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Holding a translucent and sparkling sphere in his hand, the leader of the Fiends seemed rather young.

A drop of green blood was slowly swirling within the sphere.

He looked at it from time to time to sense it with his bloodline power.

The drop of green blood emanated a misty green aura as it swirled on and on.

Then, he looked down and laid his eyes on the lake that had already become clear. In their own language, he said, “The grand patriarch’s remains are at the bottom of this lake!”

That drop of blood came from an offspring of this very grand patriarch.

It was through this drop of blood that they had sensed anomalies, and found their way to this place.

Even dead, a ninth grade Fiend grand patriarch still contained rich residual flesh power and toxins, which was incomparably valuable to other Fiends.

The leader of this group was a Fiend named Billy, who was a member of an ancient Fiend clan.

The purpose of their trip to the Shatter Battlefield was to recover the remains of that ninth grade grand patriarch, whose clan had long since withered away.

Billy had obtained a drop of Blood Essence from one of that ninth grade grand patriarch’s offspring. With its help and the information he had obtained from his clan members who had returned from the Shatter Battlefield, he had determined that the ninth grade grand patriarch had perished in this region.

The reason why Billy’s group hadn’t gone all-out to pursue Xie Yunhai earlier was because finding the grand patriarch was their primary goal, and they hadn’t wanted to waste their time on anything else.

Who would have thought that he would find Xie Yunhai here after following the direction of that drop of blood to this place?

“It was them I told you about, sister,” Xie Yunhai said in a low, grim voice, a shred of hate flashing across his eyes. “I was nearly killed by them on my way back here. What they’re looking for is probably the dead Fiend at the lake bottom!”

Xie Wanting’s gaze swept across every single Fiend.

Her expression gradually grew grim.

She could sense that most of them were at the sixth grade, with only one who was relatively old at the seventh grade.

The sixth grade equaled the Profound realm, while the seventh grade equaled the Soul realm.

However, Xie Wanting didn’t have a single Soul realm expert on her team.

“The grand patriarch’s remains!” After exclaiming these words in the human language, Billy suddenly dashed towards the lake.

The other Fiends followed along, taking large steps.

At this moment, Nie Tian smiled and asked aloud, “Did you come for the remains of a senior of your race?”

Billy nodded. “That’s right.”

With a bright smile, Nie Tian said, “Okay, you shall have it.” 

With these words, he sent a soul message.


Water splashed as the enormous Bone Blood Demon shot out of the clear lake.

Clutched in its huge bony hand was the Fiend corpse, from which it had absorbed residual flesh power to recover its strength during the past few days.


The Bone Blood Demon flew directly towards Billy holding the Fiend corpse, whose residual power it had drained.

A hint of delight appeared in Billy’s eyes as he rapidly reached out and received the senior’s corpse, which he had gone to great lengths to find, with both hands.

However, his expression flickered as soon as his hands touched the corpse.

He failed to sense the existence of any flesh power or toxins, which could help nourish his bloodline and awaken his bloodline talents, within the grand patriarch’s corpse.

This meant the corpse had completely lost its value to him.

Expression as calm as ever, Nie Tian said to him, “From the look of it, the remains of that senior of yours have already lost their residual power after millennia. Even the toxic mist that used to cover this lake has dispersed completely over this time.”

Xie Wanting’s expression grew strange after she heard these words.

Surprised expressions also appeared on many other Water Moon Sect disciples’ faces.

Of course they knew that the lake was completely different from when they had found it.

According to Nie Tian, the Fiend corpse had lost all of its residual power to time, and become useless.

However, every single one of them knew that the lake had been filled with deadly toxins before Nie Tian had summoned his puppet. They hadn’t even been able to see through the lakewater using their soul awareness.

Nie Tian’s puppet must have drained the Fiend expert’s corpse of its residual power in a way they couldn’t fathom.

Staring at the corpse, Billy exclaimed, “This can’t be right! He was grand patriarch at the ninth grade! Even after thousands of years, his remains should still have residual power in them!”

Nie Tian spread out his hands and said with an innocent expression, “Well, I don’t know about that. It is how we found it. My puppet only went to the lake bottom to gather the water-attributed spiritual materials, and discovered it by accident. So I told it to fish it out for you.”

“Alright, you can take it and leave now. No need to thank me.” Smiling, Nie Tian waved at them, signaling them that it was about time they left.

Of course he didn’t fear these Fiends, but he also didn’t feel the need to get into a fight with them just because of the incident between them and Xie Yunhai, who they barely knew.

As long as the Fiends left, Xie Wanting would be able to go collect the poisoned water weeds at the lake bottom.

That way, he would be considered to have honored his deal with the Water Moon Sect.

He took the Fiend corpse, while the Water Moon Sect took all of the water weeds.

Billy gave a cold snort. “It’s not that easy! Feteau, go take a look in the lake!”

The only seventh grade Fiend, who was standing right beside him, leapt skywards and dove into the lake with a loud splash.

Shortly afterwards, he returned to Billy’s side and whispered in his ear, “Young lord, a large amount of water-attributed weeds are growing at the bottom of the lake, all of which carry toxins from the grand patriarch after coexisting for millennia. Even though the toxins aren’t very strong, they’ll still be helpful for your bloodline upgrade.”

Eyebrows furrowed, Billy looked rather frustrated, as this was clearly far inferior to the kind of fortune he had hoped to gain.

After pondering in silence for a while, he said, looking rather edgy, “Everything in this lake belongs to us now. You need to the hell out of here now!”

Xie Wanting from the Water Moon Sect then laid her gaze on Nie Tian.

Xie Yunhai also fixed Nie Tian with an anticipating gaze, hoping Nie Tian and the girls would help them secure those water weeds.

Even though the spirit plants had been poisoned and changed, their sect elders would be able to get rid of the toxins for them.

Furthermore, they hadn’t even determined what kind of weeds they were.

Weeds that had survived such deadly toxins might be some rare species, which they could use to make valuable medicinal pills.

Nie Tian laughed, shaking his head. “We? Get out of here? You lot are just too stubborn. I already fished that corpse you wanted out for you. Why can’t you just take it and leave? Is it really fighting and killing that you want?”

With an icy face, Billy said, “That man is too wordy. Finish him.”

Instead of panic, delight appeared on Xie Yunhai’s face as he heard these words, as if he was convinced that these Fiends were bound to die at Nie Tian and the girls’ hands.

“Go!” Nie Tian waved his hand, signaling the Bone Blood Demon to kill at will while muttering, “As small as flies are, they’re still meat.”

Even though these Fiends’ grades weren’t very high, their flesh power could still help the Bone Blood Demon restore its strength to a certain extent.

The Bone Blood Demon then swung it huge arms, unleashing waves of torrential death power.

Like an enormous pillar, one of its bony arms knocked the approaching Fiends flying back.


Even Feteau, the seventh grade Fiend, grew apprehensive after taking a heavy blow from the Bone Blood Demon. “Young lord! That Bonebrute puppet isn’t easy to deal with! Since the grand patriarch’s remains have lost their value, those weeds won’t make much of a difference. We might as well leave!”  

Only at this moment did he see the formidable strength of this puppet made from a Bonebrute.

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