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“Zhao Shanling!” Nie Tian exclaimed softly.

He hadn’t expected that the upheaval in the Domain of Heaven Python actually had something to do with Zhao Shanling.

Back when Zhao Shanling had returned from the Shatter Battlefield, Nie Tian had seen him badly injured, and had thus asked him about it. Zhao Shanling had avoided the subject intentionally.

Now that he heard Wei Lai’s words, it seemed to him that it was very likely that Zhao Shanling’s injuries had had something to do with the Void Spirit Society.

As one of the four most ancient human powers and colossi in the starry river, the Void Spirit Society had taken the initiative to reach out to Zhao Shanling, asking him to become one of them.

Who would have thought he would actually refuse the offer, and tell them that he was from the Domain of Heaven Python...

As his train of thought came to this point, Nie Tian realized why Zhao Shanling had demanded that people pay close attention to the teleportation portal that led to the Realm of Maelstrom after returning to the Domain of the Falling Stars.

He must have been worried that the calamity he had put the Domain of Heaven Python in might spread to the Domain of the Falling Stars through it.

Also, he must have been afraid that the Void Spirit Society would follow the vine to the melon, and find him in the Domain of the Falling Stars.

The Void Spirit Society had been tricked into believing that he was from the Domain of Heaven Python. Knowing well about the outsider invasion of the Domain of Heaven Python, not only had they wrung their hands, but they had even demanded that the human powers in the nearby Premium grade domains stay out of it.

The reason why they had done that was because they had wanted to teach Zhao Shanling a lesson, so that he would give up resistance and do as he had been bidden.

However, Nie Tian was well-aware that even if the outsiders killed every single human in the Domain of Heaven Python, Zhao Shanling wouldn’t even frown in the slightest.

“You’ve heard of the man, right?” Wei Lai asked.

The other three experts also fixed Nie Tian with curious gazes, assuming that since Nie Tian had visited the Domain of Heaven Python, he must have heard of Zhao Shanling.

“Yes, I have...” Nie Tian said, his expression strange. “Does that Voidspirit Pagoda of his really have a close connection to the Void Spirit Society?”

“The Voidspirit Pagoda’s former owner was Qu Feng, who was the son of the Voidspirit God, the Void Spirit Society’s sectmaster,” Wei Lai said. “The Voidspirit God forged the Voidspirit Pagoda himself for Qu Feng, with the same method he had used to forge the Void Mirror, an Immortal grade signature spiritual tool of the Void Spirit Society. Even though the Voidspirit Pagoda isn’t at the Immortal grade, it’s an invaluable Spirit Channeling grade spatial tool.

“Qu Feng had a falling out with his father, the Voidspirit God, over his marriage. Therefore, he took the Voidspirit Pagoda and left for the remote Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries.

“However, he eventually failed while trying to break through into the Saint domain, and died in a space disruption zone. No one ever saw the Voidspirit Pagoda since then. Who would have thought that Zhao Shanling took it? After learning about this and the fact that he was well-versed in spatial power magics, the Void Spirit Society expressed their intent to take him in as a disciple, which was actually a generous offer...”

Wei Lai took his time to explain the truth to Nie Tian.

While listening, Nie Tian combed through his thoughts. “So Master Voidspirit’s real name was Qu Feng, and he was the son of the Void Spirit Society’s sectmaster, the Voidspirit God. The Voidspirit God forged the Voidspirit Pagoda himself...”

Then, after a moment of hesitation, he decided to tell the truth about Zhao Shanling.

After all, as long as people from the Void Spirit Society went and asked around in the Domain of Heaven Python, they would easily find out that Zhao Shanling wasn’t a local Qi warrior.

This wasn’t something he could keep a secret.

With a dry smile, Nie Tian said, “In fact... Zhao Shanling is also from the Domain of the Falling Stars. And I helped him find the Voidspirit Pagoda that Qu Feng left behind in a space disruption zone.”

The four powerful experts’ expressions flickered as soon as they heard these words.

“Tell us more about that Zhao Shanling,” Wei Lai said with furrowed brows.

Nie Tian nodded, and then briefly explained Zhao Shanling’s deeds in the Domain of the Falling Stars.

After he finished, Wei Lai pondered in silence for quite a while before saying, “So that’s how it is. Since he’s from the Domain of the Falling Stars and the Domain of the Falling Stars is a part of us, we have every reason to intervene. Besides, the enmity between the Void Spirit Society and Zhao Shanling isn’t beyond salvation. Instead, they actually have deep connections with each other.

“How about this: I’ll go take care of this matter? Since the Divine Seal Sect wants to follow you, a Son of the Stars, we’ll include the Domain of Heaven Python in our map.”

Nie Tian bowed respectfully. “Many thanks!”

Wei Lai smiled. “You’re a Son of the Stars now. Even though your cultivation base is still rather low, your status as a Son of the Stars was confirmed since the moment you finished the path of stars. Our grand elder hasn’t returned from his trip. We can’t take it upon ourselves to make arrangements for you. Why don’t I have someone show you around in the sect and the Realm of Fragmentary Star, and introduce you to our sect’s rules.

“Later, when our grand elder returns, he’ll examine you personally and decide what you’ll do next.”

Nie Tian nodded.

Then, Wei Lai introduced the other three experts to Nie Tian.

The burly man who practiced flame incantations was Yan Zhan. The woman who practiced moon power was Xin Qing, and the man who practiced sun power was Zu Guangyao.

All four of them were at the late Saint domain, and members of the parliament of elders of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

The parliament of elders of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace consisted of one grand elder and eleven elders. The grand elder was at the early God domain, while all of the elders were at the Saint domain.

Above the grand elder were the sectmaster and two vice sectmasters, all of whom were at the God domain.

Just them alone comprised four God domain and eleven Saint domain experts.

This didn’t include the Sons of the Stars.

According to Wei Lai, among the first six Sons of the Stars, two had long since entered the Saint domain, while three were at the Void domain. Even the weakest of them had all entered the late Soul realm.

As Sons of the Stars, they had numerous followers from other domains, some of whom were also Saint domain experts.

The sectmaster, vice sectmasters, parliament of elders, and Sons of the Stars were the core strength of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

Like the Sons of the Stars, the sectmaster and vice sectmasters also had countless subordinate forces and domains, where Saint domain experts could be easily found.

The Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace stood towering in the depths of the starry river, where they contended against the outsider races with the Void Spirit Society, the Five Elements Sect, and the Heaven Span Pavilion. Its strength was beyond question.

Just by briefly learning about its reserve strength, Nie Tian felt deeply shaken.

Numerous outsider races also lived in this starry river, but only major races like the Phantasms, the Demons, and the Floragrims had produced a small number of tenth grade grand monarchs.

Many minor races hadn’t produced a single tenth grade expert throughout the history of their bloodlines.

With their four God domain experts, the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace alone was a lot to handle, even for major outsider races like the Phantasms and the Demons. Their entire races may have to team up in order to contend against the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

Aside from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, the other three human colossi were just as powerful.

Since the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace controlled numerous domains, the elders shouldered the responsibility to oversee the most important ones. Therefore, they couldn’t stay in their headquarters all the time.

The same went for the Sons of the Stars.

Because of this, the Realm of Fragmentary Star was currently guarded by Wei Lai and the other three elders.

After giving a brief introduction of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, Wei Lai arranged for some people to show Nie Tian to the different palaces. From them, Nie Tian learned that some of the palaces were filled with secret incantations; some held collections of spiritual armor and spiritual tools, while medicinal pills and spiritual materials were piled up in others.

Nie Tian asked whenever he had any questions, and rapidly learned about the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

As his understanding of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace grew deeper and deeper, he was increasingly amazed by its reserve power.


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