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Chapter 1051: Just an Ordinary Person

Ye Wangchuan’s cell phone on the coffee table lit up. He ignored the person chattering in his ear and bent down to pick it up.

As expected, Qiao Nian replied to his message.

[QN: Eight o’clock. The dinner venue is in my hotel.]

The dinner venue was in her hotel?

Ye Wangchuan raised his eyebrows again. He had a strange feeling in his heart. It was as if Qiao Nian was very close to him, even physically.

He replied to the message.

Gu San interrupted Qin Si and said, “It should be Slim Waist Control. Among the few main members of the Red Alliance, he’s the only one who’s more active. The others seem to be very low-key. Especially Sun, who’s always so elusive. Perhaps no one in the Red Alliance has seen ‘him’ before. It should be difficult to see ‘him’ in person.”

At the mention of this, Gu San revealed a regretful expression. “Unfortunately, Miss Qiao didn’t come this time. Miss Qiao is quite talented in programming. If Miss Qiao comes, she can still interact with the Red Alliance. If the Red Alliance takes a liking to her…”

“Is Sister Qiao’s computer skills very powerful?” Qin Si didn’t know much about this and had only heard them mention it.

Seeing Gu San mention it so seriously, he turned his head and was curious.

Seeing that he didn’t believe him, Gu San pursed his lips and said seriously, “Very powerful! I can’t describe how powerful Miss Qiao is. Anyway, she’s more powerful than Zhou Hengfeng and Zhou Wei.”

Previously, even Zhou Hengfeng had been chosen by the Red Alliance. If Qiao Nian came, she might also be chosen by them.

Unfortunately, Miss Qiao did not come.

“You’re saying that Sister Qiao is more powerful than Zhou Hengfeng?” Qin Si felt that he was exaggerating a little. However, he had a good relationship with Qiao Nian and didn’t continue to delve into this topic. He turned around and looked at the man on the sofa. He still didn’t give up. “Master Wang, are you really not curious if Sun will come?”

Ye Wangchuan had just replied to Qiao Nian’s message when he raised his eyes and saw that Qin Si was suppressing his excitement. He raised his hand and massaged his temple, not knowing what to say to him. “I’ve already told you. Sun is just an ordinary person, and might not be as mysterious as you think.”


Qin Si was quite frustrated. He didn’t understand why Ye Wangchuan kept giving him the concept of “Sun = ordinary person” today.

Was Sun not mysterious?

There was no information about Sun in the outside world.

There were no investigation results.

Apart from going by an online ID ‘Sun’, nothing could be found!

If this wasn’t mysterious or awesome, what was it?

There were probably no mysteries in the world of geniuses, which was why Master Wang felt that Sun was not mysterious enough.

Anyway, he personally felt that Sun was quite mysterious.

Qin Si picked up the tea Gu San made for him and downed it in one gulp. He placed the cup on the table again and couldn’t hide his excitement. “What time are we eating tonight?”

“Eight o’clock.”

The IT Association’s invitation was still on the table with the time written on it.

Qin Si raised his wrist and looked at the time on his watch. It was only seven o’clock. There was still an hour. He thought for a moment and said, “It’s still early. I’ll find someone to play a few games to pass the time.

“I wonder if Sister Qiao is online. If she is, I can ask her for a match.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he recalled the scene of being heartlessly chased out by Master Wang last night. He shivered and immediately slapped himself. “Forget it, I’ll play with Zhang Yang.”

Jin Chen Hotel was a rare seven-star hotel in the illegal district.

The so-called illegal zone was actually a territory as big as a province. However, the forces here were complicated and there were no specific rules. It became a lawless zone.

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