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Pei Qiqi floated by the interweaving spatial rifts.

She was wearing an ocean-blue dress, and her eyes were as clear and immaculate as crystals.

Countless small spatial blades wreathed her, as if she had transcended, and was now in a whole other space.

At this moment, everyone fixed their eyes on her, their faces filled with astonishment.

Qi Bailu from the Tool Sect couldn’t help but exclaim in disbelief, “The middle Profound realm!”

Hua Mu also muttered, “How did she manage to make such rapid advancement in her cultivation?”

Back when Zhen Huilan and Pei Qiqi had disappeared from the Void Illusion Mountain Range, Pei Qiqi had only been at the Worldly realm.

A few years ago, she had been trapped in a block of ice when she had been taken away from the Realm of Maelstrom by an eighth grade ice phoenix. She hadn’t entered the Profound realm back then.

Who would have thought she had not only survived the past few years in the Shatter Battlefield, but also broken through into the middle Profound realm?

Rising from the Worldly realm straight up to the middle Profound realm within a few years, such rapid progress in cultivation was simply unheard of.

Hua Mu went blank for a moment before calling out to her, “What are you doing up there, Qiqi? Get down here!”  

Nie Tian was also deeply confused.

Standing on nothing but air, Pei Qiqi heard Hua Mu and Nie Tian’s exclaims, and thus glanced down, her crystal-clear eyes running over Nie Tian and the others she knew.

However, she had a complicated look in her eyes, as if she wanted to say something to explain her situation. But after a moment of hesitation, she decided not to say anything.

Her face grew determined and grim as she turned to fix her eyes on the spatial rift that led to the Realm of Maelstrom, as if she didn’t even know Nie Tian or Hua Mu.

At this moment, energies were still surging chaotically inside of it. Clearly, it hadn’t stabilized yet.


The countless small spatial blades that wreathed her suddenly flew into the spatial rift.

In the next moment, surprising changes took place.

The chaotic energies surging within the congested spatial rift were instantly cleared, swept away by the numerous small spatial blades.

Dazzling light shot out of the depths of the cleansed spatial rift.

Seeing this, all of the Qi warriors who had been paying close attention to the spatial rift felt the change in it.

A clamor then burst out among the crowd.

“It’s all clear now!”

“That spatial rift is accessible now!”

“That girl managed to stabilize the spatial rift with such ease! She must have some unique abilities!”

Patriarch Pure Heaven’s eyes also widened as he instantly rose to his feet in an attempt to enter the spatial rift right away.

However, Pei Qiqi, who was closer to the spatial rift than anyone else, beat him to it.

She took a step in midair and flew into the spatial rift in the blink of an eye.

Just before she disappeared into the spatial rift, she looked over her shoulder at Nie Tian and Hua Mu with her clear eyes. She seemed to have many things that she wanted to say to them, but she said nothing in the end.


She vanished into the spatial rift.

Yin Yanan gazed blankly into the spatial rift before turning to Nie Tian and asking, “Is she the Pei Qiqi you’ve been looking for? She’s such a beauty, cold and gorgeous like an ice flower. No wonder you can’t forget about her.”

Nie Tian didn’t respond to her. He couldn’t get Pei Qiqi’s last glimpse out of his mind.

In her face, he had seen helplessness, reluctance, scruples, and many other complicated emotions.

He didn’t know what had happened to her after that eighth grade ice phoenix had taken her away.

However, he was convinced that she must have her reasons for leaving without saying anything to them.

“Senior martial sister’s master, who she loved more than anyone, was killed by Xing Bo. There is still no word of her real family, who she has searched for for many years. She managed to advance to the middle Profound realm in the Shatter Battlefield. God knows what she has gone through. Then, she didn’t say a single word, and just left? What on earth was she worried about?”

Eyebrows knitted, Nie Tian wracked his mind for an answer, but failed to find one.


At this moment, Patriarch Pure Heaven rose into the air towards the accessible spatial rift. After coming to a stop in front of it, he beckoned to Yue Yanxi and the others impatiently. “Don’t waste my time!”

As he shouted, a few middle Void domain experts also approached the spatial rift.

However, they were all apprehensive about Patriarch Pure Heaven’s cultivation base. Therefore, instead of passing him to enter the spatial rift first, they kept a certain distance from him.

“Nie Tian...” Yue Yanxi said with a bitter smile.

Nie Tian didn’t seem worried at all as he said, “You go first. I’ll be right behind you.” 

“Alright. I’ll see you in the Realm of Maelstrom.” Yue Yanxi was well-aware that this wasn’t the time to talk, and that Patriarch Pure Heaven wouldn’t be happy if he wasted his time.

Therefore, he took Yin Yanan, and Jiang Feng took Mu Biqiong. The four of them flew skywards.

In the next moment, they flew into the spatial rift one after another with Patriarch Pure Heaven’s consent.

Only then did Patriarch Pure Heaven let out a snort and fly inside himself in an unhurried manner.

After that, the Qi warriors from different domains scrambled to the spatial rift. Friction occurred as they swarmed in.

In the midst of loud squabbles and restrained brawls, people streamed into the spatial rift and vanished.

As they did, Pei Qiqi’s small spatial blades could still be seen flickering within the spatial rift, as if they were the reason why the spatial rift hadn’t become congested beyond access within a short time, as Patriarch Pure Heaven had expected.

All of this was because of Pei Qiqi. She had made this possible.

Astonishment filled Qi Bailu’s face as he exclaimed, “It’s Qiqi’s power!”

As the sectmaster of the Tool Sect, his knowledge regarding spatial rifts was more profound than most people’s, even though he didn’t practice spatial power himself.

After all, his master Xu Yinglong had been unmatched in using spatial magics throughout the Domain of the Falling Stars.

“If it weren’t for Qiqi, that spatial rift wouldn’t have become accessible so soon,” Qi Bailu added. “ And it’s the mysterious spatial blades she left in the spatial rift that are holding it open long enough for us to pass.”

Hua Mu chimed in, “She must have done this for us.”

Qi Bailu nodded. “That kid suffered a great deal from my junior martial sister’s death. Later, she encountered a tribulation in the Domain of Heaven Python. After that, she was taken to the Shatter Battlefield by that ice phoenix. Who knows what she went through after that? But why did she leave without saying a word, as if she didn’t even know us?”

The same puzzle also haunted Nie Tian and Hua Mu.

The squabbling and brawling foreign Qi warriors soon realized that the spatial rift didn’t seem to be closing up within a short time, and thus gradually calmed down.

One after another, they vanished into the spatial rift.

Yuan Jiuchuan, the reborn cultivator, had snuck into the spatial rift when the friction had first broken out.

Moments later, Nie Tian and the others were the only ones who still hadn’t entered.

“Come on, let’s return to the Realm of Maelstrom first,” Nie Tian said. “We can find senior martial sister Pei and ask her about this after we get back.”

The others nodded.

Then, they streamed into the spatial rift that had been held open by Pei Qiqi’s power.

As soon as they vanished into the spatial rift, something incredible happened; the small spatial blades that were swimming inside the spatial rift suddenly disappeared.

It was as if those spatial blades had grown eyes, which had been watching Nie Tian and the others with him after Pei Qiqi had left.

Only after they had all passed through the spatial rift did they vanish.

The moment they vanished, the spatial rift instantly became unstable, and innumerable unknown energies congested the spatial rift again.


An ice phoenix flew to this area in an extremely elegant manner.

It was none other than the one that had taken Pei Qiqi away years ago.

After coming to a stop, its sparkling, enormous body rapidly shrank and morphed into a woman.

Enveloped in a frosty mist, she gazed at the spatial rift Nie Tian and the others had just disappeared into.

Moments later, angry roars echoed out in the distance.

They seemed to come from Ancientbeasts and outsiders, as well as human experts.

The eighth grade ice phoenix took another look at the spatial rift, and then muttered in the outsider’s language, “This spatial rift leads to the Domain of Heaven Python. Even though you’ve sealed it with your power, they’ll find other ways to enter the Domain of Heaven Python to catch you...

“Good luck, I guess.”

As the roars came closer and closer, the ice phoenix morphed into a streak of icy light that shot off into the distance.


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