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Chapter 1319: Sister Nian Sent Out a Prescription

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Qiao Nian didn’t mind. However, she seemed to see a familiar figure from the corner of her eye.

The girl was wearing a branded dress and a small jacket. She did not look like she had come from a poor family as she said when school started.

She only took a glance and looked away. She did not care much about the change in her attire, but it was a little strange.

Would students from the Chinese Medicine Faculty help other departments move things?

She only thought for a moment and did not stop walking. She walked out of the office boldly and quickly typed a message.

Continent O.

In a medical research institute.

An old man with a white beard was pouring the liquid from a chemical test tube into the container. As soon as the blue liquid touched the powder in the container, it immediately produced a chemical reaction that produced a puff of white smoke.

“Hey.” White smoke floated to the old man’s face, and he let out a loud voice. His old face immediately swelled into a big pig head.

He covered his mouth and coughed as he ran to the side. “Help!”


A blond man immediately broke in. He seemed used to it as he saw the terrible scene in the laboratory. He skillfully wore gloves and poured the reagent from the container bottle into the wastewater treatment tank. Without stopping, he turned on the exhaust system in the laboratory and pumped out the poisonous air.

After doing all this, he took off his mask and gloves and looked helplessly at the old man standing in the corner. He said fluently, “Dean, why aren’t you wearing a protective shield again?”

The old man looked miserable and said nothing.

Seeing his reaction, the blond man said helplessly, “Haven’t I told you many times that you have to remember to wear a protective shield and gloves before you do an experiment? Just in case.”

“How would I know that I had to put in less of that reagent?” The white-haired old man retorted self-righteously. “I just dripped 10cc down gently and it exploded…”


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