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Chapter 1367: Jiang Yao Was Dumbfounded

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It was more than that.

Yuan Yongqin, one of the new nobles in Beijing, also rushed to the hospital accompanied by her secretary. She also walked in without stopping…

Jiang Yao was completely silent now. His throat felt like it was stuffed with cotton, and he couldn’t say a word.

He didn’t expect so many people to gather at the hospital in such a short time. Moreover, everyone was a big shot outside.

Even if they weren’t a big shot from some faction, they were also a master-level personage like Nie Mi.

Jiang Yao had just thrown his phone aside after making the call. Now that he thought about it, he had mixed feelings. It was impossible to describe the confusion and shock he felt at this moment.

He recalled what had happened when he met Qiao Nian at the Four Seasons Hotel today. He couldn’t help but recall what his father had asked him in a daze. “What’s Nian Nian’s background?”

Jiang Yao also had such doubts at this moment.

That’s right. Where did Qiao Nian come from?

It was the first time he had seen so many top figures in Beijing gather together.

But Qiao Nian had only been in Beijing for less than half a year. Where had she gotten to know so many people?

Based on Jiang Li’s relationship with Young Master Ye?

Jiang Yao was still letting his imagination run wild when he suddenly saw a familiar figure from the corner of his eye. The cigarette in his mouth trembled, and his fingertips trembled.

His eyes widened almost as if he couldn’t believe it…

The patients picked up by ambulance were usually sent directly to the emergency department. The emergency doctor would determine the severity of the patient’s injuries before treating them.

Qiao Nian was sent to the emergency department with the taxi driver.

The taxi driver was taken by the nurse to take CT scans.

Her right arm was seriously injured, so she didn’t go for a CT scan for the time being. The orthopedic surgeon would examine her first.

Qiao Nian cooperated with the doctor’s examination the entire time.

When the doctor asked her to raise her hand, she did so. When he asked her to turn her arm, she did so. She was unbelievably good-natured.

She waited until the doctor had roughly checked and typed the diagnosis on the computer. He pushed his glasses up on his nose and said, “The right hand is fractured and there’s a 15 cm cut on the arm. I’ll give you a list. Go down to the nurse’s side and clean the wound. I’ll come over and stitch up the wound on your arm.”


The girl’s eyebrows were faint and she was wearing a baseball cap. The female doctor could see only her cold, shaved chin and her fair skin. She couldn’t see much else.

The doctor felt that the girl sitting in front of her was a little too calm. Before she came in, she had heard from the nurse that this patient had been sent over after a car accident. It was said that the situation at the scene was quite dangerous.

The doctor was a little surprised by her calmness, but she didn’t say much. She said softly, “The cut on your right hand is a little deep. It might hurt when I stitch you up. You have to bear with it. If you can’t bear it anymore, tell me and I’ll give you an anesthetic. It’s best if you can bear it, then we won’t use anesthesia.”

It was three parts poison.

Especially something like narcotics that made people highly dependent on it.

The doctor’s principle was to try their best not to use drugs in this area. They would only consider using anesthesia if it didn’t work out.

It was not necessary for Qiao Nian’s situation.

The doctor respected her opinion. “Or think about it. Do you want to use it yourself? I can just give you a shot if you do.”

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