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Chapter 1021: Sister Nian: Goodbye, I Can’t Afford to Offend You

Qin Si’s expression immediately became interesting.

He recommended seven stocks to Qiao Nian. Although six of them had risen, only one had exploded. Qiao Nian was lucky. She only chose one out of the seven.

And it just so happened to be the one that had risen dramatically!

This kind of luck was incredible.

Qin Si thought for a moment and supported his hand. He was very experienced. “Sister Qiao, go back and sell this stock. It has already risen to the top. I’ll recommend a few new ones for you later.”

“Mm,” Qiao Nian replied casually. She didn’t say that she had already sold her shares when they reached their peak.

Now the stock was falling.

If Qin Si had not sold it yet, he might lose 7% of the profits when he returned.

However, she couldn’t say this out loud. Qin Si might not believe her.

On the other hand, when Qin Si saw that Qiao Nian had really bought the stocks he recommended, he became interested and said excitedly, “Actually, Sister Qiao, if you’re interested in investing in stocks, you can pay attention to someone.”

“Who?” Qiao Nian gave him face and asked.

“This person is more mysterious. ‘His’ name is SN. Just look at what ‘he’ bought. This guy is quite awesome in the stock market. ‘He’ doesn’t usually make a move. But when he does, it’s always accurate. In terms of investment returns, Ji Nan is inferior to SN.”

At this point, Qin Si seemed to have thought of something. He turned to Ye Wangchuan, who was beside Qiao Nian, and said, “Master Wang, who do you think this SN is? Why do I feel that ‘he’ has an illegal background? SN… this way of naming reminds me of someone. What’s the name of the boss of the Red Alliance?”

Ye Wangchuan held a nine in his hand and threw out a card. He looked at him with a faint smile and said in a low voice, “Sun.”

“Oh, oh, oh. That’s right, Sun!” Qin Si’s mind lit up this time. He said seriously, “Isn’t SN just a short-form of Sun? It’s just missing the middle letter U. Do you think these two are related?”

When he said this, Qiao Nian raised her hand and tugged at the brim of her cap.

The others were attracted by Qin Si’s words.

After all, they usually had no access to information like the illegal zone, the Red Alliance, and SN.

Only Ye Wangchuan saw the girl’s small actions and his eyes darkened. “What do you think their relationship is?”

These words caught Qin Si’s attention. Qin Si pondered for a moment and rubbed his chin. He felt that his brain might have short-circuited and he was thinking too much. He sat down again and muttered to himself, “I’ve never heard of the two of them being related, so it should be a coincidence. It’s impossible for them to be the same person. No one would be so lazy as to think of such a short-form.”

The big shot of the Red Alliance, Sun, and the big shot of the stock market, SN, were the same person. If word got out, not to mention the country, even the illegal district would be shocked.

“Such an awesome big shot shouldn’t be able to come up with such a casual name.” Qin Si thought that what he said was the gospel truth.

It was a coincidence.

Ye Wangchuan played cards at this moment. When he put down the nine cards, he curled his thin lips and narrowed his beautiful eyes. He threw the topic to the girl on the sofa. “Right, Nian Nian?”

Qiao Nian was speechless.


“Why are you asking Sister Qiao? She doesn’t know any of this.” Qin Si was still like a fool, crossing his legs casually.

Qiao Nian had already stood up. She picked up her cell phone and said, “You guys chat. I’m going to the washroom.”

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