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Nie Tian snorted coldly. "So you want the eighth grade Frost Python, and you want the eighth grade Heaven Flame Beast. May I ask what I will get?" 

"Umm..." Qiao Yunxi didn't know what to say.

"Have you not gained enough?" Yin Yanan asked with an unpleasant expression. "Don't you have all of the soul crystals that we discovered together at the bottom of the lake? They are more valuable than those two eighth grade spirit beast corpses combined. How insatiable are you?"

"I collected those soul crystals when none of you could," Nie Tian said with a taunting tone. "Your people almost killed me for them. I earned them, and they have nothing to do with what you're asking now. If you want me to pry the meat from those three parties' mouths, you'll have to give me something I want."

Yin Yanan gave a cold harrumph. "My Frost Blood Python will also play a crucial part in this operation!" 

She meant that her Frost Blood Python would make enough of a contribution to earn the eighth grade Frost Python's corpse.

As for the Heaven Flame Beast, since Nie Tian had a close relationship with the Divine Flame Sect and it was Qiao Yunxi who wanted it, he should be happy just to get it for her.

"Well, another option would be for us to circle around them and keep going," Xing Beichen from the Trisword Sect said with a wry smile. "Even though I hate the Bliss Mountain Sect very much, I don't think we should take such a big risk. After all, there are a few Soul realm experts over there. No matter which side wins, they won't be happy to lose those two eighth grade spirit beast corpses to us."

He didn't have a strong desire for either the Frost Python or the Heaven Flame Beast. Therefore, he wanted to stay away from trouble.

Yin Yanan fixed him with a cold stare. "You can leave now, if you want to. It's not like we can't do this without you."

Even though Xing Beichen had the highest cultivation base among the four of them, since he didn't have powerful means like the Frost Blood Python or the Bone Blood Demon, Yin Yanan didn't seem very keen to persuade him to help them.

Upon hearing these words, Xing Beichen's smile froze. He let out a cold snort and fell silent.

"Nie Tian..." Qiao Yunxi looked at Nie Tian with her imploring eyes. "I'll be in your debt if you do this for me. That eighth grade Heaven Flame Beast is very very helpful for me. How about you give our grand elder face and help me this one time?"

Nie Tian looked somewhat irritated as he said, "I'll tell you the truth. My puppet consumed too much strength during the battle against Hong Xian and the other experts. It hasn't really recovered yet. Now, it can barely contend against one Soul realm expert. It doesn't have the strength to crush all three parties and set the tone for the battle."

Qiao Yunxi went blank briefly before saying, "That air-transportation spiritual tool of yours is also rather destructive."

"The consumption is too huge," Nie Tian said. "It takes about a hundred Star Stones to launch just one strike. I don't have enough Star Stones to kill so many Soul realm experts."

"So by saying all that, you just want to tell us that you don't have the strength to fight them, right?" Yin Yanan's attitude instantly changed, her chin tilting. "I thought you could massacre those people with the help of your puppet. It seems that I overestimated you. If you can't do it, just say so."

"That's right. I can't." Nie Tian didn't seem angry at all. Instead, he sat lazily on the Flame Bird and added, "You can totally do that by yourself. Go ahead and take that Frost Python. I'll cheer for you from here."

Yin Yanan glowered at him. "You!!" 

Nie Tian didn't stop there. He pointed at the battlefield from afar and said with a provoking tone, "Go ahead. I wish you success."


The Frost Blood Python between Yin Yanan's long, bare legs let out hissing sounds, its eyes shining with the light of desire.

At the same time, a misty aura rose from its black and white body as it thrummed with two different kinds of flesh power.

Yin Yanan could sense its urgency with great clarity, yet she could only try to comfort it over and over with her soul awareness.

"Are you sure you won't be able to help?" Qiao Yunxi asked in a low voice.

"Yeah, I'm sure," Nie Tian answered.

Even after absorbing quite a number of Stonemen blood, the Bone Blood Demon could only contend against one Soul realm expert. Even though the Star Boat was very mighty, he didn't want to use it because of its terrifyingly high consumption of Star Stones.

Besides, he had other worries.

Tian Ziping and Yao Zhilan had seen him and Zhao Shanling in the space disruption zone. They knew that they had taken Master Voidspirit's legacies and killed people from the Bliss Mountain Sect.

If he showed up now, they might end their battle against the Jian Clan and the Guan Clan and point their weapons at him.

He didn't want to stir up a fire only to burn himself. (Idiom: court disaster)

"Since we can't count on you, I..." Yin Yanan didn't finish her sentence. After a moment of silent pondering, she suddenly slapped the Frost Blood Python's large head as she seemed to come up with some idea.

The python, which had been waiting for too long, then slithered towards the battlefield at full speed.

Xing Beichen's expression flickered as he subconsciously controlled his Broken Sword to shrink back. "Has she lost her mind?!" 

Qiao Yunxi was also shocked by Yin Yanan's behavior and exclaimed, "What the hell is she doing?!"

Nie Tian shook his head. "Who knows?" 


The Star Boat flew out of his ring of holding, and he jumped on board. He observed Yin Yanan with his Heaven Eyes from a safe distance, preparing himself for the worst.

Xing Beichen seemed to suddenly realize that his air-transportation spiritual tool wasn't fast enough, and thus hastily flew to Qiao Yunxi. "Take me with you, Junior Martial Sister Qiao!"

Before Qiao Yunxi could say anything, he put his Broken Sword away and leapt onto the Flame Bird. "Come on! Let's get out of here! That woman is crazy!"

"Let's see what she's up to first." Nie Tian calmed down a bit as he stood in his Star Boat. Through his Heaven Eyes, he kept a close watch on Yin Yanan.

As she came close to the battlefield, Yin Yanan called out at the top of her lungs, "Scum from the Bliss Mountain Sect! The Trisword Sect has already learned about the fact that you've killed people from the Golden Stone Sect and taken the golden ancient starship from them! Elder Hong Xian from my sect, Elder Wei Yu from the Trisword Sect, and Senior Chu Xuanji from the Chu Clan are all on their way here!

"I've already spread word of your despicable deeds. You'd better get ready to suffer the Trisword Sect's wrath!"

Yin Yanan's words shook heaven and earth. Even without the help of the Heaven Eyes, Qiao Yunxi and Xing Beichen caught every word she said.

Qiao Yunxi gasped. "Is, is she trying to scare the people from the Bliss Mountain Sect?"

Xing Beichen's eyes lit up as he gave a snort. "It seems that the woman didn't go mad. Her little scheme might actually work!"

Nie Tian was also impressed by Yin Yanan's tact, and thus stayed to see how things would go.

The people from the Bliss Mountain Sect surely didn't know that Hong Xian, Wei Yu, Chu Xuanji, and the others had already died or fled the region.

In their eyes, the future leader of the Beast-controlling Sect would never show up by herself without a good reason.

Meanwhile, they had a guilty conscience from killing people from the Golden Stone Sect, so they would be easily stirred to hear that Wei Yu from the Trisword Sect was coming for them.

"It's Yin Yanan from the Beast-controlling Sect!"

"Did she just say that Hong Xian, Wei Yu, and Chu Xuanji are coming here?"

"She's lying, right?"

As they discussed her words amongst themselves, countless wisps of their soul awareness spread out with their battlefield as the center.

Like invisible lightning bolts, the Soul realm experts' soul awareness rapidly covered the entire area.

Nie Tian, Xing Beichen, and Qiao Yunxi felt that soul power, which was either icy, scorching, sharp, or silky, rapidly filling the space around them.

The few Soul realm experts from the Bliss Mountain Sect instantly sensed the presence of Nie Tian, Qiao Yunxi, and Xing Beichen. Their expression flickered as they exclaimed, "Qiao Yunxi from the Divine Flame Sect!"

"Xing Beichen from the Trisword Sect is also here!"

"The... The kid we met in that space disruption zone!"

Qiao Yunxi and Xing Beichen enjoyed lofty statuses in the Divine Flame Sect and the Trisword Sect. The fact that they were here most certainly meant that their protectors were also in the vicinity.

After sensing the presence of Qiao Yunxi, Xing Beichen, and Nie Tian, Yao Zhilan, who was fighting Jian Gao from the Jian Clan, finally looked shaken.

Like tiny arcane realms wrapped in pitch-black water, numerous drops of Blacklake Heavy Water rapidly flew back to her from all directions. Each and every drop had her soul shadow in it, and carried countless mysterious symbols.

"Fall back to the golden ancient starship! Let's leave and meet up with Elder Jiang Feng first!" Qiao Zhilan shouted fiercely.

One figure after another flew into the golden ancient starship like streaks of lightning.

A misty golden shield then rose from the ancient starship and enveloped the Bliss Mountain Sect Qi warriors as countless golden patterns appeared on its surface.


As a deafening rumble came from the golden starship, which had belonged to the Golden Vast Sect, it turned around and sailed away from the battlefield.

The Jian Clan and Guan Clan Qi warriors looked grim as they watched the golden starship sail away at a rather slow speed, but no one dared to try to stop it.

"It's hard to believe that her plan actually worked," Xing Beichen said with a strange expression.

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