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Chapter 83 - The Disturbance in the Clan


Inside the house, Nie Tian described his experience in the Green Illusion Realm to Nie Donghai and Nie Qian.

The Green Illusion Realm trial had had an extremely large influence on him, not only on his cultivation, but also on his wisdom, causing it to become even sharper. 

Compared to half a year ago, he was more steady and precocious. He knew which matters didn’t need to be reported to Nie Donghai and Nie Qian, and he also knew what the two wanted to hear. 

He even concealed the fact that he had killed and beheaded Yuan Feng and Yun Song. He also deliberately didn’t mention the matter that he had encountered the Black Ice Python in the barren land. 

He had even completely concealed the few times that he had battled with the witch, Yu Tong, as well as the great help that he had gotten from the spirit beast meat.

However, he had very calmly mentioned the fact that he had now broken through to the eighth Lianqi level from the sixth Lianqi level. 

He knew very clearly that the news, that he had reported, were the matters that Nie Donghai and Nie Qian were the most concerned about and the matters that they wanted to hear about the most.

Sure enough. 

“What? You’re now at the eighth Lianqi level?” Nie Qian was suddenly excited.

Nie Donghai was also secretly moved. An astonished gleam exploded out from his eyes and even his figure slightly trembled.

Nie Tian broke out into a grin. “That’s right. If there are no mishaps, I should be able to breakthrough to the ninth Lianqi level before I am fifteen years old and from there, the Lingyun Sect will receive me up on the mountain.”

“Very good!” Nie Qi was exulted. 

Nie Tian was currently only eleven years old. Reaching the eighth Lianqi level at his age made her realise that the hope, that she had entrusted to Nie Tian, would definitely be realised. 

Until now, she had continuously imparted Nie Tian with one though - only by becoming a Lingyun Sect disciple would he be able to bring about a change in his fate.

Over these last few years, she had put in all kinds of efforts because she hoped that Nie Tian would one day be able to successfully breakthrough to the ninth Lianqi level, before he had turned fifteen, and become a true Lingyun Sect disciple. 

All of the descendants from the Nie Family regarded entering the Lingyun Sect as an honour because they all believed that was the only crucial way of changing the clan’s fate. 

For Nie Beichuan to be able to sit on the Nie Family’s Master Throne, other than the fact that Nie Donghai had sustained serious injuries, there was also the factor of Nie Han present.

As Nie Beichuan’s eldest grandson, when Nie Han was fifteen years old, he had successfully stepped into the ninth Lianqi level and from there, he had been received by the Lingyun Sect up on the mountain. 

As long as Nie Han could steadily grow in the Lingyun Sect, the Nie Family could then benefit because of that. If Nie Han was able to hold a high position in the Lingyun Sect one day, then the Nie Family… would undoubtedly become an important part of the Lingyun Sect. 

Because of the Lingyun Sect, previously, Nie Donghai could safely lead the Nie Family and take care of Nie Tian’s mother, Nie Jin. 

Nie Tian was only eleven years old and had already advanced into the eighth Lianqi level. In Nie Qian’s eyes, he could possibly enter the Lingyun Sect at an even younger age than Nie Han. 

Possibly, in another one to two years time, Nie Tian could step into the Lingyun Sect and completely change his fate. 

“Grandfather, when I returned, I heard that there was a serious disturbance in the clan?” Nie Tian probed. 

Nie Donghai lightly furrowed his brows and indifferently said, “Compared to the matter of you breaking through to the eighth Lianqi level, those are only small matters. You don’t need to bother about the matters within the clan. I will think of a way to resolve them. All you need to do is focus on cultivating and that will suffice.”

“I-I hope that I can be of help.” Nie Tian said.

“For the time being, you’re still unable to do much.” Nie Donghai shook his head. “When the day that you truly become a Lingyun Sect disciple comes, only then will you be able to have the right to speak in the clan.”

Nie Qian’s face fell when the conversation had turned to the matters within the clan and she suddenly fell silent. 

Nie Tian wanted to change the situation, but he also didn’t know what means he could use in order to make it so that Nie Beichuan and the Elders of the clan would no longer hold Nie Qian and Nie Donghai accountable for the incident.

“Status, my status is too low…” He thought inwardly. 

“You should rest properly today. In the future, you don’t need to think about any of this. Just focus on cultivating and all will be well.” Nie Donghai consoled him, “When you breakthrough to the ninth Lianqi level and have been officially admitted by the Lingyun Sect, only then will you really have a certain right to speak about matters in the Nie Family. Now is still not the time.”

“Ok.” Nie Tian nodded. 


Also, at that moment.

The Nie Family’s Head, Nie Beichuan, was in the Nie Family’s “Main Hall of Official Discussion”, currently convening with a few Elders in the clan to discuss certain matters. 

They had a round of discussion and had already decided to force Nie Donghai and Nie Qian to admit their mistakes to the Lingyun Sect of their own accord and assume the responsibilities of the accident that had happened at the mine. 

A few Clan Elders from the Nie Family had also reached a unanimous decision and were prepared to join forces to force Nie Donghai to give in.

“Nie Tian has returned!”

“He really has dog shit luck! Even the Grey Valley’s Yuan Feng, as well as the Yun Family’s Yun Song died tragically in Green Illusion Realm. Yet, he actually returned safe and sound.”

“I really would have never thought...”

Very quickly, the news of Nie Tian returning had spread to the “Main Hall of Official Discussion”. 

In the Hall, when the Clan Elders from the Nie Family heard the news that Nie Tian had successfully returned from the Green Illusion Realm, they became slightly astonished.

In fact, Nie Tian didn’t even count as a real clansman of the Nie Family in their eyes. 

That was because Nie Tian’s father, whom they had never met, didn’t bear the family name of Nie.

In their hearts, only children whose father bore the family name “Nie” were to be counted as clansmen of the Nie Family. 

Nie Tian wasn’t listed amongst them at all. 

It was because of that, that they didn’t really acknowledge Nie Tian’s status and therefore, regardless of whether Nie Tian lived or died in the Green Illusion Realm, they didn’t mind it at all. 

At that moment, even though they knew that Nie Tian had come back alive, they were only astonished and didn’t have any happiness in their hearts at all. 

“That youngster really does have a lot of luck.” A Clan Elder named Nie Yaozu was only slightly surprised. After throwing the matter of Nie Tian’s return to the side, he said, “In the Green Illusion Realm, the trial takers from the four sects suffered the massacre of the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect. At this moment, many people in the Lingyun Sect are definitely in a sour mood. If we’re unable to declare where we stand and take the initiative to admit our failure to carry out our responsibilities, it will only cause the Lingyun Sect’s rage to burn even stronger.”

Nie Beichuan’s face fell, as he said, “Right, we cannot continue dragging this matter on any longer!”

“In any case, the condition of Donghai’s injury is that it’s difficult to heal and recover completely. Time is limited. He is unable to help the clan much more in the future.” Another Clan Elder named Nie Feiyun had a dark expression on his face, as he ruthlessly said, “For the Nie Family to smoothly pass through the crisis this time, he needs to make sacrifices. What’s more, Nie Qian originally caused this matter anyway!”

Nie Feiyun was always a firm supporter of Nie Beichuan. In the past, when Nie Donghai was in power, Nie Feiyun had had a few conflicts with Nie Donghai. Nie Feiyun naturally wouldn’t be lenient in treating this matter. 

Although the other remaining clansmen from the Nie Family held unwillingness in their hearts, they still lightly nodded.

That was because they knew that they would eventually have to explain the accident that had happened in the mine to the Lingyun Sect. Even if everyone diverted the criticisms towards the father and daughter pair, Nie Donghai and Nie Qian, for the clan’s benefit, they could only follow suit.

“Then it will be tomorrow. Call both the father and daughter over tomorrow and let them undertake the guilt of their own accord.” Nie Beichuan coldly said.


That night. 

Nie Tian stealthily took out the dragon’s bone that he had hidden away behind a slab of stone brick on the wall, and played with it admiringly and lovingly.

Nie Tian suddenly felt at peace after he sent a wisp of mental consciousness into the dragon’s bone and perceived the drop of fresh blood within it. 

He had been separated from the dragon’s bone, yet there wasn’t much change with it. However, when Nie Tian was holding the dragon’s bone, he faintly felt that the dragon’s bone also thought quite fondly of him.

He didn’t think too much because after returning to the Nie Family from the cruel Green Illusion Realm trial, he really wanted a relaxed sleep.

The next day, he started his assiduous cultivation once more.

In the afternoon, while he was cultivating, he suddenly heard a knock on the door.

Bearing suspicions, Nie Tian went down and opened the door. Seeing the Nie Family’s Visiting Official, Wu Tao, standing in front of the door with a complicated expression on his face, Nie Tian asked, “Mister Wu, why have you come?”

Wu Tao first looked around, and only after he saw that there was no one around them, did he softly say, “The clan and the Clan Elders have come to a decision in the Main Hall of Official Discussion today to make your grandfather and aunt beg the Lingyun Sect for forgiveness of their own accord. This time, under their request, your grandfather and aunt are already at the main gate and are about to depart.”

Once he had finished talking, Wu Tao was slightly nervous as he said, “Don’t tell anyone that I came by and don’t tell anyone that you saw me.”

After he had clearly relayed the matter, Wu Tao left in a hurry, not daring to stay any longer

“Nie Beichuan!” Nie Tian’s eyes revealed his anger. 

He had originally thought that with his grandfather’s many years of rule, as well as the contribution that his grandfather had made towards the clan for so many years, Nie Beichuan ought to not dare to be so impudent. 

He thought that Nie Donghai could deal with the matter appropriately. 

He never would have thought that after he returned, only after a single night had passed, Nie Beichuan would smash down such a ruthless fist. 

With a dim face, he dashed towards the gate of the Nie Family. 

“Eh, isn’t that Nie Tian?”

“How did he hear of the news?”

“Why does that matter? He’s not a Lingyun Sect disciple. Even if he returned from the Green Illusion Realm alive, so what? Can he change the joint decision that the Clan Elders and the Clan Head made?”

“He’s not Nie Xian. It’s impossible for him to make the Clan Elders worry about something because of him.”

“You’re right.”

After seeing Nie Tian, many clansmen from the Nie Family whispered softly in discussion and felt that he was only going to the main gate to see Nie Donghai and Nie Qian off.


Translator: Nataaa
Editors: Zachhh and Sietse

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