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Chapter 113: The Third Type of Great Beauty

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What was going on between the both of them?

Alarms were going off in Jiang Li’s brain. He immediately stood in front of Qiao Nian. It was as though he was protecting his vegetables from animals.

“Master Wang, you should take a look at it. What if it’s not to your liking?”

Ye Wangchuan stared at him.

Jiang Li sweated profusely from his stare, but he stayed firm and stared back at him.

“You should try it on to know if it fits you. Nian Nian bought this on a whim. You should try it just in case it doesn’t suit you… If that happens, I can have the shirt as well!”

Before he could finish.

Ye Wangchuan started to unbutton his shirt right in front of them, button by button. He then put on the shirt that Qiao Nian bought for him.


The black shirt was a great fit. It was as though the designer used his body as a frame of reference when creating the shirt.

He didn’t button up fully, giving him a casual look. Bits of hair hung over his forehead and his jawline was sharp with his facial features showing. He looked really manly.

The black shirt looked great on him. He looked like a manga character in real life with his accessories.

Even Jiang Li was attracted to him.


Master Wang is… too attractive!

There was a saying in the inner circle of Beijing: There are three things of great beauty in the world. The moon, the seas, and Ye Wangchuan!


Ye Wangchuan walked past him and stood in front of Qiao Nian. He looked down and gave her a deep look, asking, “How is it?”

Qiao Nian’s eyes lit up.

It looked just as how she imagined it to be when she saw the shirt at the store.

Everyone liked to look at attractive things.

Qiao Nian wasn’t an exception. Hence, she praised him relentlessly. “You look great. It suits you really well. Your fair skin compliments this color.”


Ye Wangchuan smiled. He nodded and said, “I’ll ask them to get more clothes of this color, then.”

Jiang Li was jealous. He didn’t dare to stop Master Wang from stripping just now. However, he couldn’t stand their conversation. Since he couldn’t stop Ye Wangchuan, he went over to Qiao Nian and asked, “Nian Nian, why don’t I get anything? Where’s mine?”

Ye Qichen was jealous as well. However, as he was afraid that Qiao Nian would not like him anymore if he behaved like Jiang Li, he only dared to grumble softly. “I want Sister to buy me clothes as well.”

He was just trying to test the limits. Yet, he looked so cute.

Ye Wangchuan looked at him and said, “I’ll get some for you next time.”

Hehe. Ye Qichen pouted. He was so close to telling him that he didn’t want the clothes that he’d buy.

Qiao Nian heard what he said. She patted him on the head and said nonchalantly, “What kind of clothes do you want?”

Ye Qichen’s eyes lit up. He hugged her hand and said, “Cute ones!”

He wanted extremely cute clothes. That was his style in the future.

Qiao Nian agreed and promised him. “I’ll get some for you in the future.”

It wasn’t expensive, and since she had the money anyway, it wouldn’t make sense to let it sit there.

Jiang Li became even more jealous. He refused to give up and went up to Qiao Nian. He pointed at himself and asked angrily, “Nian Nian, what about me?”


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