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Chapter 306: Chapter 306: What’s The Use Of Professional Ethics

There was a small garden next to Sky Café.

It was already dark at this time, and the park was getting less and less crowded.

On a bench near the expressway, a man wearing a black jacket and a baseball cap was hanging his head low and fiddling with his camera.

The cell phone next to him suddenly rang.

“Don’t worry, with my intervention, even a world-famous actress will have to face the destruction of her reputation… Work ethic doesn’t mean anything to me. As long as there’s enough money, we can discuss everything…”

After hanging up, Zhang Wei updated his Weibo account again.

Half an hour ago, he released a new teaser.

It was a photo of the most luxurious villa area in Shenyang.

“The father of Yan Jinyi’s child is a certain big shot who lives in this villa area. She had a child out of wedlock at 17 years old. How much benefit did that man give her? Who is the owner of this villa and who adopted Yan Jinyi? The answer is about to be revealed!”

As soon as the teaser was released, there were already more than 100,000 comments, which were all expressions of anticipation and excitement.

At the same time, Yan Jinyi’s Weibo followers also dropped by more than 100,000 in a short period of time.

When Zhang Wei received another incoming payment and a photo, he smiled smugly.

“Yan Jinyi you have yourself to blame for offending someone who is willing to spend money to teach you a lesson…”

He was typing away quickly on his cell phone screen and was just about to edit a new update before posting it. At this moment, a fair and slender hand reached out and snatched it away from her.

Zhang Wei immediately flew into a rage and was about to lash out at the culprit when he suddenly saw Yan Jinyi’s face.

“You are…” Zhang Wei frowned and continued, “Yan Jinyi?”

Yan Jinyi glanced at the content he edited and said while chewing some gum, “Paparazzi Zhang, you’ve got great eyesight, you recognized me so soon!”

She wasn’t dolled up and her pretty face was unforgettable. Anyone would recognize her.

Zhang Wei didn’t panic at all. He simply took out a cigarette from his backpack and lit it, crossing his legs extra arrogantly. “Miss Yan, are you here to buy evidence? Unfortunately you won’t be able to afford it. I advise you to leave this city and go to a poor countryside where no one knows you, to live in for the rest of your life.”

Zhang Wei glanced at Yan Jinyi with disdain. “Why don’t I introduce you to one?”

Yan Jinyi did not get angry either and instead deliberately asked with a naive tone, “Why do I need to buy evidence?”

‘What do you mean?’

Zhang Wei glared at Yan Jinyi in bewilderment.

“You don’t need to thank me too much. I’m here to spread the news for you, so as to ensure that you become the most famous figure on the net.”

After saying that, she twisted Zhang Wei’s wrist before he could speak.

Zhang Wei immediately shrieked in pain.

“What are you doing, Yan Jinyi?”

Yan Jinyi smiled harmlessly and said, “To deliver news to you! News that Yan Jinyi has beaten up the number one paparazzi and caused him to suffer from urinary incontinence for the rest of his life. How does that sound? Isn’t that more newsworthy?”

Yan Jinyi pulled Zhang Wei’s arms and put them behind his back. She then twisted them hard before letting go.

Zhang Wei was n so much pain that he almost stopped breathing. After recovering from it, he subconsciously raised his arm, only to realize that although it was a little red, there were no wounds or welts at all.

However, he was clearly in pain and could not catch his breath!

Yan Jinyi was not appeased and thus kicked him hard behind his knees.

“Quick, go and expose me and see if I’ll paralyze you!”

Zhang Wei did not expect Yan Jinyi to be so good at martial arts. He had no idea how she found him too!

“Yan Jinyi, are you not afraid that I will completely ruin your reputation so that you can no longer survive in this city?”

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