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Chapter 105: Sister Nian Can Afford A Gift


The shopkeeper was dumbfounded as her eyes opened wide. Staring at Qiao Nian, she asked, “You, you’re getting this one?”

Qiao Nian nodded as she looked around. She looked at the seahorse that she recommended just now and said, “This one, too.”

Qiao Nian looked just like a normal high-schooler.

Even rich ladies from Rao City would have to think for a long time when shopping at Seven. They would often ask a lot of questions and try it on several times before deciding their purchase.

The shopkeeper felt that she might not know how expensive the brand was and said, “Sister, this is really expensive… It’s not just a few hundred, or even a few thousand yuan…”

Another shopkeeper rolled her eyes when she heard that as she came over to fetch something. She scoffed. “You should just give it to her straight. Why are you wasting your time on a high-schooler when you could be serving Madam Wang?”

Liu Tingting was worried that Qiao Nian would be insulted. She looked at Qiao Nian and replied to her colleague, “Don’t be like that, she’s a customer.”

“She’s not a customer if she’s not paying,” Wang Sha said as she fetched the brooch that Madam Wang wanted. She then turned to Qiao Nian and said, “Little miss, we’re a Seven store. I’m not sure if you have heard of us, but it’s not a place for a student like you. If you want to get a gift for your friend, you can go to the shop in the basement. Their stuff is cheaper. You can get a necklace or a bracelet for under a hundred bucks.”


Since when did Aunt Yuan get so bad at judging characters? Why was a person like this a shopkeeper?

Who told her that people like to show off their wealth? And that if you don’t, you must be poor?

Qiao Nian replied with her raspy voice, “I don’t have much money, but it should be enough for a gift.”

“Hehe. Little Miss, I understand that you have quite a bit of pocket money saved up.

“But as I’ve said, this isn’t a place for you.”

Liu Tingting tried to pull her colleague aside to stop her. “Sister Sha, stop it. Go do your work, I can handle things here.”

She had gone through what Qiao Nian was going through now. She had also gone into a shop that she didn’t know and found out that she couldn’t afford the clothes there. Her mood was down after the shopkeepers insulted her, and it became a traumatic experience for her. It must be normal for commoners like them.

This lady was really pretty as well. There was this thing about her that she really liked.

Since she was free anyway, she was willing to give this girl a tour of the shop. Since they wouldn’t lose money for giving a tour, why should she make it so difficult for her?

Just as she was trying to direct her colleague away, a black card appeared in front of her.

As they were shocked, the pretty girl said nonchalantly, “I’ll pay by card. Get the seahorse brooch as well.”

It was a black card from Citibank!

Not only was she shocked, the other shopkeeper that belittled Qiao Nian just now was also shocked.

It wasn’t something that everyone could have.

Even though they had worked in Seven for so long and served so many rich people, they had never seen a black card.

Wang Sha froze and apologized immediately. She then tried to serve Qiao Nian in Liu Tingting’s place.

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