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Mu Biqiong hadn't gone very far.

Nie Tian and Yin Yanan only dashed several thousand kilometers before seeing Mu Biqiong again.

Sitting on the ground in the lotus position, Mu Biqiong had already changed into a new dress.

As Nie Tian came closer, he saw her take out a new veil and put it over her face to cover the two peculiar flowers, along with her unearthly beautiful appearance.


The white, silky veil shattered the moment it touched her face in a gentle motion.

A hint of pain flashed across Mu Biqiong's eyes. Then, as she noticed Nie Tian and Yin Yanan, she seemed insecure and uneasy again.


The peculiar wood power continued to flow to this area from the distance, where the incomparably thick vines bound the continent.

In Nie Tian's senses, such wood power wasn't the usual cyan color, but rather a strange grayish-brown.

Wisps of them seemed to be attracted here by Mu Biqiong, and were now infiltrating her body.

Mu Biqiong's upper garment, which she had just put on, was instantly ripped to shreds and scattered in the wind.

Not a shred of cloth was left to cover her upper body.

One of the flowers on her cheeks grew increasingly gorgeous, while the other became distinctively dark.

The flowers' stem went down through her slender neck and ample breasts, all the way to the dantian region below her belly button.

All of a sudden, vigorous life force burst forth from the stem.

As wisps of grayish-brown wood power infused into the stem, slender branches started to grow out of it.

At first, the branches were almost too faint to be seen.

However, as more grayish-brown wood power flew into the stem, the branches rapidly grew distinct, as if they were being infused with ink.

In Nie Tian's senses, the grayish-brown wood power from the enormous vines that bound this continent seemed to be accelerating the growth of the strange plant, and causing their stem to grow new branches.

He had a feeling that every new branch would grow a new flower in the future.

However, separated by the main stem, the flowers that grew on the two sides would probably be of different colors.

Mu Biqiong's eyebrows were knit and her eyes were closed, agony filling her slightly distorted face.

Nie Tian examined her with his soul awareness, and discovered that her body seemed to have become a battlefield between the two flowers. The gorgeous, multicolored flower seemed to be on Mu Biqiong's side, as it seemed to merge with her soul awareness in a profound way.

The black flower, however, kept exuding a gruesome and ruthless aura.

"Hahaha." Yin Yanan suddenly laughed and fixed Mu Biqiong with a meaningful gaze. "Who would have thought that she would encounter the same problem as I did not long ago? I've channeled too many different spirit beasts' flesh auras into myself to practice my body refining incantation, so they conflict with one another at certain points.

"She, on the other hand, has a demonic plant growing inside of her."

"As long as the two flowers are showing, they'll fight each other. One of the flowers sides with her, while the other is malevolent towards her.

"For some reason, the demonic plant caught the huge vines' attention, and they started to infuse it with power.

"The added power sped up the demonic plant's growth and caused many new branches to grow out of it. Perhaps it won't be long before new flowers will grow on those branches. If that happens, the clash between the two sides will become even fiercer inside of her.

"As far as I can tell, sooner or later, the increasingly fierce clash will destroy her."

With a grim expression, Nie Tian muttered, "A plant that's taken root inside of her..."

He suddenly remembered Hua Mu.

A Heavenly Demonsbane had taken root in between Hua Mu's eyebrows, and it was said that Heavenly Demonsbanes were ranked third among the most powerful plants in the Demon realms.

Not only did that Heavenly Demonsbane have intelligence, but it had even possessed Hua Mu and displayed its heaven-destroying might.

As powerful as Hua Mu was, his body would be taken over by the Heavenly Demonsbane once he became weak. Even to this day, he hadn't found an effective way to get rid of the Heavenly Demonsbane.

The stronger Hua Mu became, the stronger that Heavenly Demonsbane became. After it grew to a certain point, it would replace Hua Mu for good and become the master of his body.

He had witnessed the formidable might of the Heavenly Demonsbane before. Now that he saw another demonic plant in Mu Biqiong today, his expression gradually grew grim.

Yin Yanan gave him a sideways glance and asked with a casual tone, "What are you worried about? That plant has only grown two flowers, which means it's still very weak. My Frost Blood Python, on the other hand, is going to enter the eighth grade soon. After it does, will it be afraid of an immature demonic plant?

"Not to mention that we're on this magical land, which a grand expert of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace created for you.

"Will such a weak plant be able to eat you alive here?"

After hearing her words, Nie Tian pondered the matter and gradually settled down.

He removed his gaze from Mu Biqiong and gazed into the distance. "I'm afraid the giant vines that wrap around this continent also have intelligence."

Yin Yanan nodded slightly. "You're probably right. And those vines are much stronger than the demonic plant inside of Mu Biqiong. Other than that, there's a Vitality-returning Celestial Stone, which also has vague intelligence, in the depths of the earth. This continent is so full of wonders!

"However, it seems that both the Vitality-returning Celestial Stone and the enormous vines have been tamed by experts from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, or have reached some mutual understanding with them, so they're now guarding this continent.

"With those two incredible treasures, that palace, and the mysterious spell formation to help you, what do you have to fear?"

As she said these words, Nie Tian noticed that the grayish-brown wood power that had converged on this location from the edge of the continent had stopped fusing with Mu Biqiong.

It was as if the intelligent vines knew that their gift to that demonic plant inside of Mu Biqiong would kill her.

Even though Mu Biqiong was in a great deal of pain, she struggled to merge her soul awareness with the gorgeous flower in a profound manner.

After observing her for a while, Nie Tian realized that he wouldn't be able to help Mu Biqiong, and she would have to take care of the problem herself.

"Come on," Nie Tian said. "Let's return to the palace and stay there for the time being."

Yin Yanan was taken aback and asked, "Why?"

"I don't want you to take this opportunity to kill her," Nie Tian answered.

Frowning, Yin Yanan said with a serious expression, "Don't you think she's a danger to us? If the demonic plant inside of her keeps growing, it'll become a serious threat. I don't think it's wise to let her live. We might as well kill her now."

Nie Tian snorted. "But you said yourself that she won't be able to pose any threat to me here. Come on. Let's go!"

He had a feeling that if he allowed Yin Yanan to stay in this place, she would definitely kill Mu Biqiong.

"Don't you want to watch her a while longer?" Yin Yanan asked with a teasing tone. "She's naked. I'm afraid you won't have another opportunity to see her like this again." 

Nie Tian gave her a sideways glance and said, "No, thanks. I've had a good look already." 

Seeing him becoming impatient, Yin Yanan didn't insist, but rather nodded, and followed him back to the palace.

Nie Tian opened the stone gate and let her through. Then, as he withdrew his hand, the gate closed behind him. 

"You stay here," he said to Yin Yanan. "I'm gonna take a trip back to the Domain of the Falling Stars." 

Both Yin Yanan and Mu Biqiong had gained unexpected fortunes and opportunities in this heaven and earth.

Yin Yanan had channeled the flesh auras of ancient spirit beasts into herself, which had helped her enhance her strength and advance to the Profound realm.

The peculiar plant inside of Mu Biqiong had caught the enormous vines' attention, and been gifted pure wood power.

Each of the five elemental regions was blessed with numerous incredible wonders.

The reason why he planned to return to the Domain of the Falling Stars was because he hoped to bring his family and friends to this place, where they could gain their own fortunes and build up their strength.

He wasn't in such a hurry originally, but after seeing what had happened to Mu Biqiong and Yin Yanan, he finally couldn't wait anymore.

"The Domain of the Falling Stars?" Yin Yanan seemed intrigued. "Is that the domain you're from? According to Qiao Yunxi, that domain is even weaker than the Domain of Heaven's Boundaries. There are only nine realms in it, and it hasn't produced a single Void domain expert. I've got nothing to do anyways. How about you take me with you?"

Nie Tian was just about to refuse her as his eyebrows suddenly rose and he said instead, "Alright."

It occurred to him that she might tamper with the teleportation portal in the palace to keep him from returning if he left her in the palace alone.

However, if he let her out of palace, he was worried that she would kill Mu Biqiong while he was off to the Domain of the Falling Stars.

Yin Yanan's eyes lit up upon gaining Nie Tian's permission. "Don't worry. I won't try anything funny."

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