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Chapter 307: Chapter 307: Let Me Clean Your Eyeball

Yan Jinyi nodded and said, “Of course I’m scared!”

Zhang Wei humphed coldly and forced himself to endure the sharp pain in his body. He then gritted his teeth and said, “Good that you’re scared. I’ve seen plenty of female celebrities like you who sell their bodies to get to the top. You’re just too unlucky to have offended the wrong person.”

“You’re quite unlucky too.”

While saying that, she pinched Zhang Wei’s jaw slightly harder,making him feel that his jaw was about to fall off.

The excruciating pain made his head feel groggy.

Zhang Wei wanted to beg for mercy, but realized that he couldn’t even open his mouth, and could only desperately blink at Yan Jinyi.

“What’s wrong with your eyes? Let me help you remove your eyeballs, I’m good at removing them.”

Yan Jinyi’s voice was extremely gentle as she reached towards Zhang Wei’s eyes with one hand.

Zhang Wei immediately closed his eyes tightly and shook his head profusely.

“You’re scared?”

Yan Jinyi clucked her tongue against the roof of her mouth and let go.

Zhang Wei’s face had turned purplish and just as Yan Jinyi was going to let go, he started panting heavily while holding his chin with both hands. Even his tongue trembled.

“I… I’m going to call the police, just you wait!”

“Go on, let the police check if there are any injuries on you or not. If there aren’t any, I will report you for slander!” Yan Jinyi said calmly with folded arms.

Only then did Zhang Wei remember to look at his wrists and ankles.

Apart from some redness, there were no wounds at all.

In fact, the redness would vanish after a while.

He gritted his teeth and glared at Yan Jinyi in exasperation.

Yan Jinyi did the action of gouging an eye out and asked sinisterly, “Do you really want me to gouge your eyes out?”

Zhang Wei’s legs trembled.

‘I’ve underestimated this woman, she is a psychopath!’

Yan Jinyi nonchalantly pulled out the pocket knife and played with it in her hand while saying, “Tell me, who gave you the money to expose me?”

Zhang Wei stared straight at the folding pocket knife in her hand and couldn’t help but swallow saliva,

He would have never imagined her to be that brazen as to threaten him with a knife!

‘Is she really going to assault me?’

“You have ten seconds. Hurry, there is a limit to my patience.”

While speaking, Yan Jinyi moved her knife closer to Zhang Wei.

“I don’t know.”


“Ma’am, I really do not know, the other party contacted me anonymously.”

“What about the bank account that the money given to you was transferred from?”

“I have it, please wait a moment!”

While logging into the mobile banking app on his cell phone, Zhang Wei stole a glance at Yan Jinyi’s knife with his peripheral vision.

“This is the account number.”

Yan Jinyi took a picture of it before snatching Zhang Wei’s cell phone and smashing it hard onto the ground.

“If you let me see you exposing any scandalous rumors related to me…” She smiled slyly and broke the camera tripod with her bare hands. “I will crush your bones.”

Hearing the popping sound, Zhang Wei was so frightened that he almost peed his pants.

It was as if his bones had really been broken.

Yan Jinyi snored and left suavely.

Almost immediately after she left, a limousine stopped too.

Two men in black approached Zhang Wei with expressionless faces.

“Mr. Zhang, our CEO requests to see you.”


Zhang Wei asked apprehensively with puzzlement, “Who is your CEO?”

“Come with us and you will know.”

Zhang Wei was almost forcibly shoved into the car.

As soon as he looked up, he saw the man sitting in the car.

He was dressed in a high fashion tailor-made suit and holding a wine glass in his hand. His features were handsome and he exuded a dignified aura.

Zhang Wei could see at a glance that the young man in front of him was rich and powerful.

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