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While Zhao Shanling and Qi Jiuchuan talked, Nie Tian killed another elder.

After that, only two of the five Bliss Mountain Sect elders were still alive.

The two survivors had long since cast the Voidspirit Pagoda out of their minds and fled in sore straits.

Ji Long howled nonstop as he chased after Nie Tian and tried to inflict serious damage on him while he annihilated the elders relentlessly.

However, Nie Tian ignored him completely, since none of his attacks could cause any real damage to him.

Han Chigui panicked completely as he shouted at the top of his lungs at the Bliss Mountain Sect juniors that were dealing with Liang Hao, "Come back here, all of you! Kill this little bastard first!" 

There were now four juniors left around Liang Hao.

After swallowing a Mountainsplit Beast's heart, Liang Hao, who was half man and half beast, also displayed terrifying battle prowess.

Even though the Bliss Mountain Sect juniors had taken Thousand Refinement Pills to bring out all of their potentials, they were still at a disadvantage against Liang Hao.

Upon hearing Han Chigui's shout, they instantly disengaged from their battle against Liang Hao and bolted towards Nie Tian.

"Senior Martial Brother Ji Long," A small-built girl called out as she charged over. "What's the situation with this one?"

"He's even more powerful than Liang Hao!" Li Long said, frustration filling his eyes. "He's already killed three of our elders! Let's team up and kill him first!"


Han Chigui and the other surviving elder took an opportunity to circle around to behind Ji Long and other four juniors.

Han Chigui fumed with fury as he thundered, "You good-for-nothings! Since the Thousand Refinement Pills won't do, take your Blood Decay Pills! If you still can't kill him with the help of those pills, you should just kill yourselves!"

Qi Jiuchuan's eye widened slightly. "Blood Decay Pills! It seems Han Chigui is truly desperate now. He's even forcing those juniors to take Blood Decay Pills."

Zhao Shanling was also taken aback. "Blood Decay Pill..."

Ji Long and the other juniors all looked very scared upon hearing Han Chigui's order.

However, they didn't dare to disobey him, and thus each took out a red medicinal pill from their inner pockets and stuffed it in their mouths.

As Nie Tian walked over to them, he discovered that their pupils had all turned blood-red.

Meanwhile, crisp crackling sounds kept coming from their bones, and their skins had turned as red as blood. Like Liang Hao, they were also bleeding from their eyes, noses, ears, and mouths, which made them look like desperate, bloodthirsty beasts.

Their bodies thrummed with intense flesh aura as agony and struggle filled their faces.

Nie Tian examined them with his flesh power and discovered that their internal organs were already showing fine fractures due to the over-intense flesh power they had received from the Blood Decay Pills.

It seemed that the flesh power a Blood Decay Pill could produce was just as profound as that of a fifth grade Mountainsplit Beast's heart.

Ji Long, who was short but quick, even grew taller under the terrifying effect of the pill.

Bits of golden light could be seen glittering in the depths of his scarlet pupils.

He let out a beastly howl as he suddenly exploded towards Nie Tian like a streak of golden light.

With a cold smile, Nie Tian didn't even use his Flame Star.

Instead, he raised his fist, which suddenly started to shine with blinding blood-colored light like a red sun, and slammed it towards Ji Long.


Upon contact, the rampant Ji Long was sent staggering backwards a few steps.

However, numerous tiny golden sparks still sputtered on Nie Tian's exposed skin, finally causing noticeable pain to him.

He looked down and discovered that fine wounds had appeared in his flesh where the golden sparks had hit him.

"Finally some injuries..." With a low chuckle, Nie Tian shook the pain off.

Seeing that the other four juniors were also pouncing on him from different directions, brandishing their own weapons made from spirit beast bones, Nie Tian closed his eyes, and a torrential flesh aura instantly burst forth from within him. 

By moving just his shoulders, he avoided their attacks with great precision. Then, like a ghost, he rapidly flashed among the four juniors as he dealt heavy blows to them with either the Flame Star or his bare fist.

Less than a minute later, even though he sustained a few more wounds, he was still able to move freely.

However, the four juniors that had teamed up on him were all covered in blood, their condition worrying.

Qi Jiuchuan let out a cold harrumph and pointed at Han Chigui and the other Bliss Mountain Sect elder, who were cowering in the distance. "Liang Hao!" he shouted.

Liang Hao seemed to have lost his ability to think independently, and would only do whatever he was told.

Because of this, he had been standing completely still since the four juniors had left to attack Nie Tian.

However, now that he had received Qi Jiuchuan's order, he seemed to be activated again and charged directly towards Han Chigui, his feet thumping heavily on the ground as he did.


At that moment, an agonized shriek caught Qi Jiuchuan and Zhao Shanling's ears.

They looked towards the Voidspirit Pagoda and saw the Bliss Mountain Sect junior, who had gone to great lengths to avoid the deadly spatial blades and eventually made it to the pagoda's gate, fall on his back right in front of the pagoda's gate.

After crashing to the ground, everyone could see the bloody holes in his chest.

Countless silver light blades could be seen slithering on the pagoda's silver gate. From the look of it, the junior had been killed by them as he had tried to open the gate.

Qi Jiuchuan let out a cold laugh. "If only it were that easy to obtain Master Voidspirit's legacies." 

Then, he turned to Zhao Shanling and said, "I know how to approach the pagoda safely, but I haven't figured out a way to enter it yet. Brother Zhao, do you...?"

Zhao Shanling was surprisingly calm as he said, "That can wait. Let's take care of these people from the Bliss Mountain Sect first."

"Ah, right, that's exactly what I was thinking," Qi Jiuchuan said, smiling.

"He got to the gate, but still failed to enter it?!" Han Chigui said furiously, as if he had lost all hope now that the junior, who he had placed all his hopes on, had died.

"We need to get out of here!" With these words, he shoved the other elder towards Liang Hao, who was charging directly towards them, without any warning.

Then, he took out a fine cloak and threw it around his shoulders.

The cloak was made of seven-colored feathers from spirit beasts. As soon as he put it on, each and every feather started to give off multicolored light.

Han Chigui seemed to turn into a bird that started flying towards the cluster of black light under the multicolored sky.

The Bliss Mountain Sect elder who he shoved in Liang Hao's direction thundered at the top of his lungs as he scrambled away from Liang Hao, "Han Chigui!"

However, upon seeing that Han Chigui had soared into the sky and was flying away at a high speed, Liang Hao could only fix his eyes, which were wreathed in killing intent, on the elder that was still on the ground.

Qi Jiuchuan's expression flickered as he exclaimed, "Don't let Han Chigui escape, Brother Zhao! If he does, he'll definitely ambush us on the outside! He'll recover his battle prowess with spirit stones after returning to the space disruption zone and wait for us to come out!

"He's at the late Soul realm, while you and I are both at the middle Soul realm. Even if we can obtain Master Voidspirit's legacies, we'll be too weak to defend ourselves against him when we step out of this special realm."

Zhao Shanling also realized the importance of this and thus turned his eyes away from Nie Tian and the battle among the juniors.

He and Qi Jiuchuan chased after Han Chigui at the same time. However, since Han Chigui was wearing his multicolored feather cloak, not only could he soar in the sky, but his speed was also much faster than the two of them, which worried them very much.

"Liang Hao! Go after that man!" Qi Jiuchuan issued another order.

As he shouted these words, a miserable wail echoed out from the distance where Liang Hao was.

Apparently, the Bliss Mountain Sect elder that had been betrayed by Han Chigui was caught and killed by Liang Hao.

Upon receiving the new order, Liang Hao closed in on Qi Jiuchuang and Zhao Shanling at an alarming speed. Even though he couldn't travel through the air like Han Chigui, he could run almost as fast as him.

With a gruesome smile, Qi Jiuchuan said, "He can't get away. That seven-colored feather cloak of his runs on its own flesh power. He'll fall from the air once the flesh power within those feathers runs out. The moment he falls from the air will be the moment he dies!"

Zhao Shanling nodded, his expression gradually relaxing. "I've noticed that too."

With these words, he secretly lowered his speed bit by bit to keep a safe distance from Liang Hao.

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