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Chapter 126: I Thought Fu Ge Invited the Professor

After the Class B students had fled the scene, the Class A students began discussing how embarrassing the Class B students were.

Only Liang Bowen asked Qiao Nian worriedly, “We invited a renowned professor today, so there are quite a number of important people around today. Will Qiao Chen take revenge on you later?”

“It’s her fault, who’s she taking revenge on?” Qiao Nian was using her cell phone distractedly.

Liang Bowen shook his head helplessly. There was no way of getting to Qiao Nian.

The outstanding professor from Tsinghua University was here, and Qiao Chen was the star of the day. Didn’t she realize that Qiao Chen had practically worn a gown today?

She really wanted to be the center of attention today.

But Sister Nian had embarrassed her so badly. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Qiao Chen told tales to the professor later. While the College Entrance Examination process was transparent, the student recruitment process was not.

Given Sister Nian’s marvelous grades, she was bound to get into Tsinghua University or the neighboring university, Beijing University. If she had her future path cut off now, it’d be tough for her when the time came.

But Sister Nian offended Qiao Chen because she was standing up for Shen Qingqing.

If Qiao Chen really took revenge on Sister Nian after this, he could let his family in Beijing know about it. As a fellow Class A student, he couldn’t let Sister Nian deal with this on her own!

Qiao Chen headed back to Class B feeling aggrieved.

Someone had picked up her bracelet the moment they returned to class.

It turned out that her bracelet was too thin and the hook was loose, so she dropped it along the corridor.

She just did not notice it.

When she realized that her bracelet was lost, her first reaction was to think back about how she’d bumped into Qiao Nian on the way back. She didn’t consider anything more before heading straight to Class A to demand her bracelet.

Although she’d gotten her bracelet back, her face could not be saved.

Qiao Chen was full of grievances, and everyone dared not approach her now.

The Class B students dared not go near her. Only a few people she usually hung out with dared to speak to her at this point.

“Chen Chen, you don’t have to stoop to Qiao Nian’s level. Who knows how Shen Qingqing got her bracelet? Maybe she stole it.”

It was bad enough before she mentioned Shen Qingqing’s bracelet. Upon hearing about it, Qiao Chen felt even worse.

She had had to depend on Fu Ge to even purchase an ordinary Seven bracelet. Meanwhile, the one Shen Qingqing was wearing was a limited edition Seven item. It was so embarrassing.

Fortunately, someone noticed that she was in an even worse mood now and quickly comforted her. “So what if Shen Qingqing is wearing an expensive bracelet? Even authentic goods look fake on her! Everyone knows that the star of the show today is Chen Chen. The professor from Tsinghua University especially made a trip to First High School because of Chen Chen. Besides that, a lot of big shots from Rao City are here as well… I’m so envious of Chen Chen for having such a great boyfriend.”

Qiao Chen had been resting her head on the desk initially. But, upon hearing those words, her spirits were lifted significantly.

At this point, Shen Qiongzhi’s call came.

She said to the classmates around her with looks of envy, “Excuse me, I have to pick up my mom’s call.”

She shoved it in their faces and left the room to receive the call.

News of the Tsinghua professor’s arrival had spread all around Rao City. With the netizens that the Qiao Family had paid off to blow things up, Qiao Chen gained even more popularity.

Most of the high society members of Rao City had come today to witness the event.

Madam Fu and Qiao Weimin were here as well.

They were attending this professor’s first open lecture in the role of the city’s outstanding entrepreneurs. Besides them, a few other big names in their trade were attending as well.

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