overseas, but I checked the information of the domestic owner of that account.”

Ye Wangchuan thought that it was Jiang Xianrou’s people who had done this. He didn’t expect that the bank account information that Qiao Nian had found had nothing to do with her.

He took the phone from Qiao Nian and looked down. His eyes turned cold when he saw the name of the person who had transferred the money. “It’s her?”

This person was unexpected, but it seemed reasonable to say that she had a motive to harm Qiao Nian!

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