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The enormous Bone Blood Demon dove from the air and landed heavily in front of the stone pavilion.

Like a spear, Nie Tian stood unwavering on its left shoulder.

The numerous crimson engravings on the Flame Dragon Armor instantly burst into flames.

Without thinking about it, Duan Shihu also swooped down from midair. Fixing Yuan Jiuchuan with a vigilant gaze, he said, “Senior Yuan, the Domain of the Falling Stars is only a small place where there aren’t even any Void domain Qi warriors. You’d be wasting your time by going there.”

“As small as flies are, they’re still meat,” Yuan Jiuchuan said with a somber face. “It’s even better if they don’t have any Void domain experts. Given my current situation, my biggest need is for Soul realm cultivators who practice lightning power. So I’m going to the Domain of the Falling Stars. You two better not stand in my way.”

“Elders of my sect are going to get here soon,” Duan Shihu said with a threatening tone.

Yuan Jiuchuan chuckled. “The Divine Seal Sect? Your sect has trouble defending even their headquarters. There’s no way they’re going to pay any attention to what happens in the Realm of Maelstrom. As far as I know, the ninth grade Demon and Phantasm grand patriarchs have already sailed their ancient starships to your sect’s headquarters. It’s even hard to say whether your sect will be able to survive the siege. How could they afford to send people here to help you?”

Duan Shihu’s face dropped.

He hadn’t expected Yuan Jiuchuan to have such a comprehensive understanding of the current situation in the Domain of Heaven Python.

He himself was well-aware that the Demons and the Phantasms had already marched on his sect’s headquarters.

That was the reason why Meng Li and Jing Rou had been summoned to join the defense there.

“Alright, don’t try to play with me,” Yuan Jiuchuan said with an impatient expression as he stepped in a relaxed manner towards the stone gate, which the Bone Blood Demon was standing in front of.

Compared to the Bone Blood Demon, which was more than thirty meters tall, he seemed puny and insignificant.

However, the aura he exuded was increasingly terrifying.


The thundercloud suddenly flew out from the top of his head and rapidly expanded.

Lightning that looked like frenzied snakes slithered within the thundercloud, giving rise to endless rumbles. The Thunder King Seal also floated within the thundercloud, along with numerous thunderballs.

Yuan Jiuchuan raised his chin. Gazing coldly at Nie Tian, who was standing on the Bone Blood Demon’s left shoulder, he said with determination, “Get out of my way!”

“Attack!” Nie Tian sent out a soul message.

In the next moment, green spots appeared in the depths of the Bone Blood Demon’s grayish green pupils, and a pale-gray aura of death burst out of its enormous body.


Flesh auras built up on the tips of its huge bony fingers before they flew out like rivers of death.

A bloodline magic was unleashed in a split second.

The rivers of death interwove as they spread out at an alarming rate, carrying death power that could blight all living things.

Duan Shihu’s expression flickered.

As the fatal blight spread, even he, who was standing not far from the Bone Blood Demon, was struck by a peculiar feeling that he was going to be drained of his flesh power and reduced to a shriveled corpse.

Therefore, he stepped backwards subconsciously.

Somewhat surprised, Yuan Jiuchuan said, “A puppet made from a Bonebrute can actually use the Bonebrute’s bloodline magics. Interesting.”

Then, with a low chuckle, he suddenly lifted his hand and pointed out ahead of him.

The thundercloud over his head then expanded ten times over in the blink of an eye, and flew towards the Bone Blood Demon.

As it did, it unleashed countless snakes of lightning, along with rolls of thunder that shook heaven and earth.

A storm of snakes of lightning and spears of thunder bombarded the Bone Blood Demon’s enormous body, undermining its indestructible form. As crackles echoes out, fissures started to appear on some of its bones.

Moments later, the thundercloud engulfed the Bone Blood Demon.

Nie Tian, who was standing on the Bone Blood Demon’s shoulder, found himself surrounded by a sea of lightning and thunder.

Lightning bolts that were as thick as human arms targeted the Bone Blood Demon as well as him.

“Flame Dragon Armor!” As Nie Tian exclaimed these words, raging flames instantly burst forth from the Flame Dragon Armor, enveloping him in a sea of flames.

Thick lightning bolts pierced into the sea of torrential flames, where they were burned and rapidly shrank in size.

After shrinking dozens of times over, they became as fine as hairs, and were easily melted away after touching the Flame Dragon Armor’s surface.


Dense, low exploding sounds came from the armor that was harder than any metal. Not even the slightest mark was left on the armor, and Nie Tian didn’t experience any noticeable pain.

However, that was when he realized that Yuan Jiuchuan had already vanished from his view. All he could see was a sea of lightning and thunder.


As he searched for him, the thundercloud suddenly started to shrink to one point, along with the countless slithering lightning bolts.

It was squeezing through the stone gate on the bottom floor of the stone pavilion.

Yuan Jiuchuan was none other than what it was returning to.

Yuan Jiuchuan had managed to distract the Bone Blood Demon and Nie Tian with the thundercloud, while he passed through the Bone Blood Demon’s blockade and entered the hall where the large-scale teleportation portal stood.

By the time the thundercloud that blotted out heaven and earth finally cleared, Nie Tian looked down, and discovered that Yuan Jiuchuan was already standing before the portal.

“The Domain of the Falling Stars...” He muttered as he pressed on the operating panel. Clearly, he hoped to set up the coordinates and activate the inter-domain teleportation as soon as possible.

At this moment, snakes of lightning were still slithering on the Bone Blood Demon, suppressing the aura of death it was emanating.

Duan Shihu also prepared to attack, but before he could do anything, he discovered that Yuan Jiuchuan was already standing in front of the teleportation portal.


Nie Tian swooped down from the Bone Blood Demon’s shoulder towards the bottom floor hall.

However, before he even entered the hall, Yuan Jiuchuan was already standing in the portal.

In the next moment, the spell formation was activated.

The portal started to thrum with spatial fluctuations as it was rapidly enveloped in misty light.


All of a sudden, a miniature pagoda appeared out of nowhere and flew into the spell formation.

A shudder ran through Nie Tian as an exclamation escaped his mouth, “The Voidspirit Pagoda!”

Standing in the misty light, Yuan Jiuchuan’s figure grew blurry.

A spatial portal then formed and sucked Yuan Jiuchuan right into it.

“Who is it?!” Yuan Jiuchuan let out a furious roar as he disappeared into the spatial portal.

As his roar gradually died out, the spatial portal vanished as well.

The misty light quickly dispersed, and the inter-domain teleportation portal returned to silence.

Nie Tian and Duan Shihu stood in front of the gate, flabbergasted.

The miniature Voidspirit Pagoda continued to float over the portal, completely still.

Keh! Keh!

Zhao Shanling’s coughs echoed out from above.

They looked skywards, and saw his figure flash out of the watery curtain that was filled with spatial rifts and fly over, looking pale and exhausted.

Large bloodstains could be seen on his garments, as if he had just survived a fierce battle.

Duan Shihu’s expression flickered. “Senior Zhao!” 

Nie Tian was both surprised and overjoyed. “When did you come back?”

Zhao Shanling landed in front of the stone gate and answered, “Only recently.” 

Then, his eyes widened as he looked into the hall. “That portal...”

Nie Tian immediately realized what had surprised him, and thus explained, “Senior martial sister Pei made some adjustments to the spell formation to make it operable without you.”

Zhao Shanling gasped with astonishment. “How is that possible? Her understanding of spatial power has already reached such a high level?!” 

“That Yuan Jiuchuan?” Duan Shihu chimed in, as was clearly more concerned with this.

Zhao Shanling let out a cold harrumph. “I sent him off to a space disruption zone. Only if he finds a hidden teleportation portal will he have a chance at coming back alive. There’s something special about that guy. His soul is surprisingly strong. Since I sustained injuries and wasn’t confident that I’d be able to defeat him in battle, I hid in the watery curtain after my return and waited for him to enter the portal, so I could cast my spell.

“If he actually made it to the Domain of the Falling Stars, many people there would die at his hands. Of course I couldn’t let that happen.

“Now, he’s in a remote space disruption zone. For someone like him who doesn’t have a deep understanding of spatial magics, it’ll probably take a lot of time and effort to return to human domains again.

“Perhaps a hundred years will have passed when we hear his name again.”

Nie Tian let out a sigh of relief. “Luckily, you came back in time.”

“Didn’t the spatial rift that connects to the Shatter Battlefield become unstable again?” Duan Shihu asked, looking confused.

“My understanding of spatial power and the Voidspirit Pagoda allowed me to travel through it, even though it was unstable.” Zhao Shanling said proudly.


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