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Chapter 12: Flare-up Whenever He’s Touched

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In the clinic, Qiao Nian walked through the hallways with much familiarity. She went into the office and took what she wanted.

The psychologist here was surprisingly young. He seemed to be in his early-20s. He had eyes that were more charming than Jiang Li’s and was wearing a black V-neck t-shirt under his white coat. Part of his chest was revealed, as well as a silver chain around his neck. The pure silver necklace glinted brightly; it was extremely eye-catching!


But he was rather mean with his words.

“Qiao Nian, why did you hang up on me?”

Qiao Nian poured all the medicine into the chewing gum bottle and then threw the labeled medicine jar into the bin. She didn’t even look up when she replied, “I was eating.”

She felt much more at ease here and didn’t even care to maintain her posture.

Wei Lou didn’t accept her explanation. He put his face right before hers and forced her to look at his pout. “Is eating more important than I am?”


Qiao Nian furrowed her brows in frustration and mercilessly pushed his face aside. “Don’t come so close, I might just punch you.”

“Tsk, killing your husband?!”


That was what he said, but he was already starting to back off slightly. He grumbled, “I’m your boyfriend no matter what, do you have to be so heartless?”

Qiao Nian corrected him, “Ex-boyfriend!”

Wei Lou didn’t care about that. “Ex-boyfriend is still a boyfriend! You’ve broken up with Fu Ge for a long time anyway, and I’ve been a spare tire all this while. Won’t you consider making me official?”


He joked a lot usually, and Qiao Nian sometimes couldn’t tell if he was joking or being serious. She frowned once again and shifted his hand aside. “I won’t consider it! Didn’t we try it out before? You can’t make it.”


You can’t make it!

“We only tried for three days and you already decided I can’t make it?” Wei Lou felt indignant. His expression darkened, and he clenched his jaw as he said, “If you’re willing to try it out with me, you’ll find that I can make it!”


It only took her three days to dump him.


He hadn’t even managed to hold her hand yet and she already said he couldn’t make it. What a joke it was if this spread outside!

“I’m so good you’ll call me Dad!”


Qiao Nian glanced at the angry man and said nonchalantly, “No, you can’t make it.”


Qiao Nian rebutted all that he said, but he tried to make a point anyway. “What do you mean I can’t make it? Qiao Nian, you’re the one who can’t make it, alright? You said you have some g*ddamn illness? About how you’ll get anxious if someone of the opposite sex touches you? I even got the star male prostitute of Rao City out for some questioning and he said he’s never heard of any woman with this illness! I’ve only seen your illness once!”


Qiao Nian was curious. “Where?”

Wei Lou smiled insincerely. “Pure Chairman Falls For Me.”


Qiao Nian was confused.

Wei Lou looked at her expression, part cold, part nonchalant, but still innocent. He couldn’t help but feel his anger subside.

He took a sip of iced water and then played around with a deflated balloon. “It’s a web novel. It’s not a surprise you haven’t heard of it!”


The scenes were graphic and the content was exaggerating. He wouldn’t even bring the story back to mind.

But the male lead in the book was in the same situation as Qiao Nian. He couldn’t bear to be touched by any woman and would flare up whenever he did.


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