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Chapter 99 - Flesh Essence

“Uncle Liu, how much did you pay for the animal bone, that you took out during the Nie Family’s general assembly of drawing lots that year?” Liu Yan was being really wordy towards Nie Tian, making Nie Tian, who was unable to stand it, change the subject.

“Ah, that animal bone, I think it costed several tens of spirit stones.” Liu Yan, who didn’t seem to care about the matter, was surprised, “Why do you ask?” 

He had never once attached any importance to the animal bone, and had only taken it out at that time to ensure that enough spirit items were present. 

“Several tens of spirit stones...” Nie Tian glanced at the Flame Dragon Armor sticking out of the sack and asked, “Then this animal bone was also refined by a refining master of the Treasure Court?”

“Nope.” Liu Yan shook his head. 

Too much time had passed, but after he took a moment to think about it, he said, “That animal bone’s origins and that Flame Dragon Armor seem to have some similarities.” 

“At that time, when the refining masters of the Treasure Court sold it to me, they described the unfamiliar outsider that had seemed not only to have been badly injured, but also chased by people seeking to kill him.” 

“He didn’t seem to have any other way out and urgently needed spirit stones, so he sold off the animal bone to the Treasure Court.” 

“After the outsider took the spirit stones, he disappeared and was never seen again.” 

“However, I heard from the Lianqi warriors of the Treasure Court that after the outsider sold the animal bone to the Treasure Court, he told the Treasure Court to keep it for a while, as he would come back to reclaim the item at a higher price.” 

“Unfortunately, he didn’t come back at the appointed time.”

“That animal bone also didn’t count as a precious good, so the Treasure Court didn’t place any importance to it and quickly took it out to sell it off.” 

Liu yan very carefully explained the origins of the animal bone to Nie Tian, and subsequently asked, “Why do you ask this?”

“I know that you and this animal bone… don’t produce a spirit power reaction to each other, so why would you be interested in it?”

“Oh, I’m just casually asking, that’s all.” Nie Tian smiled and said, “Uncle Liu, could I bother you to please help me send this treasure item up to my room?” 

“This guy, so stubborn and immovable, I don’t understand why you would choose it.” Liu Yan complained, as he picked up the sack holding the Flame Dragon Armor, “As expected, really heavy! Such a heavy treasure item... even if I were to wear this, it would be really hard to move about. It won’t be of any help to my fighting power, instead it’ll even negatively affect it!”

After feeling the Flame Dragon Armor’s weight, he stared at Nie Tian and said, “You little boy, tomorrow go buy a storage bracelet in case there is a lot of stuff that’s inconvenient to carry around.” 

“This Treasure Viewing Gathering also sells storage spirit tools?” Nie Tian’s eyes lit up.

He had heard about the convenience of having a storage type spirit tool, but also knew that they were very expensive. Lianqi warriors of the lower realm, unless born with an extraordinary family background, would have a difficult time obtaining such an item. 

“There are indeed a few.” Liu Yan thought for a moment, before he said, “Originally, at your current realm, you wouldn’t possess too many items. Hence, it would be a waste to obtain some random storage bracelet. However, now that you’ve bought that Flame Dragon Armor, which you can’t even carry around by yourself, you’ll need one.” 

“Moreover, you strolled around for such a long time, and you appear to be unable to find a suitable spirit weapon. Since you’ll probably be in need of a storage bracelet sooner or later, you might as well buy one now.” 

Nie Tian was in high spirits right now, and replied, “I’ll go buy one tomorrow.” 

As the two of them spoke, Liu Yan carried the sack up to Nie Tian’s room. After they arrived at his room, Liu Yan put the sack down on the ground, and without further ado, turned around and left. 

After he had left, Nie Tian closed the door and softly opened up the sack. 

A dark brown colored piece and the prominent outline of a part of the broken treasure item, consequently stuck out a little bit. 

The reason that this treasure item was broken, was due a small indent in the chest area of this armor; there was a certainindent at that place, which should have had a certain object inside it, yet was empty. 

Nie Tian looked closer at this indent, and noticed that the notch on the treasure item’s chest part, if worn on the body, would precisely expose the heart.

The heart was the most vulnerable part of the body and even if this treasure item was an amazing protective armor, if it couldn’t shelter the heart, then Nie Tian couldn’t do anything else but to have great regrets. 

It seemed that this treasure item lacked a certain item, which would make up for the deficiency and restore it to its original state.

At that time, the treasure item would seemingly be truly intact, instead of badly damaged. 

“The missing item, if there aren’t any accidents, is the animal bone then.” 

After staring for a good while at the indent in the chest position of the treasure item, Nie Tian quietly took out the animal bone from its hidden place on his body and turned the indent to face himself. 

After gesturing around for awhile, he knew his guess was correct. 

He could see that the animal bone, as long as he pressed it down, would seamlessly blend into the indent. If the treasure item were reinstated, it would go back to having its original appearance.


The originally busy him hastily stilled, as he thought yet again. 

He had already experienced what the animal bone could do by itself. After all, it had revealed a mystical world to him, by opening a crack in space, which in turn had left a formation in the sky. 

If another major event would happen upon repairing the Flame Dragon Armor, then all of the Lianqi Warriors currently present at the Ling Bao Court would instantly notice.

So although he was extremely curious, he temporarily and patiently settled down and didn’t act rashly within the Ling Bao Court.

He stroked the animal bone and stared a the Flame Dragon Armor for a long time, before hiding the animal bone on his body again. He decided to leave the Ling Bao Court and go back to the back mountain of the Lingyun sect, before slowly examining the Flame Dragon Armor and the animal bone’s mysteries again. 


That night.

Nie Tian sat down next to the Flame Dragon Armor and taking out a spirit stone, began to execute his daily cultivation. 

Not long after, he felt the animal bone, that was leaning against his waist, gradually become warm. 

Noticing that there was something abnormal, he quietly used his mental perception to look, quickly finding that there were fine strands of energy the naked eye couldn’t see, dispersing from the pores all over his body. 

His mental power, which was following these strands of leaving energy, discovered that the strands, one by one, entered the Flame Dragon Armor right next to him. 

“This power…” 

He secretly pondered and after combing through his thoughts, he suddenly realized, that the energy source was his own blood!

According to his master, all living creatures cultivated energy belonging to three systems: spirit strength, blood vessel strength, and soul strength. 

And the blood vessel strength, also known as the flesh strength, was contained in his bones, blood and flesh as a special force. 

This type of strength could only be found in those with special blood vessels of an alien clan or in valiant giant bodies, whom, after sensing it after birth, would then cultivate it to the furthest extent. 

The vast majority of the human race, regardless of their position, if they were to cultivate their flesh strength, would be unable to compare with those who had special blood vessels. 

At the same time, most human cultivators, often gave priority to spirit power. After they had reached a certain realm, they would start to research secret spirit techniques. 

Nie Tian had actually already realized inside the Green Illusion Realm, that the energy he got from the spirit beast meat, wasn’t actually the spirit strength type of energy. 

Later, after hearing his master’s tutoring, he gradually confirmed that this type of energy, was of the flesh strength.

At this moment, the flesh strength deep inside his body, when he began to use the spirit stone to cultivate, began to slowly disperse into middle of the Flame Dragon Armor. 

“animal bone!” 

After experiencing this, he realized that the warm-turned animal bone seemed to be silently urging and guiding the flesh strength towards the Flame Dragon Armor.

For Nie Tian, this was another confirmation that the animal bone was indeed a part of the Flame Dragon Armor! 

“The animal bone leads the flesh energy into the Flame Dragon Armor, but as for me, is this good or bad?” He thought about it, but he couldn’t find an answer, “Forget it, I won’t bother with this matter for now.” 

Without paying attention to the animal bone or the Flame Dragon Armor’s small movements, he continued to use the spirit stone to diligently cultivate. After he had stopped a long time later, he felt that his body was somewhat exhausted. 

Opening up his eyes, he moved his attention towards the Flame Dragon Armor, and found that, after absorbing his flesh essence for a moment, the dark brown colored Flame Dragon Armor was emitting a rosy luster. 

“Flame Dragon Armor…” 

Without taking out the animal bone, he extended his hand and placed it on the heart of the armor. 

Placing his hand there for a moment, he suddenly felt a wonderous feeling reflecting in his heart. 

He had an indescribable feeling in his heart, as if there was some kind of mysterious connection between himself and the armor...

This type of feeling had only occurred just now. When he had touched the Flame Dragon Armor at an earlier time, no such experience had occurred. 

“With my flesh essence nourishing the Flame Dragon Armor, surely it doesn’t mean… that it can gradually gain an identity? This Flame Dragon Armor, it can’t be the same as the animal bone... also requiring enormous amounts of energy before really becoming effective, right?” 

He suddenly remembered, that when he had first encountered the animal bone, it had also appeared very ordinary and insignificant, without even the smallest bright spot. 

It wasn’t until the animal bone had started to absorb the fire energy from the fire cloud stones, that it started to have some slight changes. Only after it had absorbed a whole mine’s worth of fire strength from all the fire cloud stones, did the animal bone condense a drop of blood within itself and change into a really mystical object, even bringing him to an unknown mystical place, which in turn had brought him a great fortune.

If the amount of fire strength required by the animal bone was an accurate indicator, then the amount of flesh essence required for this Flame Dragon Armor would be absolutely massive. 

“It seems that if I really want to understand the mysteries of the Flame Dragon Armor, I must first pay.” He murmured, while pondering, “It’s probably best if I do not regularly expose this item; I really need a storage bracelet.” 

So in the morning of the second day, he went to Liu Yan to tell him that he was going to buy a storage bracelet that very day. 

“Nie Tian, you little brat, after coming to the Ling Bao Court, how come you haven’t looked for me yet?” 

In the morning, after temporarily putting the Fire Dragon Armor into Jiang Lingzhu’s storage bracelet, he was now ready to go out. But, he suddenly saw Pan Tao discontentedly standing outside the building. 

“That, it’s just that there was a lot of business to attend to in the past two days.” Nie Tian laughed. 

“Ah, you supporting An Shiyi’s matter, I’ve also heard a little of it.” Pan Tao sighed and said, “An Shiyi is An Ying’s big sister, I also wanted to help, but…” 

He shook his head as he had seen other people from the Lingyun Sect come out, stopping what he was about to say. 

“Let’s go! I’ll take you to walk around and shop, after all, who from your Lingyun Sect can know the Ling Bao Court better than I do? No matter what it is you want to find, asking them, won’t be as good as asking me!” 

Pan Tao dragged Nie Tian and didn’t bother with the other Lingyun Sect people, leaving straightaway.


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Editor: Slutty Sietse
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