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Chapter 112: It Couldn’t Be for Master Wang Again

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It definitely isn’t the same. Everyone can tell that you’re elated over it.

“How is it the same? Ours is black and yours is silver. They’re different in colors!”

Why does he deserve it, anyway!

Ye Wangchuan smiled uncontrollably. He then touched his bracelet and said happily, “Maybe she felt that you’d look better with the black bracelet.”


“I will look good with the silver bracelet as well.”

“Is that so?” Ye Wangchuan continued to look at his bracelet. Everyone could tell that he wasn’t paying attention anymore.

Jiang Li was jealous as he looked at Ye Wangchuan’s bracelet. He then continued, “Master Wang, can we trade? I feel that the black bracelet would suit you better. It’s very low-key. The silver one suits me better, it’s for the younger crowd.”

Ye Wangchuan looked up and glared at him.

Jiang Li then surrendered and said, “Let’s pretend that I didn’t say anything. The silver one suits you better. You look young with it as well.”

He must have been crazy. It was like trying to pluck a tiger’s tooth.

But he really wanted the tooth.

Jiang Li changed his approach. He turned to look at Qiao Nian angrily and asked, “Nian Nian, why is Master Wang’s bracelet silver? Why are Gu San’s and my bracelet black?”

He was her brother. Gu San only knew her for a while, how could she treat them the same!

Gu San was insulted even though he didn’t do anything. He kept out of the conversation by remaining silent.

Qiao Nian was looking through the things she bought today and replied without giving much thought, “That’s because he’s fair and would look better with the silver bracelet.”

Everyone liked attractive things, and so did she.

It was pleasing for the eyes.

Jiang Li was speechless.

So, he was too tan?

“I found it.” Qiao Nian finally found the black bag from the pile.

Jiang Li saw that there was still an unopened bag. He walked over and asked, “Nian Nian, this brand sells men’s clothes right?”

Men’s clothes, it must be for him!

Jiang Li immediately felt better and asked smilingly, “Is it for me?”

Qiao Nian snatched the bag back from him and said, “Nope.”

Jiang Li was shocked and chased after her. “If not me, then who?”

It couldn’t be for Master Wang again!

As he expected, the girl walked towards Ye Wangchuan. She handed him the bag and said, “I saw this when I was shopping. I bought it because I thought that it’d look good on you. If you don’t like it, it’s fine as well.”

She bought it because it looked good. She had a feeling that if this shirt wasn’t worn by him, its existence would be in vain.

Only he could bring out the style of this shirt and bring life to the design.

Ye Wangchuan saw the hand stretched out to him. He was surprised. He thought for a while before asking smilingly with his raspy voice, “Is this for me?”

Qiao Nian nodded and said, “I bought this on a whim. You should see if you like it first.”

Guys and girls focused on different things when it came to shopping for clothes. Guys would focus on the quality while girls would focus on the design.

Hence, Ye Wangchuan might not like what she liked.

Who knew.

He took over the bag without looking and said, “I like it.”

He was so gentle when he said it!

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