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Chapter 1309: I’m Not as Important as a Plate of Chili Chicken in My Girlfriend’s Heart

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His voice was hoarse and he was in no hurry to leave. He placed a hand on the steering wheel and said to the girl waiting by the road, “Let me know when you’re done. I’ll pick you up later.”

Qiao Nian’s earlobes were still a little hot, but the heat on her face had already subsided. She looked lazy and carefree. “We’ll see.”

“I’ll take you to eat hotpot.” Ye Wangchuan smiled and whispered, “The one you like.”

Qiao Nian finally looked him in the eye. Her beautiful black eyes narrowed as she raised her hand and pressed the brim of her cap again. Finally, she nodded.

Ye Wangchuan knew that other than the Imperial Mansion’s chef’s spicy chicken, only the hotpot restaurant Zhang Yang had brought them to before could move Qiao Nian.

He wanted to laugh, but after some thought, he realized that he was worse than a plate of spicy chicken in his girlfriend’s eyes.

He couldn’t smile anymore. Ye Wangchuan looked at the girl by the road and said gently, “Send me a message after you’re done.”

“Got it.”

Qiao Nian’s phone rang. She took it out of her pocket and looked down. It was a call from Jiang Zongnan.

Most likely, he had arrived at the place they had agreed to meet.

“Bye.” She didn’t waste any more time. As she put her phone back, she waved at the black car with one hand in her pocket and strode towards the school gate.

10 minutes later.

Qiao Nian arrived at the milk tea shop opposite the school where she had arranged to meet Jiang Zongnan. She immediately saw the person sitting at the outermost table, ordering a cup of milk tea and waiting for her.

Qiao Nian walked towards the table.

Jiang Zongnan looked down at the time on his wristwatch from time to time. When he looked up, he realized that there was someone else opposite him. He shouted in surprise, “Nian Nian.”

Nodding, Qiao Nian pulled out a chair and sat down naturally.

Jiang Zongnan immediately pushed the milk tea he had ordered in front of her and said with a gentle gaze, “I didn’t know what you liked to drink, so I ordered a cup of milk tea for you. The shop assistant said that all the students in your school like this. Try it and see if you like it.”

Qiao Nian didn’t take the Oreo milk tea. She placed her hand on the table and sat casually. She was a little lazy as she said in a low voice, “Second Uncle, why are you looking for me?”

Jiang Zongnan had always been good to her.

At least, he was not bad.

He was Jiang Li’s father. Qiao Nian didn’t have deep feelings for him, but she had to at least respect him.

Seeing that she was not drinking the milk tea, Jiang Zongnan’s smile was a little bitter. He sighed, showing no intention of blaming her. He took out a key from his briefcase and pushed it in front of her. “This is the five million yuan I gave you previously. Didn’t you return it to me? I bought you a small apartment near Qing University. It has one room and one living room. Your name is written on the deed. It hasn’t been renovated yet.

“Here’s the key to the house. Take it. You can take it and live or rent it yourself, depending on your personal arrangements.”

Qiao Nian looked at the door key beside the milk tea and frowned slightly. She pushed it back to him and said succinctly, “Forget about the house. Why are you looking for me? Just tell me.”

“I don’t mean anything else. Second Uncle just…” Jiang Zongnan looked at her calm face. For some reason, he was in a sorry state and couldn’t even raise his head.

Feeling suffocated, he pressed his temples and silently put away the key. “It’s fine if you don’t accept it. I’ll leave the key with your grandfather. You can get it from him anytime you want. Anyway, your name is written in the deed. It’s your house. You can live in it or leave it empty.”

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