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Chapter 1208: Top 16 Every Year, Getting Stronger Every Year

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Originally angry, Qin Si instantly cooled down when he heard this.

That’s true.

Domestic technology had always been inferior to the outside world. They had suffered a lot over the years.

Everyone held their breaths, wanting to amaze the world.

That was not true of everyone in the Ninth Branch.


He hadn’t expected Qiao Nian to be referring to this competition.

Qin Si took a long time to speak. “Then, where will this competition be held? It won’t be overseas, right?”

Ye Wangchuan knew more about this. “It was overseas in the past. But it’s a little special this year. The venue of the competition will be in the country.”

“?” Qin Si was about to ask why it wasn’t overseas this year.

Ye Wangchuan seemed to know what he was going to ask. The corners of his lips curled up slightly. He was quite reserved, but he could not hide the pride at the corners of his eyes. “Because of the rise of the domestic technology level in the past two years, in addition to the illegal region’s chip; Professor Jiang and the others announced the chip’s results to let the foreign people see the progress of the domestic technology level. Therefore, they set the venue for the competition in the country this time.

“It’s going to be held in a place she’s familiar with.”

Qin Si asked, “Where?”

Ye Wangchuan raised his eyebrows and slowly spat out a name. “Rao City.”

The next day, Qiao Nian brought her things to school early in the morning.

Many people came to sign up outside Liang Conglin’s office. Most of them were third- and fourth-year computer science students.

There were also some retention graduate students.

Everyone’s face glowed with youthful confidence.

Other than the computer science students, there were also students from other departments, such as computer science majors.

Zhou Yang and Fu Ge were also among these people.

However, unlike Fu Ge, Zhou Yang was not here to sign up for the competition. He was accompanying a friend from the Computer Science Department and happened to see Fu Ge there, so he greeted him and stood together to chat.

“Do you think we can do it this year?”

Fu Ge was a student in the Finance Department and was studying with Professor Cheng Wu. Finance contained knowledge about computers and advanced mathematics.

He was also a boy.

Boys were naturally more talented in science than girls.

Fu Ge’s results had always been top-notch since he was young. It was the same when he reached Qing University. His results in his specialization were definitely top-notch.

He had used his free time to create a small software. The level was passable. He happened to hear from Cheng Wu about this competition, so he wanted to try his luck.

Before coming, he had looked up information about the World Software Competition online and knew the general situation of the competition every year.

Domestic results had never been ideal.

Therefore, he replied calmly, “I don’t know.”

Zhou Yang pursed his lips and muttered softly when he heard this, “Don’t be like the previous years, getting into the top 16 in the selection every year and getting stronger every year!”

Fu Ge said nothing.

He didn’t hold out much hope.

It was just that this year was different from the previous years. This world-class competition was always held overseas.

But China was chosen this year for some reason.

It would be extremely embarrassing if they didn’t even enter the group stages.

There was another person in the crowd in addition to them. Among the large number of boys who came to register, the girls stood out.

Yin Wenzhi was still wearing a cotton dress. The style of the dress was old, but it was clean and tidy.

And she was tall and good-looking.

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