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Chapter 1056: Qiao Nian’s Friend Gave Her an Invitation

“Principal Liang and the others are also here?” Qin Si had been in Beijing all year round, so it was impossible for him not to know Liang Conglin. He could be considered half a graduate of Qing University, but he was not as outstanding as Qiao Nian.

At that time, he relied on his advantage as a Beijing candidate to enter Qing University with just over 600 points. He studied finance.

Halfway through, he felt that finance was too boring. He became interested in computers and went overseas to study computer science for two years.

He had gone abroad to study in his second year.

But, after all, Liang Conglin was the principal of Qing University. That made Liang Conglin his ex-principal as well.

How could Qin Si not be familiar with him?

“Mm.” Qiao Nian was quite calm.

Qin Si digested this news for a moment. His mind was still a little boggled. He then asked the most important question. “Since you came with Principal Liang and the others, why are you here alone?”

He saw that Qiao Nian had come alone. Liang Conglin and the others were not qualified to attend this banquet.

Since Qiao Nian had followed the people from Qing University to the illegal district, why would she come to the hotel alone?


Gu San was also thinking about this question. “That’s right, Miss Qiao. Didn’t Principal Liang and the others come?”

Qiao Nian paused for a second. Her dark eyes looked in someone’s direction. After a pause, she said in a hoarse voice, “A friend sent me an invitation and asked me to attend on his behalf.”

Qin Si was speechless.


Sent an invitation?

This banquet by the IT Association was considered a top-notch gathering in the industry.

Which friend would give up their spot to someone else?

What kind of status did Qiao Nian’s friend have that they wouldn’t prioritize such a banquet?

He couldn’t help but recall the time in Beijing, in the Lan Pavilion private room. Qiao Nian had told him that an elder was coming. Not long after, Ye Lan knocked on the door of their private room.

This time, Qiao Nian had another friend…

Qin Si didn’t dare to think too deeply about it. He was afraid that his brain wouldn’t work well enough, his courage wouldn’t be enough, and his imagination wouldn’t be wild enough!

Ye Wangchuan did not give him the chance to continue asking. He looked at the girl calmly and his thin lips curled up slightly as he asked lazily, “Which floor are you guys staying on?”

Qiao Nian glanced at him, not wanting to bother with him. However, she still gave him her room number. “3306.”

Ye Wangchuan pursed his lips. Room 3306 was a few floors below them. It seemed like Jin Chen’s presidential suites had been fully booked.

“Principal Liang and the others are in the rooms next to me.”

Since she had met Qin Si and the others here, there was nothing much to bother about the banquet. Qiao Nian rubbed her forehead and asked them, “Why don’t we talk in my room?”

Qin Si and the others had only come to take a look to give the IT Association face. Now that they heard Qiao Nian’s invitation…


Qin Si and Gu San basically looked at the man in charge at the same time. “Master Wang?”

Ye Wangchuan really did not expect such a coincidence. But since he had already bumped into her here, he did not object. He said lazily, “Let’s go!”

Qi Lanyin also came to the IT Association’s banquet.

She held her red wine glass and restrained her temper. She was a little impatient with such a social occasion, but she knew that this was not a place where she could act recklessly.

Those who could attend this banquet were all elites of the IT world.

Not to mention that the venue was in an illegal area.

She heard that the people from the Red Alliance would come too.

Her beautiful eyes looked around, wanting to see if she could be lucky enough to meet someone from the Red Alliance.

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