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Chapter 1305: Hmm, Eagle Eye Offended Her?

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He moved his wheelchair and spoke unhurriedly. His tone was as warm and charming as a spring breeze, but the content of his words was chilling. “Are you deaf? Can’t you hear me asking you what happened?”

The man’s face instantly turned even paler, as if he was about to faint on the spot. His eyelids and the rest of his body trembled violently. He arched his back and lowered his head to stare at his toes. He stammered, “No, no, no. S-someone is trying to find Eagle Eye’s location.”

Lu Zhi did not react much after hearing his words. There was still a faint expression on his handsome face, as if Eagle Eye was not worth his attention.

The voice said indifferently, “Didn’t you already erase his location information? No one should be able to crack your system with the technology within this country, right?”

It was not that he disdained local talents and technology.

It was just that the illegal zone had the world’s top hacking technology.

Erasing a person’s location information was a piece of cake. It was practically impossible for the people outside to do it.

Lu Zhi picked up another pink diamond-shaped item and lowered his eyes to admire its dazzling luster. He suddenly asked him, “What do you think of this diamond? Is it nice?”

The technician looked up, took a quick glance, then lowered his head and answered with a trembling voice, “Yes, yes.”

“The purity of this one is not bad. It’s a little better than the last one.” He turned the diamond in his fingers and tilted his head. His tone was quite gentle. “I’ll find a few more colors. I’ll punch a hole in them through the middle. It’ll make just enough for a bracelet.”

A bracelet made of different colored diamonds? The technician couldn’t help but click his tongue as he recalled the size of the diamonds he had glanced at just now.

That diamond was at least 10 carats.

Such a large diamond would be sold for at least three million yuan on the market, not to mention some rare natural diamonds like the pink and blue ones. The price was even more terrifying.

Mr. Lu actually wanted to use these precious collectible-grade diamonds to make a bracelet for someone. He couldn’t imagine if a bracelet made of so many diamonds would look good. He only felt that it was… too extravagant.

“I remember they sent over a yellow diamond—”

Lu Zhi did not ask for his opinion. He just let him take a look at the pink diamond he had chosen from a pile of diamonds. After saying that, he continued to choose diamonds seriously. From the looks of it, he really seemed to be planning to choose a few more colors.

The technician did not dare to speak. As he watched the system on his computer being deciphered bit by bit, cold sweat broke out on his forehead again. He raised his head and stole a glance at Lu Zhi. He was a little afraid, but he did not dare to keep quiet. “Mr. Lu, they didn’t get someone from within the country. They…”

Lu Zhi threw back the yellow diamond he had picked up. His expression quickly turned cold as he narrowed his eyes and looked at him indifferently.

The technician’s cold sweat poured down like a waterfall. He was hot and afraid as he rubbed his hands nervously and whispered, “Sun has interfered.”

Lu Zhi’s gaze changed slightly. “Huh? Eagle Eye offended Sun?”

The technician shook his head, confused. “I don’t know.”

There were also differentiated rankings and levels between hackers. He was ranked quite high on the Hacker’s Heaven Leaderboard and was in the top 10 all year round.

But one person would always be above the rankings.

There was a qualitative difference between this person and the second place.

That person was Sun.

The default exclusive existence of all hackers!

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