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Chapter 1207: World-Class Competition, What Do You Think?

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She would occasionally share some with Slim Waist Control.

Other times, she had not studied them seriously.

After Qiao Nian stood up, she said naturally to the two people on the sofa, “I’ll go upstairs first. I still have a song to finish. Have fun.”

She had promised to write the tune for Wen Ruxia.

A theme song for a sports project.


She had done a rough outline a few days ago.

The name had already been chosen. It would be called ‘Spark’.

Qiao Nian planned to write the song today and send it to Wen Ruxia. She could edit it again if there were any problems.

Qin Si waited until Qiao Nian went upstairs and the door closed before speaking.

He craned his neck and looked up, then asked the man sitting opposite him playing with his phone worriedly, “Master Wang, how’s the soundproofing in your room? Sister Qiao can’t hear us from the room upstairs, right?”

Ye Wangchuan crossed his legs and glanced at him lazily before pulling his gaze back to the phone. “She can’t hear us. Just say what you want to say.”

“Then, I’ll tell you.” Qin Si couldn’t hold it in anymore. He had a lot of questions. “What competition is that? I only know that there’s a software competition. Is that competition as awesome as you said?”

“A world-class competition. What do you think?” Ye Wangchuan put down his phone indifferently and glanced at him. He knew the answer even without saying it.

Qin Si felt terrible.

“That awesome????”

He was worried again. “So what kind of competition is this! What’s a software competition?”

“I just checked. The World Software Competition is quite prestigious. It’s recognized internationally and can be considered a top-notch software competition that represents the country. The sponsor is Tian Chen. In the past, the country’s IT was always criticized by the foreign media for being weak. Qiao Nian will have to go through many obstacles before she can enter the group stages.”

Ye Wangchuan spoke calmly, but Qin Si was not a fool. From his words, one could tell that he was in hell.

“What do you mean? You mean the others can go straight into the group stages and we still have to fight our way in from the periphery?”

“Something like that.”

Ye Wangchuan narrowed his eyes and fiddled with the silver bracelet on his wrist. He had been wearing it ever since Qiao Nian had given him this bracelet. He would fiddle with it whenever he had something to do. However, he was usually not in a good mood when he did so.

“You know that in the past, the level of technology in the country was limited. No one outside the country approved of our scientific research, especially in the IT area. Software is also within the scope of its development.”

His voice was soft, and he spoke slowly. “We also participated in this competition in the past years, but the results were not ideal.”

“There will be a selection competition before the group stages of this world’s software competition. The selection competition is mainly targeted at places with relatively less advanced technology. We have not achieved good results in these competitions before, so we can only start with the selection competition. There will be a total of 16 people participating in the selection competition, representing 16 regions.”

Ye Wangchuan stopped fiddling with his bracelet for a moment before continuing.

“Only two people among the 16 will enter the group stages. The real competition will begin from the group stages.”

“Only two out of 16?” Qin Si exploded. “This is f*cking unfair!”

Ye Wangchuan was calm. His eyebrows did not move, and his voice was slightly hoarse. “There is no absolute fairness in this world. Fairness is a rule set for the strong. The weak can only obey the other party’s rules!”

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