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Chapter 130: There Must Be a Mistake, I Don’t Know Who Fu Ge Is

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The lecture only lasted for an hour.

When it was over, it was time for the afternoon break.

The students exited the lecture hall. Some went to the canteen for lunch and some went back to the classroom.

Cheng Yuan had agreed to have lunch at the restaurant outside of school. They invited Qiao Nian as well.

“Sister Nian, we’re heading to the restaurant outside. Do you want to join us?”

Before she could reply, someone called her.

She looked at her phone.

It was Ye Wangchuan.

Hanging up, she turned to Cheng Yuan and replied, “I’m not going.

“I have something on, you guys have fun.”

Cheng Yuan knew that she was a busy person. Hence, he explained to Sheng Qingqing for her. “Sister Nian isn’t going. She’s going home.”

“Nian Nian isn’t going…”

Sheng Qingqing was disappointed.

But Cheng Yuan started to pull her and Liang Bowen away. “It’s fine, we can go without her.

“Their food is delicious.”

As they started to talk about what they wanted to eat for lunch, Qiao Nian turned to look in the direction of the podium.

The people from Rao City were surrounding the podium, wanting to establish connections with the professor from Beijing. Hence, they went there the moment the lecture ended.

Qiao Chen was there with Qiao Weiming as well. It was as though they were good friends with the professor already.

“Professor Jiang…”

Jiang Zongjin just sent a message to his daughter and looked up. He saw that people were surrounding him and wanted to speak to him.

“Thank you so much for coming to lecture at Rao City’s First High School.”

He didn’t like to socialize much and would rather focus his effort on research. Suddenly, Qiao Weiming came and shook his hand.

He was shocked. He frowned and asked, “You are?”

Everyone in Rao City was there.

Qiao Weiming wanted to take this opportunity to stand out so that the Qiao Family could finally be a part of the upper echelon of society.

He was sure that the professor from Qing University was invited by Fu Ge because of Qiao Chen. Hence, he asked smilingly, “I’m Qiao Chen’s dad. Are you Fu Ge’s mentor?”

Madam Fu didn’t like how Qiao Weiming was conducting himself. But she was proud of her son. She then spoke, “Professor Jiang, I’m Fu Ge’s mom. Thank you for taking care of my son.”

Ye Wangchuan was looking at how they were crowding around Jiang Zongjin. It was as though they were clowns trying to get the attention of the audience. It made him laugh.

As he expected.

Jiang Zongjin was only confused for a while. He then asked them seriously, “Who’s Fu Ge?

“I’m sorry. It’s rare for me to mentor any students, and I haven’t heard of him before. Is he also a student from Qing university?”

Haven’t heard of him before.

Is he also a student from Qing University?

Everyone important from Rao city was here.

They were even boasting how close Fu Ge was with this professor. They even claimed that Fu Ge had invited the professor to support Qiao Chen.

But the professor announced that he didn’t know Fu Ge.

Madam Fu and the Qiao family were utterly humiliated.

Their faces were flushed, and they wanted to hide from everyone.


How could the professor not know Fu Ge?

Didn’t Fu Ge say that he invited him?

Qiao Chen was dumbfounded as well. She was young and her skin was thin. Flushing, she subconsciously pinched her fingers.

She announced online that the Professor from Qing University was here for her already, but it was actually a mistake. What kind of sick joke was this?!

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