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As soon as the five powerful evil spirits appeared, the skinny old man’s expression flickered.

In the next moment, the thousands of silver strings that shot towards Nie Tian’s Star Boat abruptly changed directions.

They were soul strands disassociated from the old man’s sea of awareness. At this moment, they had already morphed into thousands of silver fish.

Each and every one of them was about half a meter long, and reflected silver light as they traveled as fast as flying shuttles.

“He can actually solidify his soul power into tangible, lifelike fish!” Nie Tian went blank for a moment before realizing that this was a profound soul magic only Qi warriors at the Soul realm or higher could use.

Only after cultivators entered the Soul realm would their true souls be strong enough to unleash solidified soul power.

Every single silver fish was vested with the old man’s soul awareness, along with his lifetime understanding of soul magics.

A few dozen fish suddenly traveled ethereally as they reached Nie Tian in the blink of an eye.

“Help us defend against the soul attacks, Nie Tian!” Yin Yanan exclaimed. “Once my Frost Blood Python leaves my body, I won’t be able to guard my sea of awareness with the help of its soul power.”

“Understood!” Nie Tian said aloud.


The five powerful evil spirits roared and howled over Nie Tian, filling their surroundings with intense negative emotions that included hatred, fear, despair, rage, and bloodthirst.

At the same time, the enormous evil spirits swooped down one after another to prey on the silver fish.

The moment the silver fish made contact with the evil spirits, the skinny old man’s expression flickered drastically.

Each and every silver fish was a condensation of his soul power and soul awareness.

Upon contact with the evil spirits, they were instantly engulfed in a sea of different kinds of negative emotions.

As powerful as he was, images started to enter his mind. He felt as if he were experiencing the deaths of numerous evil spirits personally.

The evil spirit of bloodthirst seized numerous silver fish with its blurry illusory claws.

The silver fish instantly emanated bright silver light. However, the light didn’t seem to be able to escape the evil spirit’s misty cyan claw.


The silver fish let out sharp screeches as they shrank and eventually vanished like melting snow.


Another Qi warrior brandished his large axe to contend against the overwhelming frigid storm.

Both his large axe and spiritual power ward gradually froze after being impacted repeatedly by countless ice shards and rays of icy light.

He let out an agonized shriek as he swung his large axe madly to break the ice that was going to swallow him, and escaped in panic.

The Frost Blood Python itself was covered in thick ice. Wherever it flew, the sweltering hot desert was turned into a world of snow and ice. Even the sand grains were frozen and became crystalline.

Countless grains of frozen sand were swept into the sky and became a part of the frigid storm.

The Frost Blood Python could be only seen from time to time as it hunted Soul realm experts in the sight-blocking storm.

At the same time as the Bone Blood Demon thrust its enormous bony hand repeatedly at the old man who was standing on a silver wheel, the five powerful evil spirits continued to rip apart the swimming fish he had formed with his soul power. The look in his eyes dimmed as negative emotions kept rising in his heart, stopping him from using many exquisite incantations.


The Bone Blood Demon slammed the silver wheel with its enormous hand once again, knocking it and the skinny old man flying several hundred meters away in an instant.

At the same time, the black demonic flower’s root, which had grown out of Mu Biqiong’s left palm, was fighting a spiritual sword and a black three-foot cauldron in the sky off to the side, as if it had its own awareness.

The spiritual sword and the cauldron were being manipulated by two other Soul realm experts, yet they couldn’t beat the black demonic flower’s root no matter how hard they tried.

At some point, sinister thorns had grown out of and covered the black demonic flower’s root.

Like sawteeth, the strangely shaped thorns gave off a bleak, devilish black luster. The Spirit Channeling grade spiritual sword unleashed fierce sword intent on it, but still failed to sever even one of them.

Meanwhile, countless puny insects let out sharp shrills within the three-foot cauldron.


The sinister thorns suddenly left the black root and shot into the cauldron like a swarm of locusts.

As they flew about within the cauldron, the insects it held started to die by the hundreds.

Then, even the three-foot black cauldron let out agonized shrieks as it squirmed vigorously and morphed into a black toad.

Even though the toad was clearly very afraid of the black demonic flower’s root, its master manipulated to fight it regardless of its reluctance.

Mu Biqiong let out a derisive laugh. “It’s the Heavenly Witchcraft Sect again.”

Since she was only using one of the coexisting flowers, she seemed to be under little pressure as she fixed her unfathomable cold eyes on a short Qi warrior and said, “You know Fang Yingying, don’t you?”

The man went blank, and then he fixed her with a bewildered gaze. “She’s one of my sect’s core disciples.”

“Oh? A core disciple? Too bad she died at my hands.” Mu Biqiong’s language was provoking. “Not only did I kill her, but we also took all of the Silicon Silver in the Silver Beetle nests your sect cultivated. Besides that, all of the Heavenly Witchcraft Sect disciples we’ve met in the Shatter Battlefield have died, except for Luo Hui.”

The man grew furious. “What?! Did you kill them?!”

“Sort of.” Mu Biqiong took responsibility for their deaths even though it wasn’t the truth. “Fang Yingying set us up. She deserved to die.”


At that moment, a middle Soul realm expert suddenly exploded in the frigid storm unleashed by the eighth grade Frost Blood Python.

The man became the first pursuer to be killed.

As soon as he died, the other six Soul realm experts started to grow apprehensive.

None of them had expected the three juniors before them to be so special.

The Bone Blood Demon, the eighth grade Frost Blood Python, and the coexisting flowers had greatly enhanced the juniors’ battle prowess.

Meanwhile, the only advantage they had was their superior cultivation bases and significantly stronger soul power.

However, due to the existence of the five powerful evil spirits, their last bit of advantage had also been eliminated.

“DIE!” The man from the Heavenly Witchcraft Sect roared furiously as his black toad disengaged from its battle against the black demonic flower’s root and swooped directly towards the Star Boat.

It opened its huge mouth, and streams of foul-smelling black liquid came pouring towards the Star Boat.

“Watch out for the deadly poison!” Qi Bailu shouted as he and Hua Mu rushed over as fast as they could.

Mu Biqiong gave a cold smile, the image of the gorgeous, multicolored demonic flower appearing in the depths of her right eye. “It’s only poison.” 

In the next moment, a multicolored root shot out of her right palm.

Glorious like the rainbow, the multicolored root seemed to be a condensation of various divine powers that was wreathed in an aura that was both holy and bewitching.

The pouring black liquid was stopped by the multicolored root.

Not a single drop found their way to Nie Tian or the girls.

Then, the black toad howled as the multicolored root chased after it, unleashing beams of seven-colored light that were as sharp as spears.


They shot into the black toad, giving rise to metallic clanks and forcing it to cower backwards in fear.

At that moment, the man who manipulated it finally gave in to his fear. He opened his mouth, and the black toad morphed into a streak of black light that disappeared into it.

Without saying a word, he turned around and flew away. Clearly, he was giving up his pursuit of Qi Bailu and Hua Mu.


Another middle Soul realm Qi warrior had his chest pierced through by a streak of blood-colored light that flew out of the Bone Blood Demon, and he fell out of the air.

All of a sudden, the four remaining Soul realm experts began cowering in fear.

They exchanged glances, then, without saying a word, they reached a mutual understanding, and suddenly spread out and fled in four different directions.


As they did, Hua Mu and Qi Bailu took the opportunity to fly onto Nie Tian’s Star Boat. But after they entered, they gazed up at the five enormous evil spirits, looking somewhat afraid.

Even though the evil spirits didn’t target them with negative emotions, they still felt great pressure from them. After all, the two of them were still very weak at this moment.

Eyebrows furrowed, Nie Tian sent a soul message.

The five powerful evil spirits then suddenly floated to the two dead Soul realm experts, along with the Spirit Pearl.

Under the Spirit Pearl’s control, the evil spirits reaped and devoured the dead Qi warriors’ true souls with a swift move.

“Do we go after them, Nie Tian?” Yin Yanan asked.

Nie Tian shook his head. “No. They’re nothing but a bunch of clowns. They’re not worth the effort.”  

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