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Xie Wanting and the other Water Moon Sect disciples fell silent, as if they were shocked by Nie Tian’s attitude.

Eyebrows furrowed, Nie Tian asked again in a loud voice, “Where?”

As he spoke, bits of starlight shone in the depths of his eyes. The flesh power from when he had activated Life Strengthening hadn’t completely faded, as the starlight in his eyes was still covered in a shade of red.

A dominant aura seemed to pour out of the bits of bloody starlight within his eyes, aweing every Water Moon Sect disciple.

Even Xie Wanting had a feeling as if she were being eyed by a fierce beast from the Desolate Antiquity Era, and she might be torn to pieces in the next moment.

Her expression flickered slightly.

However, just as she was about to speak, Lu Feihua cleared his throat and said with a worried expression, “Miss...”

“People call that place the Bloody Grave Mountain Range,” Xie Wanting said.

All of the other Water Moon Sect disciples gasped. Even Xie Yunhai’s face turned pale as he exclaimed weakly, “Sister!”

“The Bloody Grave Mountain Range? What kind of place is it?” Nie Tian asked, looking puzzled.

Xie Wanting took a deep breath to calm herself, then said, “It’s a mountain range that connects the outermost ring of the Shatter Battlefield and the central area of the Shatter Battlefield. It used to be one of the main battlefields when great wars broke out between Ancientspirits, outsiders, and humans. To this day, many powerful experts of different races are still buried in the Bloody Grave Mountain Range, along with pieces of some human experts’ shattered domains. Not just that, but the discarnate souls of the deceased powerful experts also roam that area. Even bereft of their fleshly bodies, they’re still very dangerous.

“At the same time, quite a few Earth Cultivated grade spiritual materials have been discovered in the Bloody Grave Mountain Range through time.

“Some people even discovered Heaven Nourished grade spiritual materials there before.

“For hundreds of thousands of years, Ancientspirits, outsiders, and humans have never given up exploring the Bloody Grave Mountain Range. It seemed that even before the Shatter Battlefield became what it is today, the Bloody Grave Mountain Range was a special place where living beings’ discarnate souls would turn into evil souls after their deaths, instead of vanishing into heaven and earth.

“Now, outsiders can visit the Bloody Grave Mountain Range to find the remains of their dead ancestors and their powerful magical tools. We humans can also find pieces of our ancestors’ shattered domains there, along with their advanced spiritual tools and incantations.

“The Bloody Grave Mountain Range borders the central area of the Shatter Battlefield, which makes it more dangerous than the Fortune Wells. But at the same time, it holds more valuable treasures.”

After a short pause, Xie Wanting let out a sigh and continued,  “But since it's extremely dangerous, only truly powerful members of different races will dare to enter it. The death rate there is far too high. The entrants will not only have to face powerful experts from different races, but also evil spirits and ghouls.”

Nie Tian was taken aback. “Ghouls!?” 

“Yeah,” said Xie Wanting. “Some of the outsiders’ bodies wouldn’t perish after their deaths, and the Bloody Grave Mountain Range’s special environment has turned them into ghouls. For some reason, even though those ghouls don’t have souls, they can still move about. Evil spirits or ghouls, they all harbor enmity towards us living beings with flesh and blood.

“So once we enter the Bloody Grave Mountain Range, we may be attacked by evil spirits and ghouls at any moment. Other than them, we may also encounter members of other races, and engage in fierce battles against them.”

As she explained how dangerous the Bloody Grave Mountain Range was, all of the other Water Moon Sect disciples fell silent with insecure and uneasy looks on their faces.

Eyes narrowed, Nie Tian asked, “If that Bloody Grave Mountain Range connects the central area and the outer ring of the Shatter Battlefield, what grades or cultivation bases are the entrants usually at?”

“Mostly sixth grade outsiders and Profound realm human Qi warriors,” Xie Wanting said. “But on very rare occasions, seventh grade outsiders and Soul realm Qi warriors will also enter it from the central area of the Shatter Battlefield. Another special trait of the Bloody Grave Mountain Range is that, instead of the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth, it’s filled with a mixture of numerous different energies, which is harmful to all living beings with flesh and blood.

“Also, the stronger you are, the more you’ll be affected by those mixed energies.

“Many seventh grade outsiders and Soul realm human experts were kept from bringing out their true strength in the Bloody Grave Mountain Range. Some of them were even killed by those with inferior grades or cultivation bases.

“Powerful experts at the three domains may also have their domains shattered, and find themselves in great danger there.

“Meanwhile, there are many other wondrous places in the depths of the Shatter Battlefield. Therefore, instead of the Bloody Grave Mountain Range, most high grade outsiders and human experts at the Soul realm and the three domains would choose to seek their fortune in the special areas in the depths of the Shatter Battlefield.”

Xie Wanting’s words took Nie Tian by surprise, as he hadn’t expected that the mixed energies in the Bloody Grave Mountain Range would hold a balance between entrants, and keep the powerful ones from displaying their true might.

“Mixed energies of heaven and earth...” Nie Tian pondered in silence. “Will the situation there be similar to that of the Realm of Split Void from before? It just that I don’t know how powerful the energies there really are. As for the evil spirits, I might be able to deal with them with my Spirit Pearl. Perhaps I can even refine them. But the ghouls will be a bit tricky...”

Seeing that he had fallen silent with a frown, Xie Wanting went on to say, “You three are much more powerful than most of those at your cultivation bases. But all those who dare to go to explore the Bloody Grave Mountain Range will be just like you. The sixth grade outsiders who go there might be even more powerful than regular seventh grade outsiders. The Profound realm Qi warriors who go there might wield powerful spiritual tools and incantations that allow them to display Soul realm battle prowess.

“Our original plan wasn’t to go to the Bloody Grave Mountain Range, but if you want to go, I wanna join you and serve as your guide.”

“Big sister!” Xie Yunhai exclaimed. “Didn’t we agree to return to our sect’s headquarters as soon as possible? I gained water power essence from one of the Fortune Wells, and we found that Jade Spirit Crystal. We’ve already gained enough fortune from this trip. Why would we still go risk our lives in the Bloody Grave Mountain Range? You know perfectly well how dangerous that place is.”

After a moment of hesitation, Xie Wanting flew away from Nie Tian and the girls on her air-transportation spiritual tool, saying, “Come.” 

Xie Yunhai and the other Water Moon Sect disciples then followed her to a distant location.


She took off her ring of holding, which contained the Jade Spirit Crystal, and handed it over to Xie Yunhai. “Go back with this ring of holding. Senior Martial Brother Lu, would you escort them back to the spatial rift that leads to our sect? I’ll go with those three to the Bloody Grave Mountain Range.”

“Miss, I still don’t understand why you have to go!” Lu Feihua said with a confused expression.

Xie Wanting then explained, “I didn’t come here for water power essence from those Fortune Wells. In fact, I’ve long since reached the point where I’m ready to break through from the late Profound realm into the early Soul realm. My spiritual core has long since been refined to its limit. All I need right now is an opportunity to achieve the breakthrough, which I think lies in the Bloody Grave Mountain Range.

“As for that Jade Spirit Crystal, I’m only having you take it back to our sect because if something were to happen to me, you’ll still be able to use it as the main material to forge your domain when you break through into the Void domain.”

“I’m going with you, big sister!” Xie Yunhai shouted.

“No!” Xie Wanting refused him with a stern tone. “You have to take that Jade Spirit Crystal back. If I go with those three with it on me, I’ll always have the possibility of those women taking it away by force on my mind.”

Xie Wanting adopted an unquestionable attitude.

Seeing this, Lu Feihua and the other Water Moon Sect disciples also started to persuade Xie Yunhai to leave with them.

Only after a whole hour of diligent persuasion did Xie Yunhai finally give in and leave the dense forest where Nie Tian and the girls were, in Lu Feihua and the other Water Moon Sect disciples’ company.

Xie Wanting returned alone to Nie Tian on an air-transportation spiritual tool, and said, “My brother and the others have returned to my sect with the Jade Spirit Crystal. If you want to go explore the Bloody Grave Mountain Range, I’d be happy to go with you and serve as your guide, since perhaps I’ll be able to find an opportunity to break through my cultivation barrier and enter the Soul realm there.”

With a strange expression, Nie Tian asked, “Did you tell them to take that Jade Spirit Crystal and leave because you were worried that we’d try to take it from you?”

“To tell you the truth, I’m a bit concerned about the girls you travel with.” Xie Wanting didn’t deny her concern. “They’re very powerful. I’m afraid we won’t be able to stop them if they decide to take it from us. It was for this reason we intentionally slowed down and followed you from a great distance.

“But we didn’t expect that you’d stop here for so long, and we eventually caught up to you anyways.”

With a hearty smile, Nie Tian asked, “But how you did you know that we’d want to go to the Bloody Grave Mountain Range?”

“Because you’re powerful enough,” Xie Wanting answered.

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